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South Valley University (SVU) Admission Requirements and Fees


South Valley University (SVU) Admission Requirements and Fees

Before applying for admission into the South Valley University, you should have the right documents and know the fees you are going to pay as indigenous of international student, so you can plan and prepare yourself for life in the university. This post contains the list of the approved documents for admission, for both Egyptian students and International students wanting to apply to study at SVU.

Admission Requirements (indigence students)

The Egyptian Secondary school Certificate or equivalent considering degrees credit, geographical distribution and acts of the Supreme Council of the Egyptian Universities issued in this regard Academic

Year: September-May/June.

New Students

First: New students are examined medically at the medical service directorate.

Second: Students who gained admission to the faculty of education or to the faculty of specific education are interviewed.

Tuition and fees for Egyptian Students

New students pay tuition fees as follows:

  • 62.35 LE for the first year.
  • 59.35 LE for the second or the third year.
  • 91.35 LE for the final year.

As for part-time students, 350 LE are paid in addition to the tuition fees of the literary colleges.

Students transfer

Students transfer between faculties is carried out according to the regulations of the university.

Students Sectioning

Students are sectioned into the different departments of the faculties of arts, Education and science.

Dismissed Students

Dismissed students can sit for exams in case of paying 50 LE for each subject.

Degrees offered by the University

for complete list of programmes offered at SVU, check the link below

List of Courses offered at South Valley University 

  • License of Arts (4 Years).

  • Diploma (1-2 Years).

  • Language of Instruction: Arabic & English.

  • Bachelor of Science, Agriculture, Commerce, Education, Specific Education, Social work (4 Years). – Bachelor of Engineering, Pharmacy, Veterinary Medicine (5 Years).

  • Bachelor of Medicine & Surgery (6 Years).

  • M.A., M. Sc. (min. 2Years).

  • Ph. D. (min. 2 Years).

Admission Requirements (Foreign Students)

International Students seeking admission into the South Valley University are required to make the following documents available and supply same when applying:

Application file must include:

  1. Bachelor’s degree obtained by the applicant, attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for Masters
  2. Master’s degree obtained by the applicant, attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for PhD.
  3. The equivalent of a bachelor’s and master’s degree obtained from the Supreme Council of Universities in Cairo.
  4. A letter from the embassy of the country stating the funding and the degree.
  5. passport copy.
  6. The birth certificate, attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affair.
  7. (4) personal photos.
  8. Proof of application form.
  9. Sending all previous documents to the university to complete the registration process.

Tuition and fees of international Students

Enrolment fees for the first time registration is $ 1500

  1. Annual study expenses:
  • 6000 US dollars for faculties of Medicine and Oral and Dental Medicine.
  • 5500 US dollars for faculties of Engineering, Computers, Pharmacy, and Physiotherapy.
  • 5000 US dollars for faculties of Veterinary Medicine, Agriculture, Science, and Nursing.
  • 4500 US dollars for other faculties and institutions.

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