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List of Chinese Universities that accept Thanawiya Amma for Admission


List of Chinese Universities that accept Thanawiya Amma for Admission

Currently, the Chinese education system is considered one among the most competitive and challenging ones in the globe and has got a high reputation. Thus, the Chinese schools, specifically those in the urban areas are a breeding land for the upcoming highly educated professionals. Whereas, the Chinese Universities are offering a large number of fully funded and partially funded scholarships to attract foreign students that helped to elevate the educational standards in China. It also uplifted the popularity of Chinese Universities globally.

Why you should consider studying in China?

For the students across the world, China has become an accepted destination among students due to cheaper and quality education and Chinese scholarships. Since last 10 years, the total number of international students in China has got doubled. Today, behind the UK AND USChina has the 3rd largest international student population. This number is growing at an average of 10% a year, a quicker growth rate comparing any other accepted study abroad destination.

  • Before, international students were commonly seen only in the Beijing and Shanghai cities. Almost 50% of the international students were studying in these two cities. Today, the students have got more options. There are higher education centers/universities in 13 cities across China having more than 10000 international students and 7 cities with more than 20000 international students.
  • The reputation of the university from where you have graduated is very important to pursue your studies at postgraduate level or to secure a good job. Over the last five years, the global university ranking of the Chinese universities has risen considerably. Moreover, the Chinese universities are very well respected.
  • For studying abroad, financial support is a major factor. To attract international students, the Chinese government offers a variety of funding options. More than 243 Chinese educational institutions offer around 40000 scholarships for international students.

I have complied the list of some of the Chinese Universities that accept Thanawiya Amma from Egyptian students for admission. This list is, however, endless and in-exhaustive. students are encouraged to visit the university websites for more inquiries about their requirements from International students.

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