Top 10 Most Expensive Restaurants in the World: Food to a chef is like a painting to an artist. Legendary chefs like Jol Robuchon make mouthwatering meals for anybody who wants to eat at the chef’s table. Restaurants hire the best chefs that transform ingredients into gourmet food that changes people’s lives. In this post, you’ll find the list of the most expensive restaurants in the world.


These restaurants are reputed for offering a lovely, unique taste to your table. Would you decide to spend almost $2,000 per person at a Spanish restaurant? What about a dining establishment in New York City that bills customers more than $500? Well, that’s how much you will have to pay to eat at these exotic restaurants.


The world is home to many excellent eateries. But what if you’re seeking for a restaurant that is truly remarkable and provides the most opulent experience money can buy? Only the richest of the rich tend to frequent a restaurant where the food, ambiance, location, and service are all exceptional. From underwater dining in the Maldives to basement-dwelling luxury sushi in Tokyo, here’s a list of the 10 most expensive restaurants in the world.

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A number of online resources, including Luxhabitat, Money Inc., and Michelin Guide, were used to construct the list of restaurants and statistics listed below.

Enjoy the read!

Top 10 Most Expensive Restaurants in the World



1. Sublimotion – Ibiza, Spain ($2,380 per head)

Top 10 most expensive restaurants in the world


The most expensive restaurant in the entire world is the Sublimotion. It is a molecular gastronomy restaurant run by Michelin 2-star chef Paco Roncero in Sant Josep de sa Talaia, Ibiza, Spain. In 2015, this restaurant surpassed Urasawa and Per Se in terms of price per person with a meal that could cost up to €1900 (US$2,000).

The establishment, which specializes in gourmet cuisine, debuted in 2014. The 20 food tasting dishes in the food course can accommodate up to 12 diners. Additionally, it employs 25 people, including chefs, servers, bussers, illusionists, and skilled craftsmen.

As of 2022, the restaurant’s ridiculous per-person cost is $2,380. You can anticipate a completely new level of dining and entertainment at this restaurant.


You will also be treated to projection mapping, virtual reality features, and laser light shows as you eat in order to enhance your experience.

 2. Per Se – New York, United States ($680 Per Head) 

Per Se Restaurant: second most expensive restaurant in the world

Per Se is the second most expensive restaurant in the world in 2022. The New American and French restaurant, located in Manhattan in New York City is owned by chef Thomas Keller. It was opened in 2004 and is primarily renowned for its exquisite flavors and incredibly subtle presentation.

It provides a total of three tasting menus, one of which is vegetarian, but the nine-course tasting menu that primarily features French and American cuisine is the one that customers choose the most. Per Se boasts 2000 wines on the wine list.


The restaurant has three dining rooms. All rooms offer views of Columbus Circle, Central Park, and some Midtown and Upper East Side skyline. The average price per head at this restaurant is as high as $680, making it one of the most costly restaurants in the world.

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3. Ultraviolet – Shanghai, China ($570 – $900 Per Head)

 Ultraviolet by Paul Pairet, Shanghai -

Coming third on the list of the most expensive restaurants in the world is Ultraviolet located in Shanghai, China. A single meal at this restaurant is in the region of $570-$900 per head, excluding drinks and taxes.

In May 2012, French chef Paul Pairet and the VOL Group opened Ultraviolet in Shanghai, China. It is the only restaurant in the world to integrate sight, sound, and scent to enhance the dining experience.

The restaurant offers one 20+ course menu per night for ten customers at one table with ten seats. The Ultraviolet restaurant’s dining space is sterile and devoid of any trinkets, artwork, or views.

A few of the high-end multi-sensory technological features included in the area include dry scent projectors, stage and UV lighting, 360-degree wall projection, table projectors, beam speakers, and a multichannel speaker system.

Each course of the menu is accompanied by lights, sounds, music, and/or scents, and enhanced with its own tailored atmosphere to provide context for the dish’s taste.

4. Masa – New York, United States ($595 a Head)

 Masa Restaurant: One of the most expensive restaurants in the world

Masa Takayama, a sushi chef with three Michelin stars and a reputation as one of the best in the world, is in charge of this establishment. It is a Japanese and sushi restaurant located in New York. It is also highly renowned for being straightforward.

The chefs at this restaurant frequently don’t follow a regular menu; instead, they rely on whatever fresh ingredients are in season that day to make dishes. But at $595 a person, it will undoubtedly deplete your financial resources.

It is consistently thought to be pricey, yet it is also thought to be worthwhile. You have the opportunity to eat dinner with well-known individuals and, if you’re lucky, a dignitary you’ve been hoping to meet.

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5. Restaurant Le Meurice, Paris, France ($480 per person)


The top 5 list of the priciest restaurants in the world is completed by Restaurant Le Meurice. It features both traditional features like antique mirrors, frescoes, and chandeliers as well as more contemporary items like Space Age chairs and a sculpture with a water theme.

The food at this restaurant is top-notch. It comes out in the form of a five-course tasting menu. Unfortunately, at an excessively high price of $480 per person, it is clearly out of the reach of the average Parisian.

6. Maison Pic Valence – Paris, France ($445 per Head)

Maison Pic, Valence, France | Financial Times

Chef Anne-Sophie Pic is the owner of the three-Michelin-star restaurant Maison Pic. It has three unusual dining rooms with windowed bays that open to magnificent Mediterranean gardens and is located in the charming French city of Valence. In addition, Pic is the only female chef in France to hold three Michelin stars.

Expect a nine-course supper with dishes including Mediterranean Rouget in a saffron broth, berlingots with goat cheese from Banon, deer marinated in sake lees, candied turnips, and some of the greatest chocolate desserts you’ve ever eaten.

With the exorbitant price of $445 per head, Maison Pic is one of the most expensive restaurants in the world.

7 Restaurant De L’Hôtel De Ville – Crissier, Switzerland ($430 per head)

Restaurant de l'Hôtel de Ville, Crissier | Financial Times

Restaurant De L’Hôtel De Ville is seventh on our list of the priciest eateries in the world. The restaurant is renowned for providing outstanding meals and a memorable dining experience. But doing so will cost $430 per person.
In addition to serving the best Swiss cuisine in the world, this restaurant also boasts a fantastic cheese buffet and wine cellar.

You may expect an eleven-course tasting menu at this restaurant. Lamb fillet, saffron-infused mussels, “Scarlett tomato,” pulp, pip consommé with Imperial Ossetra caviar, grilled “Salers” steak with wild pepper, crystalline de Charlotte, and young, fresh salad leaves are a few of them. A bottle of wine from their forty-page wine list is also available to go with your meal.

8. Guy Savoy – Paris, France ($385-$626 per Head)

Guy Savoy, one of Paris's most luxurious restaurants

Guy Savoy in Paris is one of the most expensive restaurants in the world renowned for serving high-quality cuisine and providing some of the most delicious treats.

It serves a 13-course menu that has everything from caviar with smoked sabayon to marmite of braised duck foie gras

It’s interesting to note that a Las Vegas restaurant of the same name provides a comparable dining experience. Therefore, you don’t need to worry too much if you are not in France.

You’ll concur with us when we say that this degree of luxury is not inexpensive! At the cost of about $626 per person for the thirteen-course dinner menu and $385 per plate without drinks, and focus heavily on meat.

9. Kitcho Arashiyama – Tokyo, Japan ($380 – $745 Per Head)

Best view and traditional Japanese taste: Kyoto Kitcho Arashiyama - The  Chic Icon

If you’re seeking for Japanese-style food, head down to Kitcho Arashiyama that offers only kaiseki cuisine. In case you’re unfamiliar, kaiseki is a Japanese dining style that consists of a series of dishes influenced by seasonal delicacies from the land and the sea. Visitors can select from four distinct tasting meals, each getting more expensive and luxurious.

One of the dinners might run you $745 per person, making it one of the most expensive restaurants in the world.

Intriguingly, this restaurant offers more than just modest tables with views of lovely gardens and tatami mats for guests to sit on.

10. Aragawa – Tokyo, Japan ($260 – $370 Per Head)

Most Expensive Restaurants in the World: Aragawa

Aragawa in Tokyo, Japan, rounds off our list of the top 10 most expensive eateries in the world. A single meal at this restaurant can cost as much as $370.

Compared to the other restaurants on the list above, Aragawa is unquestionably unique. Aragawa has an a la carte menu in contrast to other restaurants that offer tasting menus.

Their beef is particularly delicious because they rear all of their cattle in the greatest conditions and give them special care before slaughter.

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