MUST invites suitably qualified candidates to apply for admission into diploma, undergraduate and graduate programs for the 2021/2022 academic year.

This post contains a complete guide and information for you.

application for the year 2021/2022
Misr University for Science and Technology online admission form for students who can enter the university and choose from 14 colleges. The central admission environment determines the admission of students applying to the university, and the applicant can track the status of the application and examination.

 MUST Admission System

Misr University for Science and Technology (MUST) accepts eligible students regardless of race, color, religion, gender, or national origin. The university follows the admission rules and regulations set by the Supreme Council of Universities and the Council of Private Universities.


• Applicants wishing to join the university must fill out the online application form
• The university reviews applications and documents carefully and quickly.
• Qualified applicants are immediately given an acceptance letter. In some cases, the application may be placed on a waiting list or referred to the respective college for a final decisionversity for Science and Technology.

Admission Requirements

• Create an account on the university’s website/application for applications
• Pass the admission test.
Before applying, the following must be available:
• National ID card (proof of identity).
• Provide proof of identity for non-Egyptians (passport).
• A personal email for the student.
payment methods:
• Through Fawry outlets throughout the Republic.
• By credit card (Master card / visa).

Application for Admission

Admission application fees is non-refundable, and must be submitted with all the necessary documents and official papers in their original forms.

A. Freshman Students

  1. Completed Application for Admission Form

  2. Official certificate of General Secondary Education (certified and authenticated as required).

  3. Birth certificate.

  4. 6 personal photographs (passport size).

  5. Form “2 GOND” (for male Egyptian Students, can be obtained from the post office).

6.Military card for male Egyptians above nineteen years of age. For those above twenty-two an official document stating the military status should be submitted.

  1. Copy of ID card or passport (for non-Egyptian students)

B. Transfer Students

Applicants transferring from other educational institutions must submit all documents listed above in addition to the following documents :
1. An official transcript from the applicant’s former college detailing the curriculum and the official grades obtained. Foreign transcripts must be certified by the issuing institution and authenticated by an Egyptian Embassy or Consulate in the country of origin.
2. A detailed description of all the courses studied, certified by the issuing institution (authenticated from the Egyptian Embassy for foreign students).
The number of credits to be transferred must not exceed 50% of the graduation requirements at MUST.

General Admission Rules

All applicants, irrespective of the type of secondary school certificate they hold, should have completed a minimum of 12 years of regular schooling prior to admission to the university, and passed all subjects qualifying for admission into the various colleges as set forth by the Supreme Council of Universities.
• The minimum acceptable score for admission into the various colleges is announced at the beginning of each academic year.
• All applicants should submit original certificates, diplomas, transcripts and documents.
• Holders of certificates or diplomas from other countries should have their certificates and diplomas authenticated by the educational authorities issuing them and the Egyptian embassies in these countries.
• Holders of American High School Diploma and secondary school certificates from Russia and East European countries must have their diplomas and certificates authenticated by the Egyptian cultural attaché in each country

  1. Egyptian General Secondary Certificate (Thanawiya Amma, Scientific and literary branches).
  2. Equivalent Certificates :
  • Certificates from Arab Countries (Scientific and literary branches):

The following subjects are not included in calculating the general grand total: Islamic studies, physical education, military education, conduct, and Attarbiya Al Wataniya.

  • Foreign Certificates :
  1. The British GCSE and IGCSE :

Students applying for admission should meet the following requirements:

  • A minimum grade of C in eight O-level subjects (extended) taken in no more than 5 sittings in the last three years prior to admission.
  • Only one subject taken at two different levels (O, AS or A) can be counted.
  • Arabic as a first language can be counted.
  • Grades of  “A” to “ D “ are accepted at the AS and A levels.
  • Only one subject taken at two different levels (O and AS or A) can be counted as two subjects.
  • If one subject is taken at the AS and A levels only the highest score is counted.
  1.  The American High School Diploma :
  • Holders of an accredited American high school diploma should meet the following requirements :
  • Eight subjects each taken as one complete unit as follows:
  1. 4 subjects minimum at grade 12.
  2. 2 subjects at grade 11.
  3. 2 subjects maximum at grade 10.
  • SAT-1 score as determined by the Supreme Council of Universities each year.
  • Students, who got their high school diplomas from the Arab Republic of Egypt, must have their certificates authenticated from the issuing US institution or any international accreditation authority. Certificates authenticated from any institution or authorities that are not listed in the ministerial decree thereto will not be accepted. In addition, they must be authenticated by the Egyptian Cultural Attaché in Washington.
  • Arabic, studied in the American High School diploma at the level of the Arabic course studied in the international baccalaureate diploma, under the title the International Diploma Language B), is counted in the eight required courses.

To  continue with the online application, click here to go to the admission portal

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