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List of Undergraduate Courses offered at Cairo University


Ever wondered whether Cairo University offers your dream course?

See the list of undergraduate programmes the University offers below:

School of Physiotherapy

Diploma in IAT for respiratory and elderly disorders Degree

Diploma in Gynecology and Obstetrics and Surgery Degree

Diploma of IAT for musculoskeletal disorders and surgery Degree

Diploma of IAT for neuromuscular disorders and surgery Degree –

Diploma of IAT for developmental and developmental disorders and surgery in children Degree

Faculty of Computing and Information

Information systems and decision support

Information Systems and Information Technology

Information Systems and Computer Science

Computer Science and Decision Support

Computer Science and Information Systems

Computer Science and Information Technology

Information Technology and Decision SupportInformation Technology and Computer Science

Information Technology and Information Systems

Decision Support and Computer Science

Decision Support and Information Systems

Faculty of Archaeology

Egyptian Antiquities

Islamic Antiquities

Restoration of monuments

Faulty of Economics and Political Science

Economy Statistics

Political Science

Arabic Section

English Section

French Section

Faculty of Information 

Flags in English – General

The press

Radio and TV

Public Relations and Advertising

electronic press

Arabic Flags

Press subsection

Public Relations and Advertising

Radio and Television Subsidiaries

Faculty of Agriculture

Rural Sociology and Agricultural Extension

Soil Science

The agricultural economy

Dairy Science

Plant diseases

Animal Production

Cultivation of ornamental plants

Fruit growing science

Economic insects and pesticides

Zoology and agricultural nematodes

Vegetable crops

Faculty of Sciences
Entomology and a healthy environment
Single Chemistry Department
Single physics department
Aerospace Science
Single Space Science Department
Department of Communication Physics
Department of Astronomy
Department of Computer Science
chemistry department
Solo Mathematics
Department of Biophysics Solo
Department of Geology
Department of Geophysics Solo
physics department
Mathematics department
Single Statistics Section
Computer Science
College of Engineering 
Computer engineering
Biomedical Engineering and Systems
Petrol Engineering
Metallurgical Engineering
Mining, Petroleum and Metallurgical Engineering
Mine Engineering
Chemical Engineering
Electrical Power & Machinery Engineering
Electronics and Communications Engineering
Aerospace Engineering
Mechanical Design and Production Engineering
Mechanical Power Engineering
Mechanical engineering
College of Engineering
Mines, Petroleum and Metallurgy
Computer Engineering
Faculty of Nursing 
the fourth year
Third Year
First year
Second Year

Cancer Research Institute

Anesthesia and pain treatment

Oncology Pathology

Basic Sciences of Oncology

Tumor surgery Oncology

Children’s tumors

Therapeutic Radiology

Clinical Pathology


Medical biochemistry and molecular biology

Epidemiology and anti – cancer

Treatment of pain

Tumor surgery

Oncology and Oncology

Pediatric Oncology

Faculty of Urban Planning 
Regional Planning
Urban Planning
Urban Planning and Housing
Urban Design
Coordinate sites
Conservation and urbanization
Environmental planning and infrastructure
Environmental Planning
Transport planning and infrastructure

College of Veterinary Medicine

Second Level

The third level

The fourth level

fourth level

level five

Institute of Statistical Studies and Research

Names of programs / sections
National Institute of African Studies



Natural Resources

African languages

Commerce College 



Business Administration

Accounting Section

Insurance Section

Arabic Section insurance

Specific Education

Educational Media

Art Education

Music Education

Educational flags

Musical Education

Educational Flags

Allam Educational

Educational flags

College of Oral and Dental

Faculty of Dentistry

Junior high school

the first group

the second band

Third Division

Fourth year


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