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Alexandria University: Tuition Fee and Cost of Living 2021


Alexandria University: Tuition Fee and Cost of Living 2021

Alexandria university is home to 150,000 full-time students, making it the second largest university in the country. It also caters for more than 16,000 part-time undergraduates and close to 5,000 international students, with over 8,000 academic staff, over half of whom are PhD holders.

Alexandria University Ranking

Alexandria University is one of the top educational institutions in Egypt that never leaves the country’s top 5 places to study. Alexandria University, earned its place in the top 5% of the world universities, according to the international rankings. Thanks to the good standing among the employers of Egypt, the graduates of AU find employment quite easily.


Alexandria University has the following faculties which include: Faculty of Agriculture, Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Arts, Faculty of Commerce, Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Law, and Faculty of Science. Others are Faculty of Fine Arts, Faculty of Physical Education for Boys and Faculty of Physical Education for Girls, Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Pharmacy, Faculty of Nursing, High Institute of Public Health and Faculty of Dentistry, Faculty of Education, Faculty of Desert and Environmental Agriculture, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, and Faculty of Hotel Administration.

To enable you adequately prepare for your academic journey in Alexandria University, the cost of tuition for various faculties are listed below for both local and foreign students:

Application Process, the Cost of Living and Tuition Fee

The academic year is divided into semesters. Studying bachelor’s at AU is relatively inexpensive – only 1,000 USD per year. The master’s degree will cost an applicant about 2,500 USD per an academic year. In addition to low tuition fees the university provides the students with extra financial assistance in the form of scholarships. Here you can choose from a wide array of full-time programs, however the students are not limited to them as the university also offers online courses and programs. On the official website of the university (http://www.alexu.edu.eg) you can read more about the programs and associated tuition fees.

The composition of the university. Alexandria University is among the largest universities that educates more then 142 thousand students. The university accepts both local and foreign students. AU has around 3% of foreign students. More than 7 thousand teachers are employed by the university. Both students and the academic staff can participate in the university’s international exchange programs. You can find the university on TwitterYoutubeFacebook, which might tell you more about the day to day life of AU.

Tuition Fee/Cost of Living

Ranking   732   4
Country Egypt
City Alexandria
Bachelor (foreigners) 1,000 USD/year.
Master (foreigners) 2,500 USD/year.
Bachelor (citizens) 64 USD/year.
Master (citizens) 159 USD/year.
Cost of living $305-501 USD/Month.
Acceptance Rate 90%
Official Website www.alexu.edu.eg

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