Alexandria University announces its need to fill some of the university’s vacant leadership positions as follows: Applications are now received from suitably qualified candidates to fill the vacant position as follows:

  • Accounts and Budget General Manager Career Level General Manager )

The applicant is required to fill this position :

  1. Obtaining a high commercial education qualification suitable for the field of work, in addition to having experience in the field of work.
  2. Spend an interruption period of two years at the lowest level directly
  3. Leadership and direction.
  4. Passing the training programs according to the training system mentioned in Law No. (81) for the year 2016 and its executive regulations.

Those who wish to apply for one of these jobs must submit the following documents :

  1. Request to fill the position.
  2. The employment status statement based on the applicant’s service file approved by his employer and clarifying it:
  • Academic qualification and additional qualifications.
  • Quality and time experiences.
  • Performance adequacy reports and data for the last five years
  • Supervisory positions held by the applicant.
  • Incentive bonuses.
  • Thanks and appreciation letters.
  • Sanctions, if any.
  • In addition to any other data the applicant sees added.
  • 6 recent photographs, size 4 × 6
  1. A statement on the applicant’s most prominent accomplishments and contributions with supporting documents.
  2. Suggestions for developing work in the unit or one of its activities to improve performance, raise production efficiency in it, and develop systems that govern work and simplify procedures (in accordance with the Ministry of Planning, Follow-up and Administrative Reform No. 9 of 2017)
  3. Higher qualifications and ability to master foreign languages, knowledge of computer science, previous work in organizations, participation in conferences and preparation of research and technical notes.

 All documents shown are provided in the highest original and copies .


Applications are submitted in the name of Prof. Dr. Rector of the University, on the request prepared for that with the Technical Secretariat of the Standing Committee for Leadership Jobs and hand over to the Technical Secretariat of the Standing Committee for Leadership Jobs at the University at the headquarters of Al-Shatby General Administration – Personnel Affairs Department ) no later than thirty days from the date of publication as of 12/5/2020 to 10/6/2020.

Application deadline: 10/6/2020


 Note : It will not pay attention to requests that were received before the date or that are received after the deadline, and will exclude requests that do not meet the conditions of the announcement .

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