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How to Become a Lawyer in Egypt


Law has been and still remains a prestigious and much sort after profession globally. The profession continues to grow and with a good paycheck. in fact, lawyers are some of the best paid professionals in Egypt. Law profession has diverse applications and relevance ranging from company law, criminal law, family law, civil law, to mention but a few.  These diverse career options should be the reason you should consider pursuing a career in law in Egypt. As noted above, the financial reward (the paycheck) is lucrative and makes law one of the most lucrative industries in Egypt. Continue reading to see the steps you need to take to become a lawyer in Egypt

But before you can be qualified to practice law in Egypt, there are certain requirements that you must meet.

What to do First

After your high school, you should get an undergraduate Pre-law Education in any of the Egyptian universities. Several Egyptian universities offer law course in their school, so apply to any of them to get the Pre-law education. The undergraduate Pre-law education last about 4 years.

Some of the notable Egyptian universities for Pre-law course include: Alexandria University Faculty of Law, Assiut University Faculty of Law, Ains Shams University Faculty of Law, American University in Cairo (AUC) Law department, Al-Shar University Faculty of Islamic Jurisprudence and Law, Cairo University Faculty of Law, Orman.

After the Undergraduate Pre-Law Education, What Next?

After the Completion of the Pre-law Education, you should take the Law School Admission Test. The Law School Admission Test is the test you are expected to pass before you can be admitted into Law School in Egypt. This usually takes a maximum of 3 years to complete the law school programme in Egypt.

The Law Exams

After the Law School, you will have to take and pass the Bar Exam. Until you are successful in this exam, you cannot be called into the Egyptian Bar to practice Law. In total, it will take you a total of approximately seven years of study before you can practice as a lawyer in Egypt.

How Much Does a Lawyer Earn in Egypt?

On the average, lawyers in Egypt can earn well above $98,000 to $140,000 per  annum.

Get attached to a Law Firm

After you have been called into the Egyptian Bar, you should get an attachment with a law firm. There are several law firms in Egypt. Some of them include:

  • Consortio Law Firm
  • The Egypt Law Firm, Cairo
  • Al-Bedeawi and Partners Law, Cairo
  • Sadany and Khalifa Law Firm, Cairo
  • Kamal Fouad and Partners, Cairo
  • Eldib & Co, Cairo
  • Davies & Associates LLC, Cairo
  • Al Kamel Law, Alexandria
  • Zahran Law Office, Cairo
  • Platinum Law Firm, Cairo
  • D and C Legal Services, Cairo
  • Challenge Law Firm, Cairo
  • Northern Law Firm, Cairo
  • Laws Answer Firm, Cairo
  • Darwish Lawyers, Cairo

In summary, to become a lawyer in Egypt, take these seven steps:

  1. Get undergraduate pre-law education at any of the accredited institution
  2. Take the Law School Admission Test LSAT
  3. Go to Law School
  4. Take the Egypt State Bar exams
  5. Get called into Egyptian Bar
  6. Now that you have been admitted into Bar, you can start practicing law.
  7. You can get attached to a law


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