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Alexandria University: Standard Conditions for Scientific Writing for the Diploma, Master and Doctorate Theses


The management of Alexandria University has prescribed the following as her standard  conditions for scientific writing for the diploma, master and doctorate theses

Paper Types

A) Size: Size A-4 paper, 297 x 210mm

B) Fish: Weight 80 g

C) Color: white

D) Project binding: white plastic spiral binding, the outer shell is transparent, and the back is colored

E) Thesis binding: black for master’s degree and brown for PhD)

How to write

Writing: by Computer

Printing : using laser printers

Pages  : On only one side of each paper in case of projects, letters before arbitration and on both sides of the page in the final copies of the message

 Font type and heading

The message is written using Times New Romans font, font size 12 and font size 18 (uppercase). Section titles are written in the middle of the page using font size 1

Headlines are with font size 14

Titles under the main are written using font size 12

Side title is   Bold

Tables  Size 12 Bold is  at the top of the table, while  Font Size 12 Bold is  at the bottom of the shape

 Lines   : Writing is two spaces between the lines in the projects and the letters before arbitration, and one space in the final copies of the letters

Margins : 2 cm to the right of the page and 3 cm to the left and vice versa in the letters in Arabic subject to the binding process


· In the Arabic language :  the upper left corner

· In English :  the highest in the case of writing on one right corner, in the case of writing on the two sides be numbering in the middle of the bottom of the page

(8) Shapes

The figure number must be mentioned and indicated in the body of the thesis / diploma project by placing a serial number for each shape in parentheses (   1, 2, 3, … Figure ) and so on

B – Shapes include graph and optical images

C – the form is placed in the nearest writing site from the pages on which the shape was mentioned or the next page

D – write the number under the figure preceded by the word shape and followed by two points 1:  Figure   and then the title of the figure

E – number the shapes pages in sequence with the rest of the pages of the research project


A- The schedule number must be mentioned and explained in the body of the research project

The table shall be placed in the nearest place after mentioning it in the body of writing or on the next page

  • Write the title of the table above and precede the title  Table 1
  • D- Sequence of table numbers according to their occurrences  1, 2, 3, 4, ……
  • E – The pages of the tables should be numbered sequentially with the rest of then project pages.

Third: Project or message content

The research project or thesis submitted by the student includes the following components:

(Title page (as per attached form

Thanks page (Thanks to the project supervision committee in  addition to those who provide scientific or financial assistance) support List of Abbreviations : List of Abbreviation

Approval (Declaration) of the student in accordance with the attached form

(Contents page (index

List tables, shapes and images (List of Tables, Figures, Diagrams ).

Abstract  (Summary)  and Abstract  (Abstract The )

The project / thesis includes an  abstract  in Arabic and English (200 words), an abstract   1000 words in English (1000 words) to be placed before the references, and a summary  (Summary)  in Arabic (1000 words) to be placed at the end of the project / message

Fourth: Tabulation of the project / thesis for theoretical studies

Each college determines a system for classifying its theses and takes the relevant procedures to circulate it to the academic departments after informing the university’s graduate administration, and adherence to the established system is the responsibility of the principal supervisor of the thesis and the concerned department board. Project / Thesis tab for practical studies

Chapter one: Introduction

It includes the research problem, its justifications and research procedures, and the chapter ends with the aim of the project (and it is written clearly and specifically and under a separate title) for practical colleges.

Chapter Two: Theory of Studies and Studies  (Review of literature)

It includes the scientific background of the project or thesis, reviewing what was published about it, and explaining the importance and reasons for choosing it so that the number of pages of this chapter does not exceed 30% of the size of the thesis.

Chapter Three: Materials and  Methods

This part is limited to mentioning the experimental and theoretical methods (description of the system used) in which scientific experiments are explained and the experimental approach made by the researcher is clarified. If the researcher wants to discuss other unused methods, or to compare the method used with others, then this will be in the chapters of the introduction or discussion.

Chapter Four : Results

It includes describing the most important results obtained and showing them, in the form of tables and graphs, in addition to explaining the results.

Chapter Five :Discussion

It includes explaining the importance of the results, their applications and their implications, and comparing the results with what was previously obtained from other researchers in the published research, aspects of agreement or difference if any and the researcher’s opinion on the reasons for this.

(The results and discussion may be drawn up in one chapter).

Conclusions or summary: It includes a summary of the results reached (optionally according to the nature of each college).

Recommendations: This includes the researcher’s recommendation on how to apply the results and use them if this is possible (optional according to the nature of each college).

Chapter Six :  References

A list of references is placed at the end of the project / thesis numbered according to its presence in the body of the project / message, and when mentioning references in the context of the speech, its number is placed in parentheses and slightly higher – (sic  (1 ) – and a list of references is placed at the end of the research plan and the diploma and thesis project They include:

The author’s name is in the foreign language and it is put in his family’s name and then followed by the first letter or letters from his other names. If the reference contains more than one author that reminds everyone in the same way and according to the sequence mentioned in the original reference, year of publication, title of book, and in the articles the full title of the research and the name of the journal are mentioned. Then followed the the volume number, number – number- first and last page.

Fifth: General Notes:

 Each section or chapter starts from a new page.  At the beginning of each chapter a colored separator sheet (green / light blue / yellow) is printed on it in bold type, the word for the first or second semester (like this) Introduction, Review of literature, … …

  The Graduate Studies Department of each college / institute reviews the rules related to preparing academic theses and receives a copy of the thesis on a  CD to keep it in the college library.

 4. The writing on the heel lashes is in golden color, so that it is moderate if the letter is placed in the longitudinal direction, and indicate: year awarded degree – the name of the author- college

There is no need to mention a master’s or doctorate degree, because that is clear from the color of the skin.

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