Technology plays an indispensable role in learning in the 21st century. Both learning and teaching become easier if appropriate aids are employed. In this post, we’ll tell you 7 modern learning aids for effective learning and communication between teachers and students.
Hundreds of digital education tools have been created to make learning fun, improve the administration of academic processes, encourage collaboration, and facilitate communication and social interaction between teachers and learners.
Occasioned by the COVID-19 pandemic, the role of technology in learning is now well appreciated. The stringent measures put in place to contain the virus greatly affected the way educators and students interacted. There was a sharp transition in the mode of learning and this ideally met some educators and students unprepared. In this post, you’ll learn about the top 10 online learning aids you can utilize for effective and efficient learning. It is important to state here that this list is not given in any particular order. These aids are useful to both educators and learners.

Top 7 Modern Learning Aids for Students and Teachers

Modern Learning and Teaching aids

1. Socrative

This is a system that allows teachers to create exercises or educational games which students can solve using mobile devices, whether smartphones, laptops, or tablets.


Socratic was built to support Science, Math, Literature, Social Studies, and more. This tool encourages more interaction and answers from an otherwise disengaged class, making the class more engaging.

Teachers can see the results of the activities and, depending on these, modify the subsequent lessons in order to make them more personalized.


2. Projeqt

Projeqt is a multi-dimensional digital storytelling tool that can be used to create visually compelling presentations. It can be used to create multimedia presentations, with dynamic slides to embed interactive maps, links, online quizzes, Twitter timelines, and videos, among other options. This tool is a powerful substitute for PowerPoint presentations.

During a class session, teachers can share with students academic presentations which are visually adapted to different devices. To use the tools, you must first decide on the topic and gather the necessary images, hyperlinks, videos, interactive maps, documents, etc.


You can customize the look and feel of your slideshow with different fonts, background color, and body color. The slideshows can be displayed in full screen and tile view. With Projeqt, students can access, share, create and review their work from anywhere, at any time.

This digital storytelling teaching tool can develop communication skills and foster creativity during the production of the site’s slideshows. Critical thinking skills are utilized as students strategically plan and organize their slides with appropriate and varied information to support their topic, problem, or question.


3. Edmodo

Edmodo is an educational tool that connects teachers and students, and is assimilated into a social network. This tool enables teachers can create online collaborative groups, administer and provide educational materials, measure student performance, and communicate with parents.

Currently, there are over 34 million users who use this tool to create a learning process that is more enriching, personalized and aligned with the opportunities brought by technology and the digital environment.

4. Kahoot!

Kahoot is an educational game-based platform that makes learning fun. The platform enables users to create and play games in the classroom. One advantage of this platform for the teachers is that it either enables them to quickly generate quizzes and collaborative puzzles or choose from a library of existing games already created by other teachers worldwide.

The games-based nature of this platform makes learning really engaging. In addition, materials after class can be reviewed using this platform.

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5. Flipgrid

Flipgrid is a great video discussion app and website that you can use to create amazing tutorials and presentations. With the app, you can make videos right in front of your slideshow.

Flipgrid empowers educators to build connected learning communities. Students can record and share short videos about topics they’re passionate about and then respond to each other’s videos in real-time.

This app enables students to express themselves and connect with each other. It’s also a valuable tool for teachers to see how their students think and feel about what they’re learning.

6. OneNote

OneNote is a free note-taking app by Microsoft and allows students to keep all their information organized digitally. You can create multiple notebooks and add notes inside of them for every subject or topic.

OneNote supports both handwriting and stylus support so users never have to compromise on their note-taking style. Students can also record lectures and sync notes with audio to provide a quick context. In addition, students can also lock their notes with passwords. This app allows collaboration with fellow students for engaging learning.

7. Bit

Bit is an amazing online note-taking tool that helps create awesome notes, assignments, reports, and other classroom documents in minutes. This app further helps transform classroom education and makes it more functional, fun, and interactive.

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