There is this undying desire in everyone to have an endless supply of money. Everyone desires to have the financial muscle to buy whatever they want without constraint. Oftentimes, the needs are endless and genuinely so. It would be a long list if you are to put them down on paper. Top on the list would always be good cars, nice clothes, big houses, and the list goes on. The power to make money is not in the hands of a selected few. The rule is the same and a similar result can be obtained if rightly applied. In this post, we’ll tell you the top 5 secrets to making money.


Sitting down every day and wishing to have all the money to meet your ever-growing financial needs will continue to be a mirage if you don’t engage in profitable ventures to build your wealth. Wealthy people have figured out the secret to getting rich and staying rich. This is simply why the rich continue getting richer. You too can build your wealth if you continue reading this post.


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What is wealth

Before you know the skills, it is important to define wealth. What is meant by being rich? This word means different things to different people. To me, it is having enough money to meet my financial needs without panicking. In other words, it is having financial security. Of course, this is the desire of everybody but everybody cannot achieve this if they do not learn and apply these top proven secrets to making money.

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Top 5 Secrets to Making Money

Top 5 Secrets to making money

Now that you have defined wealth in your own words, it is time to delve into the top 5 secrets wealthy people have mastered to build wealth.

  1. Take Risk and invest
  2. Believe in Yourself
  3. Align with a successful entrepreneur in your chosen field
  4. Pay debts owed
  5. cut costs, and get what you really need.

Do they sound simple? Of course, they do. These secrets are not from the skies. as simple as they sound, if properly applied, you will see your financial fortune take a positive twist. Now, let’s quickly describe what these secrets mean briefly.


1. Take Risk and Invest

The moment you have decided to create your wealth then you should take action towards making it happen. This action will involve you taking a serious risk. Take the risk of investing your money in opportunities that come your way daily.


Have you noticed that the wealthiest people in the world are not employees but business founders? Entrepreneurship proves the surest way to having income and high returns on accumulated wealth. Therefore, if you have a business idea that can increase your income, get started.

It doesn’t have to be a huge business. You can start a small business and offer the services you’re good at. The most important thing should be starting up a business that will fetch you income. Most big businesses started small.

2. Believe in Yourself

Self-belief is one powerful secret to building wealth. If you want to make money, you must believe in yourself first. Believe in your capacity to make money. Don’t think you’ll fail to make money because you’re not like others.


Put in the time and effort to develop yourself. Learn the things you need to know about your line of investment. Have a positive mindset for wealth creation.

3. Align yourself with successful entrepreneurs in your chosen field.

One caution you should take while investing is that you should not invest blindly. Find someone who is successful in that line of business and align with the person. Never swing to the fence when you want to invest. Sadly, you may lose all your investments if you lack proper guidance. All types of investments have an element of risk involved. To minimize the risks, those who are successful in that line of business can help you out.

4. Pay debts owed

 Surprised at seeing this? You shouldn’t be! As someone who desires to build wealth, you must develop the attitude of repaying debts owed. This will earn you trust and confidence in others. If you don’t pay debts owed, people might not be willing to lend you money for your next investment.

5. Cut costs, and get what you really need.

To build wealth, you must learn the art and skills of spending less money than you earn. The list of what to spend money on is endless and unfortunately, these items are not what you need. The new iPhone, the new cars, the new designer labels, the new shoes…the list is endless.

You must learn to blind your eyes from most of the wants until you have enough money to comfortably afford them. Here’s the key: always delay buying luxuries until you achieve your important money goals. The summary is simple, learn to live way below your income.



Everyone has the capacity to build wealth if the rules are rightly applied. There are hundreds of rules to wealth creation, not just these five. Rather than wishing to make make, get into action. Apply these secrets and watch them work for you.



I strongly recommend that you read the book “The Richest Man in Babylon” for amazing tips for building and sustaining wealth.


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