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Top 10 Countries in Africa with the Best Healthcare System in 2023


Everyone needs quality medical attention. Both the sick and the healthy need a quality healthcare system for improved productivity. The provision of a quality healthcare system is one of the fundamental responsibilities of the government. While most countries in the world can boost quality healthcare systems, African countries are still way behind. In this post, we’ll tell you the top 10 countries in Africa with the best healthcare system in 2023 according to healthcare index.

Healthcare systems are generally sub-standard in Africa when compared to other parts of the world. Hence, millions of Africans embark on medical tourism abroad in search of quality medical attention. It is safe to state here that Africans spend so much on this “medical adventure”. For instance, recent data released by the Central Bank of Nigeria shows that Nigerians spent about $11.01 billion on medical tourism over the past 10-11 years.

However, some African countries fare better in terms of healthcare systems than the others, based on the data obtained from the NUMBEO. Healthcare index as an estimation of the overall quality of the health care system, healthcare professionals, equipment, staff, doctors, cost, etc. The Health Care Index gives a single measure of the state of each country’s health system

Based on this index, South Africa has the best healthcare system with an index of 63.97. Following South Africa in second place is Tunisia with a score of 63.40 I’m sure you are already eager to see the complete list. Well, we’ll serve you that, after all, that’s the essence of this post!

Top 10 Countries in Africa with the Best Healthcare System in 2023

  1. South Africa (63.97)
  2. Kenya (63.40)
  3. Tunisia (56.54)
  4. Algeria (52.88)
  5. Nigeria (48.49)
  6. Egypt (47.01)
  7. Morocco (46.69)
  8.  Rwanda
  9. Tanzania
  10. Zambia

The public sector is state-funded and caters to the majority – 71% – of the population. The private sector is largely funded through individual contributions to medical aid schemes or health insurance, and serves around 27% of the population.

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2. Kenya

With the healthcare index score of 63.40, Kenya takes the number two spot on the the list of top African countries with best healthcare system. Kenya also has the best healthcare system in East Africa.

In 2020, Tunisia had the second best healthcare system in Africa, bettered only by South Africa. However, the country lost its number two position to Kenya in 2022.

With the healthcare index score of 56.54, Tunisia ranks third-best country in Africa in terms of healthcare system. The public health system of Tunisia is funded from taxation run by the Caisse Nationale d’Assurance Maladie.

4. Algeria

Algeria’s healthcare system is the fourth-best in Africa. The Healthcare index score for Africa is 52.88.

Algeria’s public health care system is accessible and free to all citizens of Algeria and is financed by the Algerian government.

5. Nigeria

Nigeria has fifth-best healthcare system in Africa

If you are a nigerian, you would have been wondering where the country sould be on the list. Well, the Africa’s most populous nation only comes fifth on the list, according to the healthcare index score. Nigeria has a healthcare index score of 48.49.

The public healthcare system in Nigeria is in shambles due to lack of funding and inadequate staffing levels. One other major parasite that has plaqued the public healthcare in Nigeria is poor welfare package for the healthcare workers.

On the contrary, the private healthcare facilities in Nigeria are of high standards. The country comes fifth on Numbeo’s Health Care Index 2022 list of countries with the best health care in Africa.

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6. Egypt

With the healthcare index score of 47.01, Egypt comes sixth on the list of countries with the best healthcare system in Africa.

Public health is offered through the Ministry of Health and  provides free health services to her citizens.

7. Morocco

Morocco has the seventh-best healthcare system in Africa with the healthcare index score of 46.69.

The country devised her first health care policy three years after  independence in 1959. The majority of the free healthcare services and management focuses on the general public, with the State providing funding and administration.

The Ministry of Health runs the National Institutes and Laboratories, Basic Care Health Network and the Hospital Network. The Defence Department owns and runs its own hospitals, and local governments run city health services

To complete the top 10 are Rwanda, Tanzania and Zambia, based on the 2020 ranking, but the healthcare index score for these countries in 2022 was not provided.

African spends billions of dollars overseas on healthcare tourism in search of healthcare services due to the poor state state of medical facilities in the continent. However, some African countries fare better in terms of healthcare systems with South Africa and Kenya leading the pack


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