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AASTMT Post-Graduate Admission Requirements


Post-Graduate Diplomas Qualifications

The Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport (AASTMT) was founded in 1972, as one of the Arab League affiliations, to provide educational and training services in a wide range of disciplines, sciences and technologies.

The AASTMT carries out, its activities in the field of education, training and research in its headquarters in Egypt in the cities of Alexandria, Cairo and Aswan (South of the Valley). AASTMT inaugurated its branch in Latakia in Syria in 2001.

The Academy Offers Its Postgraduate Education Services Through: 

  • College of Engineering & Technology
  • College of Maritime Transport & Technology
  • College of Computing & Information Technology
  • Graduate School of Business
  • Productivity & Quality Institute
  • International Transport & Logistics Institute

Post-Graduate Diplomas Qualifications

Applicants should have Bachelor Degree or Master ( Captain, shipmaster) certificate, with the exception of the Diploma of Maritime Law, which requires a Bachelor Degree in law.
Applicants should acquire good command of English language.

MSc Degree Qualifications

Applicants should have a Bachelor”s degree in a relevant area from an accredited institution with a minimum grade of “Good”.
Applicant may be accepted if (s)he holds a post-Bachelor”s Diploma in a relevant area with a minimum GPA of 3.00/4.00 (or Very Good).

Doctoral Degree Qualifications

Applicants should have MSc degree in the field of specification, either from the academy or from any accredited university.
The Graduate Studies at each College and Institute in the Academy identifies the applicants who are eligible for enrollment into the program.  The academic department then interviews the applicants individually to those who will be recommended for admission.P>

Applications of newly admitted applicants are valid for two semesters.  If an admitted applicant does not enroll by the second semester, (s)he must reapply for admission.

Application Documents

Applicants must submit the following documents to the Department of Graduate   Studies in the ed college or Institute:

  • Official Transcripts: An official transcript must be submitted for each of the colleges and/or universities attended.  Transcripts should include an explanation of the grade scale used by the colleges and/or universities attended.  All copies should be officially certified as identical to the original.  Transcripts and/or copies cannot be returned.
  • Copy of passport or identification card
  • Financial Plan (if sponsored)
  • Completed Application Form


The application and all required documents must be received before the deadlines specified in each college.
Individuals submitting applications later than the proposed dates are not guaranteed consideration for admission to the program in the semester applied for.  Their applications will be only processed if time and resources permit.


The governing board of higher education sets tuition rates. The boards of governors reserve the right to change the tuition rates which apply to any succeeding fiscal year.
The tuition fees for every course are paid at the beginning of each semester.  If the student, or his sponsor, fails to pay the tuition fees at the indicated time, the student’s registration shall be cancelled and the student shall not attend any lectures.  The tuition fees of the programs using the credit hour system shall be determined on the basis of the credit hour and shall be paid either collectively for a full semester or according to the number of credit hours registered for.

In addition to the regular charges of courses, additional fees are required for the graduation fees and the library deposit fees.

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