Africa is the second largest continent in the world. She is vastly blessed by nature with numerous natural resources that, if rightly managed, could transform the region to become the center of attraction to other continents. She is also blessed with industrious manpower and academic intellectuals that have made prominent contributions to the general growth of the world.


By contrast, Africa still remain one of the most underdeveloped continents in the world stricken by poverty despite her abundant natural resources. Here are some of the most in demand jobs in Africa as the region continue in her quest for development and prominence among her contemporaries:

  1. Agriculture: Agriculture is the major contributor of the region’s GDP. Agriculture contributes about 13% of the GDP and world bank projects that by 2030, agriculture would provide a one trillion dollar industry in the region.
  2. Infrastructure: Infrastructure is a vital need in the region. Good transport system, banking, telecommunication, health, among others. Health, for instance, would save the region so much money they spend in travelling outside looking for medical treatment. Good transport system is also needed to transport the agricultural produces to the consumers.
  3. Mining: Because of the continent’s ample resources, miners are a necessary professionals needed to tap these resources and transform them to finished goods. Geologists, Petroleum Engineers, etc. are in high demand in the region.
  4. Banking and Finance: Accountants, economists, Business managers are in high demand in the region. These professionals are needed to deliver quality service and be able to mange the rich resources of the region.
  5. ICT: The global world is now talking ICT. Africa cannot be left out in this shift. ICT professionals are the major drivers of the economy in Africa. The mobile phone is unarguably the highest used gadget in the world. Social media marketing, web development, etc. are major boosts of economy and are in high demand in Africa.
  6. Entrepreneurship: Entrepreneurs are in high demand to recognize the opportunities in the vast abundance of the resources in the region and use them to created wealth which would in turn develop and sustain the region

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