Alcohol consumption is almost as old as human existence. Most cultures have integrated alcohol as part of cuisine, literature, and music. In today’s world, alcohol is an essential part of social functions. Which country consumes the most alcohol per capita in the world? In this post, you’ll learn about the top 10 highest alcohol-consuming countries in the world according to the data obtained from We’ll also tell you the gender difference in alcohol consumption for free.


Alcohol consumption is as old as human existence. It was first made and consumed in many of the world’s great civilizations, including ancient Egypt, Greece, India, Mesopotamia, and China. Today, alcohol’s role in social functions cannot be over-emphasized.

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According to the data obtained in 2018, the global average consumption was 6.18 liters. Notably European countries have the highest concentration of alcohol drinkers. It is interesting to note that countries that have beer as the most popular beverage dominate the top 10 list.


Top 10 highest alcohol-consuming countries European countries constitute the highest alcohol consumers in the world.  9 out of 10 countries on the list are from Europe. The only non-European country on the list is Uganda

Excessive alcohol consumption is associated with life-threatening health risks. Although several scientific studies reveal that moderate alcohol consumption can promote good health, the associated health risks greatly outweigh the benefits.


Czechia tops the list of the top 10 highest consumers of alcohol in the world in terms of per capita alcohol consumption. The consumption rate of alcohol in this country is 15 liters per person per year. Backed by the popular Czech proverb that “Beer makes beautiful bodies,” it is not surprising that the beer industry is considered part of Czechia’s national heritage.

Curious to know the highest alcohol-consuming countries in the world? Here’s the list.


Top 10 Highest Alcohol-consuming Countries in the World

  1. Czechia (14.3 litres)
  2. Latvia   (13.2 litres)
  3. Moldova (12.9 litres)
  4. Germany (12.8 litres)
  5. Lithuania (12.8 litres)
  6. Ireland (12.7 litres)
  7. Spain (12.7 litres)
  8. Bulgaria (12.5 litres)
  9. Uganda   (12.5 litres)
  10. Luxemburg (12.4 litres)

1. Czechia

Czechia is the world’s leading alcohol-consuming country per capita alcohol. The commonest alcohol consumed in this country is beer. It is a general belief in this country that beer is good for the body.

there is a Czech proverb that says, “Beer makes beautiful bodies.” The beer industry is considered Czechia’s national heritage.

2. Latvia

Alcohol consumption in this country has been on the increase since 2009. According to the data, one inhabitant of Latvia drinks 13.2 liters of alcoholic drinks per year, making the country the second-highest alcohol-consuming country, behind the Czech Republic.

3. Moldova

Moldova has the highest unrecorded alcohol consumption and accounts for 60% of the total consumption. The country also has the highest death rate linked to drinking. Moldovans drink 12.9 litres of alcohol per year, making them the third-highest consumers of alcohol globally.

4. Germany

According to the World Health Organization (WHO)`, binge drinking is particularly common among the adult populations of Germany. Sparkling wine is hugely popular in Germany. Unlike in other countries such as the United States, a person can drink alcoholic beverages at the age of 16, before that person can drive a car or vote in Germany.

Know this for free: there is a holiday dedicated entirely to the consumption of beer: Oktoberfest in Germany.

5. Lithuania

An average Lithuanian consumes a glass of beer, a large glass of wine, or 80 grams of vodka per day, the country’s statistics office said. Although beer is the most popular alcoholic drink in the country, Lithuanians also consume spirits and less wine.

6. Ireland

Ireland has one of the highest consumers of alcohol in Europe and in the world. An average Irish consumes 12.7 litres of alcohol per year.

7. Bulgaria

Alcohol consumption in Bulgaria is 43 percent spirits, 39 percent beer, and 17 percent wine. An average Bulgarian consumes 12.5 litres of alcohol each year. The drinking age in Bulgaria is 15 years.

8. Spain

Spain is the eighth-highest alcohol-consuming country in the world. Culturally, alcohol consumption in Spain is a staple during meals.  Certain meals in Spain are served with alcohol. Alcohol consumption is part of the daily routine in most European countries. Therefore, it is not surprising to see the highest consumers of alcohol in Europe.

9. Uganda

Uganda is the only non-European country on the list of the top 10 highest consumers of alcohol in the world. The East African country is popular for the illegal and local production of moonshine- hard liquor.

Uganda has a serious economic challenge and having a good source of income is hard to come by. Thus, people resort to engaging in the illegal production of moonshine to be able to sustain their households.

  1. Luxemburg

Luxemburg completes our list of the top 10 world’s highest alcohol-consuming countries. The drinking age is 16. However, wine supplies in Luxembourg have been somewhat reduced recently.

Gender Disparity in Alcohol Consumption

There is a huge gap in alcohol consumption between genders, from the list. generally, men consume more alcohol than women by volume in all the countries listed.


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