The bathroom is one of the most significant rooms the affluent decide to tailor and nourish in a luxury residence. Some of the priciest bathrooms ever constructed have served as models for other interior designers worldwide. Modern bathroom trends like marble wall panels, water-saving toilets, shower enclosures, and fog-free mirrors are rising. In this post, you’ll know the top 10 most expensive bathrooms in the world in 2022.

Bathrooms were once considered places to enter and out swiftly, the situation has changed in the contemporary world. Since the beginning of the century, bathrooms have been swiftly consigned to people’s affluent homes. Today’s restrooms have evolved into spaces that resemble lounges or places to stay a little bit longer than necessary. The impact of having luxurious showers is so profound that architects are modernizing the concept and designing areas where people can comfortably unwind and wander.

Many homeowners are already building what we like to refer to as the “modern-day” bathroom, which is a place to linger and indulge. Similar to the dining room or kitchen, it is increasingly becoming a space in the house where you want to impress your visitors. Some bathrooms are starting to rank among the most beautiful spaces in a home. Stay on this post as we take you through the list of the most luxurious bathrooms in the world in 2022.

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Top 15 Most Expensive Bathrooms in the World

  1. Gold Plated Bathroom, London- $392 million
  2. Grey Marble Bathroom, USA – $188 million
  3. Boasting Solid Gold Bathtubs, Hong Kong, China – $45 million
  4. Master Ensuite, Canada – $45 million
  5. Balinese Style Bathroom, USA – $13.5 million
  6. Aquarium Bathroom, USA – $10 million
  7. Fancy Bathroom, Australia- $8.5 million
  8. Ornate Bathroom, USA – $5.2 million
  9. Solid Gold Toilet, Hong Kong, China – $4.8 million
  10. Gilded Bathroom, UK – $4.5 million
  11. Swanky Master Bathroom, USA – $3.3 million
  12. Royal Two-Bedroom Suite, Dubai – $3.2 million
  13. Warhol Chanel Bathroom, New York – $2.3 million
  14. Fresco Bathroom,  Italy -$1.6 million
  15. Poseidon Suite Bathroom, Dubai – $1.5 million

Gold Plated Bathroom, London- $392 million

15 most expensive bathrooms in the world


The Rutland Gate washroom in London is reportedly the most luxurious bathroom in the world. Intricate detailing combined with fine gold-plated fixtures makes it one of the world’s most expensive bathrooms. The room is decorated with rare and expensive stones like malachite, along with gold fittings and jeweled bidets. The estimated construction cost is around $392 million.

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