Alexandria Higher Institute of Engineering and Technology AIET Admission Requirements, Fees and List of Courses

Alexandria Higher Institute of Engineering & Technology (AIET) is a private institute of higher education founded in 1996 and owned by “Mohamed-Ragab Foundation for Social Development” which is a non-profit organization, registered under No. SR 1075 with the Egyptian Government.The Institute’s academic curricula have been carefully selected to cope with the modern technological revolution, providing the  graduates with the required mental and technical skills in order to create and innovate in different engineering and industrial institutions, in order to meet with the requirements of the work market, not only on the academic level, but also on both the regional and international ones. Engineering technology is a relatively new discipline. The programs of study at AIET are designed to meet the growing need created by the technological revolution for college-educated problem solvers who can support the engineering process by bridging the gap between the blueprints and the production line.

AIET Institute is a co-educational where female students are admitted, same as male students, to all departments. The language of instruction is English. The main objective of the AIET is to share in the education of the Egyptian youth as well as those from other countries, and in the advancement of knowledge.

To the join the community of students, we bring you the information you need to know concerning the admission procedure, list of courses offered at the institution as well as the fees charged to study in the institute.

Admission Procedure and Requirements

  • Applicants must obtain a high grade in an entrance examination. Entrance examinations in mathematics, physics, chemistry, and the English language are held with grades having the weights of 3, 2, 1, and 1, respectively.
  • Egyptian applicants must hold the Egyptian high school certificate, Mathematics section, or an equivalent certificate accepted by the Egyptian Government.
  • Egyptian students are nominated for admission to the AIET through the Ministry of Higher Education Admission Coordination Office for Universities and High Institutes.
  • Foreign students are nominated for admission to the AIET Institute according to the general regulations of the Egyptian Ministry of Higher Education.

to be eligible for admission, applicants must fulfill all requirements and comply with the rules of the AIET. Full-time study is required by all students.

Admission of International Students

  • Applicants from Arab and foreign countries are considered for admission on the bases of credentials certifying the completion of secondary school.
  • Secondary school certificate should be recognized by the Egyptian Ministry of Higher Education and should be equivalent to the Egyptian high school certificate.

Tuition Fees

Tuition fees are kept at the lowest possible minimum, consistent with high quality instruction, laboratories with up-to-date equipment, and excellent facilities.
Students will not be permitted to enter classes at the beginning of the term until their fees are paid.

Tuition fees are determined by the Egyptian Ministry of Higher Education.
The tuition fees for Egyptians are L.E. 20580.1 for the academic year 2019-2020.

Arab and foreign students pay their tuition fees in Sterling and they amount to £3000 for the first year and £1500 for each consecutive year.


Alexandria Higher Institute of Engineering and Technology aims to achieve a distinguished level in engineering education, scientific research, community service and professional excellence in the engineering fields related to the available disciplines in order to keep abreast of the local and international engineering developments. Alexandria Higher Institute of engineering and technology seeks to graduate generations of engineers with innovation capability, technological creativeness and competition in the labor market through application of the latest education and learning systems in engineering disciplines coincide with the scientific progress and the research to introduce programs that contribute to community service and development of the environment.  These specific programmes include:

  • Electronics and Communications Engineering 
  • Computer Engineering
  • Metronics Engineering
  • Industrial Engineering

To apply for admission, visit

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