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Best Canadian Universities to Study Law


Best Canadian Universities to Study Law

Canadian universities are well known  for offering dual degrees options which prepares students for American and Canadian laws.

As a student, going to the best law school in Canada is important because they are known for their programs, and they prepare you to be a successful practicing lawyer after graduation. here are the best universities to study law in Canada.

The ranking is based on the data collected by QS World Ranking. Studying law offers the opportunity to develop a range of skills and explore many aspects of human life.

It offers you the opportunity to get your mind sharpened, your understanding strengthened and your experience deepened across the full range of humanities and social sciences. you gain both breadths of understanding and depth in the areas that interest you most.


10. University of Calgary

The University of Calgary is a living, growing, and youthful institution that embraces change and opportunity.

The Faculty of Law at the university was ranked 10th in 2018 ranking. University of Calgary is unique for the smallest class compared to other law schools in Canada. This means that students have more time to associate with professors.

Require LSAT: Yes

9. Western University

Western’s Faculty of Law offers three a three-year Juris Doctor degrees as well as a combined graduate in several disciplines

Western Law’s focus on business law in the global environment is unique among Canadian Law Schools. As Canada’s premier business law school, the vision of business law is multidimensional

Require LSAT: Yes

8. University of Alberta

North campus-Pembina hall

The Faculty of Law at the University of Alberta has a 525 total full-time students.

The curriculum is highly regarded for providing students with a strong foundation int the study of law. Through the targeted program of required courses, students are well prepared for a variety of career paths.

Requires LSAT: Yes

7. Queen’s University

University Front

The full-time JD program is three years and; the part-time program must be completed within six years. Faculty members have garnered prestigious awards for excellence in teaching, and are frequently called upon to give expert opinions to the media, and have been recognized for their research through prominent national and research grants.

Requires LSAT: Yes

6. York University

University Front

Osgoode Hall Law School offers a rigorous, diverse and forward-looking curriculum that prepares students for the widest range of careers in law.

They encourage critical thinking and provide a combination of theoretical perspectives and practical, hands-on knowledge through their unparalleled experiential programs, with internationally recognized degrees.

Requires LSAT: Yes

5. University of Ottawa

Main Campus

The University of Ottawa is the oldest and largest bilingual university in canada.

The Faculty of Law offers both Common Law and Civil Law degrees, preparing graduates for careers in the country’s two legal systems. The Common Law Section offers a three-year program in both English and French. The Civil Law section offers a three-year program in Fench.

Requires LSAT: Yes

4. University of Montreal


Requires LSAT: Yes

3. University of British Columbia

UBC School of Law has educated leaders in both the community and the profession.

The incoming students join a distinguished family of graduates that have excelled in all areas of law and government and have made a significant impact on some of today’s most pressing issues around the world.

Requires LSAT: Yes

2. McGill University

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McGill University’s Faculty of Law is the oldest in Canada.

Legal education at McGill is one that is marked by the mutually sustaining relationship between the common law and civil law as the Western world’s two major legal traditions, in dialogue with indigenous legal traditions. It recognizes that the law comes from a broad range of sources.

Requires LSAT: Yes

1. University of Toronto

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The University of Toronto’s Faculty of Law offers unparalleled opportunities for the study of law. The Faculty is committed to creating a genuine intellectual community in which each of its member’s students and professors alike works closely in developing a deep, critical understanding of the strengths and limitations of law and legal institutions.

The Students are highly educated, extremely diverse, and deeply committed to justice at home and around the world. Academically, they are the strongest student body in the country and are among the top in North America. Students come to law school with an extraordinary mix of race.

Requires LSAT: yes

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