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Alexandria University: The Expansion of the Distance Education System Continues during the next Academic Year



Headed by Dr. Essam El-Kordy, President of the University, the Alexandria University Council has announced in its meeting held on Wednesday, June 10 2020 that the distance education system will be expanded to the next academic year. He noted that this year is an exceptional year that has witnessed many events that will continue to be remembered in the history of school years, indicating that the prevailing crisis has been used to increase The use of electronic platforms and the digital transformation of the educational process.

He also emphasized the continuation of the expansion of the distance education system starting from the next academic year, as he made clear that several proposals to develop e-learning were on ground, aimed preventing crowding and mixing among students, especially in light of the continuing “COVID-19 crisis.  He noted that all of these are linked to the existence of a strong technological infrastructure, which is what the school is currently working on.

The Council congratulated Dr. Ahmed Wahban on the occasion of the Republican decision to appoint him as Dean of the Faculty of Economic Studies and Political Science.
The Council also congratulated Dr. Ahmed Othman on his assumption of the position of Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Egyptian Authority for Compulsory Training of Doctors in the Arab Republic of Egypt.
The Council thanked all colleges for the effort made to prepare for the tests and to complete the current university year as it should, and the Council thanked the deans and agents of the Humanities Academy for the effort made in organizing the work of the second semester exams for students of the final teams starting in next July, where the completion of Preparing 299 committees within the complex so that the number of students within the committee does not exceed 15 students, and take all precautionary measures to preserve the safety and security of students and the provision of medical committees within the committees to cooperate with emergency cases and conduct cleansing and sterilization work for all exam committees.
The Council approved the colleges’ use of the X detection Plagiarism program to confront the phenomenon of fraud and transfer in scientific research or essay examinations among students of transport teams, provided that each college sets its own standards and controls.
The Council also agreed to hold the examination for the military education course on paper, and it will be corrected electronically.
For blind students who find it difficult to use the Microsoft platform, the council agreed to exempt these students from using this platform, provided that all their researches are raised to a single email received by the Vice-Dean for Education and Student Affairs, all researches, and the agent forms a committee to download, sort and deliver files to the committee Assessment Examiners.
With regard to the supplementary decisions of graduate students from the transfer years, the Council agreed to conduct the evaluation in the same manner used to evaluate these decisions within the same time frame.
With regard to the practical exams for the years of transportation in the practical colleges, the Council agreed that each college develop a vision for an intensive supplementary program for the student of transportation years for the practical parts that were not studied during the suspension period with informing the student of the date and plan of holding the practical exam according to what the college deems appropriate in this regard And that after the suspension of the study.

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