Holders of Honorary Degrees and Prizes from Cairo University

Cairo university is one of the numerous prestigious universities in Egypt and in the Arab region. The university has awarded the prestigious honorary doctorate degrees to prominent individuals who have made tremendous impacts and craved a niche for themselves in specific fields.

An honorary degree is an academic degree for which a university (or other degree-awarding institution) has waived all of the usual requirements, such as matriculation, attendance, course credits, a dissertation, and the passing of comprehensive examinations. It is also known by the Latin phrases honoris causa (“for the sake of the honour”) or ad honorem (“to the honour”). The degree is typically a doctorate or, less commonly, a master’s degree, and may be awarded to someone who has no prior connection with the academic institution, or no previous post-secondary education. The degree is often conferred as a way of honouring a distinguished visitor’s contributions to a specific field or to society in general

Below is the list of the holders of the honorary doctorates from Cairo University:

Holders of Honorary Doctorate from Cairo University (1910 – 2010)

Name Position Date
President Theodore Roosevelt USA President 08/03/1910
Professor Edward Hrio Former Professor of Wilson University 03/05/1928
King Fouad the First Egypt’s King 15/11/1928
Professor Delmas Professor at University of Montpellier 20/11/1928
Professor Auxerre Dean of Faculty of Medicine, University of Montpellier, France 27/11/1928
Professor Shovenz Manager of The Royal Tropical Institute (KIT) in Amsterdam, Netherlands 27/11/1928
Professor Kawamura Professor of Pathology, Bijan University, Japan Aventino 27/11/1928
Professor Anstas Professor at University of Athens 27/11/1928
Sir Koprbri Former Manager of London University 27/11/1928
Sir Robert Villette Professor of Chest Diseases at the University of Edinburgh 27/11/1928
Professor Natal Professor of Sociology, Cambridge University 27/11/1928
Professor Vaquez Professor of Paris University 27/11/1928
Professor Henry Frederick Professor of Physiology at Liebig University, Belgium 27/11/1928
Professor Klein Robert Koch Institute 27/11/1928
Col. Giovanni Gerksona Physician at the Italian Army 27/11/1928
Professor Volporn Professor of Parasitology in Hamburg, Germany 30/11/1928
Professor Janlpin Dean of the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Lyon 30/11/1928
Professor Billy Ashford Professor of Tropical Medicine and Fungi, Columbia Universit, at School of Tropical Medicine, Puerto Rico 30/11/1928
Sir Alduxtlana Professor of Tropical Medicine, Tiolan University, USA and Ross Institute, London 11/12/1928
Dr.\ Mohamed Tawfik Refaat Pasha House Speaker 24/01/1932
Dr.\ Ali Maher Pasha Minister of Justice 24/01/1932
Dr.\ Abdul-Aziz Fahmy Pasha Head of Court of Cassation 24/01/1932
Abdul-Hamid Badawy Pash The Registrar of Government Issues 24/01/1932
Professor Elite Smith Professor of Anatomy, London University 05/05/1932
Professor D.kapetan Professor of Civil Law, Paris University 05/05/1932
Professor D.chalwea Professor of Roman Law, Roma University 05/05/1932
Professor Jill Bourdais Professor at University of Brussels and Head of Pasteur Institute 25/06/1932
Victor Emmanuel III King of Italy 12/02/1933
Dr.\ Lacko Manager of Egyptian Monuments Administration, PhD. in Arachaeology 15/04/1936
Dr.\ H.b.Day Professor of Internal Diseases 18/06/1936
Professor Edward Lambert Manager of Comparative Law Institute, Lyon University 17/04/1937
King Farouk I King of Egypt 23/02/1939
Professor Pierre Laland A Member of the French Academy and Former Professor of Philosophy, Faculty of Arts 16/01/1940
Ahmed Lotfy Al-Sayed Pasha Former President of Cairo University, PhD. in Philosophy 04/05/1941
Dr.\ A. Bedford Professor of Internal Diseases, London University 12/06/1944
Dr.\ James McCauley Landis Minister of Economic Affairs at the Middle East and Dean of Faculty of Law, Harvard University 02/01/1945
Professor William Hawkins Wilson Former Professor of Physiology 27/05/1945
Dr.\ Ahmed Amin Bek Former Dean of Faculty of Arts 28/04/1948
Professor Douglas Dre Former Professor of Anatomy 01/02/1950
Dr.\ Walter Russell Breen Head of Royal College of Physicians at London 25/12/1950
Mohammed Abdulrahman Bahadrkhan Director of The University of the Punjab in Lahore 25/12/1950
Professor Omar Jalal Serk Director of Istanbul University 25/12/1950
Professor Juliude Lamorandber Dean of Faculty of Law, Paris University 25/12/1950
Professor Henry Gregoire Professor of University of Brussels 25/12/1950
Professor Jean Sarai Manager of Paris University 25/12/1950
Professor Louis Massignon Professor of France College 25/12/1950
Professor Tenoletman Professor at University of Tübingen 25/12/1950
Professor Giuseppe Cardinale Manager of Rome University 25/12/1950
Professor Emilio Garcia Professor at Madrid University 25/12/1950
Professor Copeland Honor Professor at Liverpool University 25/12/1950
Professor Jana Quivelier Teacher at Paris University, PhD. in Science 25/12/1950
Professor Charles Andrea Former Dean of Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University – PhD. in Engineering 25/12/1950
Professor Fortener Staus Dean of Faculty of Engineering, Zurich University – PhD. in Engineering 25/12/1950
Dr.\ Muhammad Musaddiq Iran’s Prime Minister 21/11/1951
Professor Mirkourosh PhD. in Engineering 10/03/1954
Dr.\ Mohamed Kamel Morsy Former President of Cairo University 22/12/1957
Mr.\ Kwame Ankroma President of Republic of Ghana 19/06/1958
Prince Nordom Sihanouk Cambodia 21/06/1959
President General Ibrahim Abboud President of Sudan 23/12/1959
King Mohammed V King of Morocco 13/01/1960
King Mohammed Zahir Shah King of Afghanistan 29/10/1960
Marshall Mohamed Ayub Khan President of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan 09/11/1960
Engineer Wolfgang Belize PhD. in Engineering 03/12/1962
Dr.\ Zaker Hussein Vice President of the Republic of India 01/04/1963
President Habib Bourguiba President of the Republic of Tunisia 17/02/1965
Morocco’s King Hassan II King of Morocco 14/03/1965
President Charle Helou President of the Republic of Lebanon 04/05/1965
President Edward Okhab President of the State’s Council at Polish People’s Republic – PhD. in Science 27/11/1965
President Leopold Sedar Senghor President of the Republic of Senegal 16/02/1967
President Nyerere Mwalimu Julius President of the United Republic of Tanzania 10/04/1967
President Valery Giscard d’Estaing President of France 10/12/1975
Dr.\ Michael Alasrdi Labaki Professor of Surgery, Louisiana State University, America 10/03/1976
Roufael Salas The Executive Manager of UN Fund for Population Activity 15/02/1979
Mr.\ Herman Eilts The Former American Ambassador in Cairo 02/01/1980
Mr.\ Francis Blanchard General Manager of International Labour Organization 21/11/1980
Dr.\ Ernest Fifer Professor of Internal Medicine and Endocrinology, University of Ulm, Germany 21/11/1981
President Mohammed Gaafar Nimeiry President of the Democratic Republic of Sudan 22/02/1982
Dr.\ Paul Edward Gray Massachusetts Institute of Technology – PhD. 08/01/1985
President Kenneth David Kaunda President of the Republic of Zambia 11/02/1985
President Sandro Britney President of the Republic of Italy 17/02/1985
President Abdou Diouf President of the Republic of Senegal 04/03/1985
Mr.\ Jesse Jackson The American Leader 08/07/1989
Mr.\ Naguib Mahfouz Egypt’s Great Writer 26/10/1989
Mr.\ Nelson Mandela African freedom fighter and President of South Africa 20/05/1990
Dr.\ Mohamed Nustafa El-Bradei International Atomic Energy Agency Director 01/07/2008
Dr.\ Anita Chavan Minister of Education and Scientific Research at Federal Republic of Germany 01/03/2009
Mrs.\ Suzan Mubarak Head of the National Center for Childhood and Motherhood 16/09/2010

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