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Alexandria University Admission Procedures


Admission Procedures into Alexandria University for both Egyptian and International Students 

Alexandria University is a public university in Alexandria, Egypt. Alexandria University is one of the largest universities in Egypt, and the third university established after Cairo University and the American University in Cairo. Alexandria University has 21 faculties and 3 institutes  that teach different types of social, medical, engineering, mathematics and other science.The university had other branches in Egypt outside Alexandria in Damanhour and Matrouh  which later became two independent universities.Other branches have been set up outside Egypt in Juba, South Sudan, and in N’Djamena, the capital of the Republic of Chad.

Admission Procedures into Alexandria University for both Egyptian and International Students 

Generally, the student should have a high school or its equivalent. Admission shall is in the order of passing grades, taking into account the geographical distribution according to the decision of the Supreme Council of Universities. The employee in charge of each faculty receives the files of the new students completed (the original high school certificate – the origin of the birth certificate – copy of the identity card – personal photos of the student – application for enrollment in the college and puts the student stamps educational services. The student is given a letter to conduct a medical examination after reviewing the files of new students and after conducting the interview and regular attendance of students in the study.

However, some colleges have additional procedures, these colleges include the following:

college of Law

College education quality

 Faculty of Nursing

Admission to the Faculty of Education

 Admission to non-Egyptian students

The diverse disciplines at the University of Alexandria receive students from around the world, in order to achieve greater cooperation and exchange of scientific expertise with friendly countries, and to emphasize the leading role of the University in enriching the scientific research movement.

The Council of Graduate Studies and Research at the University agreed during the February 2013 session to establish an office for international students in each college or institute, in addition to the allocation of an office for the management of expatriates at the university to achieve more communication with students and provide health, social and academic services

Rules of the Supreme Council of Universities for international students

Exempting foreign students who obtained an equivalent high school diploma from the requirement of their success in a foreign language that they did not study according to the study system of the country from which they obtained the certificate, and if this language falls within the academic programs in the college or department to which it is enrolled, the student performs a supplementary exam in this article is not granted bachelor ‘s degree or a bachelor ‘s only after the success continuation of foreign students who obtained an exemption for foreign secondary school certificate equation and enrolled in universities perform a supplementary exam in Arabic language materials, education , religious education and national e A patchwork of native language other than Arabic did not study the Arabic language through their access to secondary certificate foreign equation.

Admission of foreign students to universities is the same as the conditions for admission of students who have obtained the Egyptian General Secondary Certificate and in the light of the rules organizing the qualifying materials accepted by each college. The subject that lacks one of the subjects eligible for admission

Required papers to apply for foreign students

Foreign students should first log on to the site http://www.wafeden.gov.eg from the beginning of June until the ending of August each year to apply and obtain the nomination card.

The following documents will be demanded from the international students applying to Alexandria University:

  1. Egyptian higher School Certificate or its equivalent, the original “certificate of Success” authenticated by the foreigner of the country of arrival, then from the embassy of the student’s country in Egypt and the approval of the documentation from the Egyptian external certification offices.
  2. Original birth certificate or an official extract from it
  3. 6 recent photographs
  4. A copy of passport
  5. A letter from the embassy to which the foreign student belongs, indicating the approval of the study and stating the authority that will pay the tuition fees

Tuition and fees for international students

Visit the link to see the tuition fees and other fees for international students

Steps for registration of arrivals

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