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International Engineering Design Competition “Robocon 2019” at MIT


International Engineering Design Competition “Robocon 2019” at MIT

15 students and 4 faculty members from the faculties of engineering at Ain Shams, Aswan and Mansoura Universities participated with the support of the USAID-funded Center of Excellence in Energy in collaboration with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in the International Engineering Design Competition 2019 hosted by the Institute for two weeks at its headquarters in Massachusetts, in addition to attending a workshop after the competition on the curriculum (concept – design – implementation – operation), which is one of the important educational activities at the Institute.

The results of the International Design Competition “ Robocon 2019 ” in which 55 students from engineering schools from 10 countries participated: Brazil, Thailand, China, Singapore, Korea, Mexico, Egypt, India, USA and Japan, won the teams that participated in them The Taliban are the “center of energy excellence” in silver and bronze. In addition, the Center of Excellence in Energy was awarded the right to host the International Engineering Design Competition Robocon 2021 for the first time in Egypt at Ain Shams University.

The competition started by dividing the teams into groups with a contestant from each country. The teams had only 12 days to design and implement a robot that would perform tasks similar to those performed by US astronauts on the fiftieth anniversary of the first human landing on the moon. Each team had to work hard to overcome the challenges they faced using their creativity and engineering knowledge to design and create a robot capable of movement, climbing to flag on a mountain, collecting rocks and moving gears, and the robot must be able to move up and down in order for the design to be successful. With each achievement, points are allocated based on the level of difficulty.

The team in which one Egyptian student from Monofiya University took part won the gold medal, while the two teams in which the Taliban representing the Center of Excellence in Energy won the silver and bronze medals, Yahya Helmy from Mansoura Engineering, and Shatha Mansour, a student in energy engineering at Ain Shams University.

This activity comes within the framework of the objectives of the Center for Excellence in Energy, funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and implemented by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, which seeks to promote and disseminate educational education, and build a sustainable infrastructure in the energy sector by raising the capacity of a generation of graduates engineers with the skills Required to implement high-quality applied research projects that focus on solving local and global problems and address Egyptian needs according to Egypt Vision 2030.

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