The Kosciuszko Foundation Graduate Study and Research Program Scholarship

The Graduate / Postgraduate Studies and Research Scholarship supports research at various universities in Poland by American graduate students and university faculty members. Scholarships are awarded under the auspices of the Foundation’s Exchange Program with Poland. The scholarship provides a stipend of 1,600 zloty per month for housing and living expenses. In addition, scholarship recipients receive $300 per month of approved study/research as an additional supplement for living expenses.


Candidates who intend to study/attend classes must apply to the university for admission and submit proof of acceptance/admission to the program. The Studies & Research scholarship does not cover the cost of tuition nor airfare to Poland.

Studies and Research projects may be conducted from October through June at state-funded universities and institutions of higher learning in Poland.



Graduate level students and university faculty members who are US citizens may apply. Candidates who intend to study in Poland must be enrolled as International Students. You cannot receive any other Polish government supported scholarship.

Selection Criteria

Selection is based on academic excellence, motivation, and the need to pursue studies and research in Poland.


The scholarship provides a stipend of $700 a month for housing and living expenses.

Application Deadline: March, 2020



1. Prepare your supporting materials in advance and have Items A to  ready to upload when completing the on-line application form;

Supporting materials include: 

Item A – A photo of yourself, which is suitable for publication such as a portrait photo or headshot which is 2 inches x 2 inches.  Save file as: SR-Last Name-First Name-photo;

Item B – A scan of your U.S. passport ID page or a birth certificate.University diplomas and language certificates.  Save documents to one file.  Save file as: Last Name-First Name-diplomas;

Item C – University diplomas and language certificates.  Save documents to one file.  Save file as: Last Name-First Name-diplomas;

Item D –Your Curriculum Vitae (C.V.). Save file as: Last Name-First Name-CV;

Item E– For candidates who intend to conduct studies in Poland: Upload an essay on why you are applying to attend studies in Poland. Be sure to list the name of the university, faculty/department, intended major/studies, and your academic and career goals. Your essay will be 2-3 pages long and will include your full name, “Studies and Research 2020-2021”. Save file as: Last Name-First Name-Essay;

For candidates who intend to conduct research in Poland: Upload a detailed proposal of your study/research project. Your proposal will be a maximum of five pages, double-spaced and will include your first and last name, “Studies & Research 2020/2021”. Save file as: Last Name-First Name-Proposal;

Item F – For candidates who intend to conduct studies in Poland: Upload your letter of admission. The admission letter should confirm your enrollment status as an International Student, financial conditions of your study program such as access to dormitory housing, use of facilities, funding, etc. Save file as: Last Name-First Name-admission;

For candidates who intend to conduct research in Poland: Upload a letter of invitation from the host institution/professor.  The letter of invitation must include 1) the feasibility of your research plans at the host institution 2) the start and end dates of the research period and 3) the extent and limitation of the host university’s support during your stay such as access to dormitory housing, use of office space, libraries, labs, studios, etc.  Save file as: Last Name-First Name-invitation;

Item G– For candidates who intend to conduct studies in Poland: submit official transcripts of credit for 3 years of academic work.  This document should have an official signature and stamp from your school or faculty. There are two ways you can send us the transcripts: 1. Mail transcripts to: Gosia Szymanska, 15 East 65th Street, New York, NY 11065; 2.  Go to your student account online and request a Secure Electronic PDF Transcript be sent to [email protected] via their electronic delivery service. Secure Electronic PDF Transcripts must be sent directly from your college/university’s electronic delivery service.

Item H – Secure two recommendation letters and have your recommenders send them directly to the [email protected].

Letters should be written on university letterhead and sent by your current professors or degree advisors directly to the Kosciuszko Foundation at [email protected] from institutional email addresses.

Recommendations sent by the candidate will not be considered.

2. Complete the online application form at the Click Here to Apply button found below and pay $50 (non-refundable application fee) to the Kosciuszko Foundation. You can make the payment vis PayPal while filling out the application form.



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