Waiters/Waitresses-What are their job descriptions?

Quality  Waiter – The Art of Good Service
What Waiters Do

A waiter/waitress is a Frontline worker in the hospitality industry that specializes in serving food and beverages to the guests. There are established standards and policies you are expected to follow in the discharge of your duties.

Because of the peculiarity of the position in a hotel/restaurant, there are certain skills and credentials you must possess before you can be employed as a waiter/waitress in the establishment. Ideally, as a waiter/waitress, guest’s satisfaction should be your utmost priority. It is your responsibility as a waiter/waitress to make the guests feel welcome, settled and comfortable. You should give them a positive first impression because first impression is the lasting impression.

There are certain attributes you are expected to possess as a waiter/waitress. Among others, these attributes include patience, perseverance and personality. In addition to these, as a good waiter/waitress, you must also be able to effectively communicate, multitask and work as a team.

Depending on the establishment, waiter/waitress duties may require that you work in shifts and in most cases, work occasionally during holidays and weekends. Let’s consider the qualities and responsibilities of a waiter/waitress.


How can you be a good waiter/waitress?

To be a good waiter/waitress, you should possess the following qualities:

  1. Have a proven experience as a waiter/waitress
  2. Be attentive and patient with customers
  3. Possess a good communication skill- both written and verbal
  4. Be neat and possess a good dress sense
  5. Have a relatively high energy level
  6. Be reliable and honest
  7. Have a good understanding about food hygiene and service
  8. Be a good team player
  9. Possess a good numeracy skill
  10. should be welcoming, responsible and intelligent
  11. Must be able to work under pressure
  12. Should be familiar with drinks
  13. Must be a good mixologist

Waiters/waitress: What are their Responsibilities?

In addition to other responsibilities that may be assigned to you,  your  responsibilities as a waiter/waitress include the following, but not limited to:

  1. Welcoming customers warmly and politely
  2. Serving food and beverages to customers
  3. Directing customers to the table
  4. Setting and cleaning table and service areas
  5. Presenting menu and providing detailed information when asked
  6. If any, informing customers about the day’s special
  7. Taking accurate food and drinks orders
  8. Checking customers’ IDs to ensure they meet minimum age for alcoholic beverages consumption
  9. Providing excellent customer service to guests
  10. Upselling food and beverage items throughout the meal
  11. In some cases, offering food and wine suggestions
  12. Processing cash and credit card payments
  13. Removing dishes and glasses from tables or counters
  14. Dealing with and handling customer complaints
  15. Providing fond farewell to the guests
  16. Reporting any damages to the manager
  17. Attending service briefings before each meal


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