List of Egyptian Universities that offer Veterinary Medicine

If you have interest in the general health of animals/pet and public health, then you should consider pursuing a career in Veterinary Medicine.


The prevention, control, diagnosis and treatment of disease disorders and injury in humans are the concerns of medicine. Similarly, these concerns have to be extended to the animals around us and in the bush.

Veterinary Medicine is the branch of medicine that is concerned with the prevention, control, diagnosis and treatment of disease disorders and injury in animals- both domestic and wild animals. Veterinary medicine is so wide and extensive, extending to all animal species with a wide range of conditions that can affect different species.


A veterinary surgeon/doctor or simply a vet, is trained to provide professional care to the animals. For optimal animal healthcare, a vet works together with other para-veterinary workers such as veterinary nurses and other technicians and specialists like animal physiotherapists and dentists, each performing their independent roles for efficient healthcare delivery to the animals.

What is Veterinary Medicine?

Veterinary Medicine is a branch of medicine that is concerned with the prevention, control, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases, disorders and injury in animals.


Veterinary science is very essential for humans and public health. Through veterinary science, zoonotic diseases can be properly monitored and controlled. Zoonotic diseases are infectious diseases that can be transmitted from animals to humans. Another Essential application of veterinary science is that it ensures food safety through livestock health.

Veterinary doctors are trained to care for the well being of the animals. This is the ethical concern of a vet. they care about the animals’ welfare and their mental health, and can prescribe medications for treatment of animal diseases.


Veterinary doctors have a wide range of career options and is highly lucrative.

What does a Vet doctor do?

Vet doctors are typically trained to care for the well being of the animals. Among other responsibilities, a vet is trained to:

  1. Diagnose and treat infections in animals
  2. carry out surgery on animals
  3. carry out veterinary research on basic biology, welfare and care of animals
  4. Together with epidemiologists, study and control the outbreak of diseases.
  5. treat and dress wounds
  6. prescribe medications

What are the careers options for vet doctors in Egypt?

In Egypt, there are several career paths for graduates of veterinary medicine. These options include:

  1. Agricultural and food scientist
  2. Animal care and service worker
  3. Dentists
  4. Animal Optometrist and Ophthalmologist
  5. Physician and Surgeon
  6. Zoologist and Wildlife biologist
  7. Veterinary Technician
  8. Veterinary Pharmacologist
  9. Animal Physiotherapist
  10. Animal Researcher
  11. Lecturer in an Higher Institution

Important skills you need as a Veterinary Doctor

  1. Compassion
  2. Communication Skill, both written and oral
  3. Problem solving skill
  4. Decision making skill
  5. Interpersonal skill
  6. Calmness
  7. Scientific/research skill
  8. Analytical and evaluation skill

How to Become a Veterinary Doctor in Egypt

To become a Vet doctor in Egypt. you must first get enrolled and complete a doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree at an accredited college of Veterinary Medicine in any Egyptian University or abroad. There are about 17 faculties of vet medicine in Egypt. Admission into any of these faculties is highly competitive.

Vet Medicine students would generally take courses on animal biochemistry, anatomy and physiology, as well as disease prevention, diagnosis and treatment.

How long does it take to study Veterinary Medicine in Egypt and do I need a license before I can practice as a vet surgeon?

You will typically spend minimum of six years in Egypt for the programme. after graduation, you will need to obtain a license before you can practice as a vet doctor in Egypt.

List of Schools that offer Veterinary Medicine in Egypt

  1. Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Cairo University
  2. Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Alexandria University
  3. Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Assuit University
  4. Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Minia University
  5. Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, South Valley University
  6. Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Zagazig University
  7. Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Menofia University
  8. Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Suez Canal University
  9. Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Benha University
  10. Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Bani Suef University
  11. Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, American University in Cairo
  12. Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Aswaan University
  13. Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Damnhour University
  14. Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Sadat University

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