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Organ Scholarships – Which Colleges have vacancies and are there restrictions?


The Colleges listed in the table below offer Organ Scholarships, and their vacancies for the next two years are shown.

Organ Scholarships are not available at: Hughes Hall, Lucy Cavendish, Murray Edwards, Newnham, St Edmund’s, or Wolfson.

Are there any restrictions?

An Organ Scholarship can only be held in conjunction with an academic place at the awarding College. You don’t have to be studying for a Music degree, however, some Colleges don’t permit Organ Scholars to study certain subjects (usually in the sciences, as lab times often conflict with rehearsal and Evensong) and these are indicated in the Course restrictions column.

Organ Scholarships for Medicine or Veterinary Medicine students will not be awarded until after BMAT results have been received and interviews conducted. It should also be noted that if you’re wishing to apply for Medicine, you can’t apply for an Organ Scholarship at both Cambridge and Oxford.

The following is accurate at the time of being published online. However, from time to time the individual circumstances of any given College may change and potential candidates are advised to check the site regularly in case the list of scholarships changes for any reason.

College Vacancies available
(year of entry)
Course restrictions
Christ’s —- Architecture
Churchill —- —- Land Economy, Theology, Religious Studies and Philosophy of Religion
Clare —- —-
Corpus Christi —- 2021 Medicine, Veterinary Medicine
Downing 2020 2021
Emmanuel 2020 2021 Land Economy
Fitzwilliam 2020 2021
Girton 2020 2021 Medicine, Veterinary Medicine
Gonville and Caius 2020 —-
Homerton —- 2021 Architecture, Veterinary Medicine
Jesus 2020 2021 Education, Medicine, Veterinary Medicine
King’s 2020 2021 Veterinary Medicine, Architecture, Medicine, Education, Land Economy
Magdalene 2020 2021
Pembroke —- 2021 Education, Geography
Peterhouse —- 2021 Education, Geography, Veterinary Medicine
Queens’ —- 2021
Robinson 2020 2021
St Catharine’s —- 2021 Architecture, History of Art
St John’s 2020 2021 Medicine, Veterinary Medicine, Natural Science
Selwyn —- 2021
Sidney Sussex 2020 2021 Education
Trinity —- —- Medicine, Veterinary Medicine
Trinity Hall —- 2021

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