Future University in Egypt General Admission Requirements

Future University in Egypt welcomes applications for undergraduate degrees for both the Fall and Spring Semesters. Students are eligible to apply through any of the following methods:


1. Early Admissions

Because of the limited number of students admitted to Future University in Egypt, students in their final secondary school year are encouraged to apply for an early admission. This reserves a place at Future University in Egypt as early as ten days after receiving secondary school results. Students must fulfill all secondary school graduation requirements and meet all the University’s admission requirements for final admission

2. Regular Admissions

All students are welcome to apply through the regular admission process. Non-Egyptian, or Egyptian students with international certificates, whose exam results are announced late, will be permitted to apply after the regular admission deadline, depending on the dates of their examination results. However, it is advised that these students reserve a place through early admission. For deadlines and procedures, please refer to the Admissions Office.


3. Acceptance Criteria

The University accepts students holding the following certificates :
  • The Egyptian General Secondary Certificate of Education (Thanawiya Amma) (Arts, Math or Sciences) and the Thanawiya Amma from other Arab countries.
  • The American High School Diploma.
  • The French Secondary School Certificate (Baccalauréat de L’Enseignement Secondaire) .
  • The German Secondary School Certificate (Abitur).
  • The British Secondary School Certificates (IGCSE, GCSE, ASL or AL.)
  • The International Baccalaureate.
  • Canadian High School Diploma

4. Application Requirements

The University’s admission requirements comply fully with the regulations established by the Egyptian Council of Private Universities (CPU). Applicants must have attained the Egyptian Secondary School General Certificate (Thanawiya Amma) or approved equivalent certificates (see above)


5. Cambridge English Placement Test

All new students applying for admission to the University must sit for the Cambridge English Placement Test (CEPT). Students will be placed in an English language course according to their scores. Students should be aware that the English Placement Test is a provisional assessment.

6. Requirements for Transfer Students


Transfer from other universities:

  • Transfer students must fulfill the University’s admissions requirements, including having attained the High School Certificate with a score complying with the regulations of the Supreme Council of Egyptian Private Universities for the year during which the certificate was obtained.
  • Students must submit official transcripts of completed courses taken at an accredited university, with detailed course descriptions and verification of the credit hours and grades achieved.
  • Upon final acceptance at the University, students will be requested to submit a letter from their previous university confirming their withdrawal from that university.
  • Courses that are to be transferred must be substantially the same in both content and quality to the Future University’s courses, subject to the approval of the Ministry of Higher Education.

Transferring from one Faculty to Another:

  • Transfer from any FUE faculty to another is available only within the first two weeks of the semester during the Drop/Add period.
  • Students who wish to transfer from one faculty to another must obtain the prior approval of both their dean and their academic advisor. The student’s score should be compatible with the score required by the faculty he or she wishes to join.

7. Admission requirements for a Master’s degree

  • Applicants shall have obtained a bachelor’s degree in oral and dental medicine from one of the faculties of dentistry in Egypt or an equivalent certificate from the Supreme Council of Universities with the minimum grade of “Good” as an accumulated grade. They shall also have been awarded the grade “Good” in the subject of desired specialization. Students, who have only obtained diplomas in the grade “Good” in the accumulated grade and “Very good” in their subject of specialization, may be accepted to study in the university.
  • The same criteria shall apply to students wishing to join departments for an academic qualification.
  • Those wishing to study for a master’s in pathology and oral biology must have a diploma in oral medicine and periodontics
  • Those wishing to study for a master’s in biomaterials must have a diploma in prosthetic dentistry or operative dentistry, or endodontics.
  • Applicants shall have at least two years of experience since graduation, including the obligatory year of training (Internship)
  • The agreement of the employer to let the applicant join for studying the master’s degree
  • The acceptance of the specialty department board.
  • An application including all the documents mentioned therein on behalf of the dean of the faculty within the period from the first of July until the end of the year in which a student wishes to apply. No exceptions are accepted after this date. For foreign students, the applicable rules of the Supreme Council of Universities apply.
  • The student should not be registered in any grade of graduate studies.

Admission requirements (Arabic).

Test regulations (Arabic). 

8. Documents required for applying to join Master of Science (MSc) degree courses:

A. Egyptian students:

  • Graduation certificate with the grades (Transcript)
  • Internship certificate
  • Birth certificate
  • Approval of employer. If the student is employed by the government, the approval shall be directed to the dean of the faculty or the vice dean for graduate studies. However, if the applicant is self-employed, he or she shall provide a certificate from a dental syndicate that he or she has been self-employed during the year of master’s study
  • Military status certificate
  • Three recent photographs
  • Certificate of English language (TOEFL) with a total score of 450. The validity period of the certificate is for two years and for the international certificate it is for six months
  • If the student is a graduate from a private university in Egypt or outside Egypt, he or she shall provide an equivalent certificate from the Supreme Council of Universities
  • A post graduate admission application from the Department of Graduate Studies.

B. International students:

  • Graduation certificate with the grades (Transcript certified by the embassy)
  • Internship certificate from government hospital (certified by the embassy)
  • Data form from the administration of foreign students in the Ministry of Higher Education
  • Embassy approval for joining the course
  • Birth certificate
  • Profession practicing certificate
  • Three recent personal photographs
  • Information form from the Ministry of Higher Education
  • Copy of passport
  • Certificate of English language (TOEFL) with a total of 450 (validity period of the certificate is two years and the International certificate is six months)
  • If the student is graduated from private university in or outside of Egypt, he shall provide an equivalent certificate from the Supreme Council of Universities
  • An application form for joining the graduate study program from the graduate study administration in the faculty

Declaration form (Arabic).

Application form (Arabic).

Data form (Arabic).

Information form (Arabic).

Application Times for International Students:

Throughout the year. Completion of credits shall be met as a condition to have an access to exam.

see also list of courses at FUE

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