German University in Egypt MBA Admissions

The GUC’s MBA program is designed and executed to prepare students to assume managerial positions of increasing complexity and challenge. This is done through a curriculum and staff that emphasize leadership, strategic thinking, global awareness and ethics.



  • B.Sc. or B.A from an accredited university (overall grade must be at least “good”)
  • Minimum 2 years experience
  • Proficiency in the English language (tested through the GUC English Exam)
  • Satisfactory GMAT score*

Admission Steps

  1. Application to be filled online.Click here for online application
  2. Admission for Winter or Summer semester is in April/May: summer semester starts in June and Winter Semester starts in September/October.
  3. Admission for Spring semester is in November: semester starts in February.
  4. Application will be prescreened and if the applicant fulfills the admission requirements, he/she will receive an invitation to attend the GUC English Exam via e-mail.
  5. Applicants who pass the English Examination will reach the final admission stage. He/she will be invited via e-mail to an interview at GUC premises.While coming for the interview, you must bring all documents mentioned below:
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Certified copy of university transcript (with grades of each subject)
  • Two passport-sized photos
  • 2 letters of recommendation (references – see application form)
  • Original birth certificate (computerized accepted)
  • Official and valid GMAT score – if available during admission period (for more information visit:
  • Military status for male applicants
  • Copy (front & back) of the National ID Card/ or passport for non Egyptian students
  • Visa for non Egyptians

If you are successful in the interview, you will be sent an acceptance e-mail to join the program and attend a preliminary orientation session.

*Note: The students should forward the GMAT score maximum by the end of the first semester. However, submitting the GMAT score with the admission documents gives the applicant a competitive edge.


GUC Policy concerning the GMAT

  • Students who submit a satisfactory GMAT score report with their admission credentials are fully accepted.
  • Students who choose to submit their GMAT score by the end of the first semester are conditionally accepted. At the time of submission, their GMAT scores will be dealt with as follows:

Category M (Mainstream): if you obtain a satisfactory score in GMAT according to GUC criteria, you will be transformed from conditional to full acceptance.

Category G (GMAT Conditional): if obtain non-satisfactory score in GMAT according to GUC criteria, you will have to take a skills enhancement course that is tailored to the students’ needs. Therefore the course might vary in orientation (verbal vs. quantitative) and in the number of hours.


In order to avoid delay, students are urged to log on to the website ( to reserve an exam slot 3 months in advance, because Synergy (institute at which the students take the exam) has very limited spaces available for registration. Accordingly an official document with reservation confirmation has to be submitted to the MBA office.

As the status of admission is conditional for all students with non-satisfactory scores (category G), GUC Admission Committee re-evaluates all conditional cases after the first semester. The student’s performance in the Academic Business Skills course along with the student’s accumulated GPA are the factors upon which the GUC Admission Committee bases its decision of whether or not the student can further continue his/her study at GUC’s MBA program


Students’ Categorization

Students are categorized according to their background:

  • Business background students: graduates of the Faculty of Commerce or Business Administration
    • Business students choose three 3 majors to specialize in.
  • Non-business background students: graduates of all other disciplines
    • Non-business students have to take a set of 8 general management courses in the first two semesters in order to qualify for the majors. They will choose two majors to specialize in.

Tuition & Fees

  • Admission Fees: 650 EGP for English Admission Test
  • Tuition Fees for MBA Courses: 6,200 EGP per course (subject to increase) to be paid in full prior to the beginning of each semester depending on the number courses the student registers for (1-5 courses per semester). It is not required to pay the whole sum at the beginning of your enrollment. The Thesis fee of 15,500 EGP is to be paid after completion of the MBA course requirements.
  • Program Insurance Fees of 5000 EGP “Refundable in case no damages are done or books are lost” and a graduation fee of 1800 EGP is to be paid at the end of the program before graduation.
  • Business background students take a total of 16 courses + thesis
  • Non-business background students take a total of 20 courses + thesis

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