How to Become a Nurse in Egypt

Egypt, like other countries of the world, has a strong tradition of caring for the sick, maintaining and promoting the health of its citizens. Nurses are backbone of primary health and hospital services in Egypt as they are in other parts of the world and they are in high demand. If you ever have passion and worry about taking care of the sick, which is a fundamental need within the healthcare system, you should consider taking up a profession as a nurse.

Like other professions, before you can become a licensed nurse in Egypt, you need to be trained and properly equipped in order to be able to discharge your duties efficiently. This post is therefore aimed at taking you around the processes you need to go through before you can become a nurse in Egypt.

In order to become a nurse in Egypt, there are three routes generally followed to becoming a licensed nurse in Egypt and you must successfully complete the programmes before you can be licensed as there is no nursing registration exam in Egypt.


It is important to note that nurses in Egypt are guaranteed employment by the government since the programmes are run by the Ministry of Health and Population (MOHP).

1. Nursing Diploma or Technical Secondary Schools of Nursing

The first route of becoming a nurse in Egypt is through the Technical Secondary School of Nursing. You can get admitted into the school after the 9 years of middle school education and the training lasts for 3 years. Before you could be admitted, you need to have a high score on the Egyptian preparatory accumulated rating system, a rating system that applies to all Egyptian students through middle school. During the 3 years, you will spend 3 days of the week in classrooms and another 3 days practicing in hospitals. Successful completion of the programme is the only prerequisite for practice. After graduation, you must simultaneously apply for the license to practice and must join the National Professional Nurses Association. Since the programme is considered secondary educational programme, the government funds all the expenses. The language of instruction is Arabic.

2. High Diploma: Nursing Technical Institute of Health

This is a higher route for higher qualification to becoming a nurse in Egypt. This takes place at the Technical Institute of Health, a post-secondary educational institutions run by the Ministry of Education. It involves 2 years of education after graduation from secondary school. Students pay small tuition fee since it is a higher level of education they are receiving.  As with the diploma, successful completion of the programmme is the only requirement to practice as a nurse in Egypt. The language of instruction is Arabic.

3. University Degree

This is the third route of becoming a nurse in Egypt. You will need a university education to get this qualification. Students are admitted to baccalaureate nursing programmes in Egyptian universities after high school’s particular science department with high scores and in the line with the admission requirements of the university. Graduates of the Technical Institute of Health have the opportunity to obtain a baccalaureate degree if they have strong scores from the programme. This will allow you to enter the university as a second year student. The language of instruction here is English.


Duration of Programme:

Baccalaureate degree programmes last for 5 years. 4 years at the university and an additional internship year in a university affiliated hospital. After the completion of the programme, a combination of personal interest and over all scores determine the MOHP assignment.

Average Registered Nurse (RN) Hourly Pay in Egypt

The average hourly pay for a Registered Nurse (RN) in Egypt is E£ 22.00.

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  2. Hey. I am 17 years old and I am going to start Second years of high school in October. I live in Norway now but my family and I are moving to Egypt in December. I don’t know much about the rules. I’m wondering at if you know University that offer the nursing education in English. Do I have to complete high school to begin nursing education, how long does high school in Egypt last. When can i start the nursing school. How long does the education last. How old do you have to be to start nursing school. How much does it cost. And how do I apply for this study.

    1. Hello Ruweyda! There are a number of universities that offer nursing education in English in Egypt, both private and public Universities. Some of them are Ain Shams University, British University in Egypt, Sinai University, Alexandria University, Cairo University, Beni-Suef University, and others. Yes! You have to complete your high school before you can take on that, especially if you want to get a Diploma or B.Sc Degree in Nursing. High School in Egypt last for three years. To apply, you have to meet the admission requirements for any school you wish to apply to, then apply. Some of the schools would usually announce their opening for application. The cost of nursing training in Egypt varies, depending on the school. Nursing Education in Egypt for degree lasts for 4 years, followed by 1 year internship. For diploma, it lasts for 2 years.

  3. I live in Lagos, Nigeria and i am thinking of coming down to study Nursing in Egypt. I will appreciate if you can help me to understand the difference between private university and public in related to tuition.

    Oyerinde Oluwatobi.

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