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14 Most Expensive Wedding Gowns in the World


Rich ladies are known to spend a lot of money on their wedding outfits since their budgets are limitless. This article highlights the most expensive wedding gowns ever worn by royalty and famous people. Costs range from hundreds to millions as you go through this list, and you’ll feel completely justified in spending a fortune on your dream dress.

Expensive wedding dresses are meticulously crafted by experts. Future generations may cherish these clothes as priceless family treasures. This article highlights the most expensive wedding gowns ever worn by royalty and famous people. See the range of costs from hundreds to millions as you go through this list, and you’ll feel completely justified in spending a fortune on your dream dress.

Every woman fantasizes about being married, and not just any wedding, but a lavish one. A bride receives her wedding dress and must pay great attention to it. We have seen brides walk down the aisle wearing stunning dresses that are also brash, risky, or feature ridiculous patterns.

Top 15 Most Expensive Wedding Gowns in the world

1. Anglebaby’s Custom Chanel Wedding Dress – $31 million

Angelababy Wedding Dress: Most expensive wedding gowns in the world

The most expensive wedding dress ever worn is singer and starlet Angelababy’s gown, which is said to have cost $31 million. For her big day, she had the haute couture giant Chanel create a bridal gown that took over five months to complete. The gown had a 10-foot train, seven petticoats, and over 100 Chantilly flowers. It is more than simply a garment, in fact!

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2. Hany El Bahairy Wedding Gown – $15 million

Hany el behairy egyptian designer wedding dress of collection 2015, worn by Dorra | Designer wedding dresses, Bridal dresses, Egyptian fashion

An extravagant wedding dress by Egyptian designer Hany El Behairy made its premiere at Paris Haute Couture Week. The bridal garment, which required a total of 800 hours to complete and was embroidered with hundreds of diamonds and valuable stones, is certainly a work of art. At a cost of $15 million, this beautiful wedding gown is one of the most expensive wedding dresses ever worn in the world.

3. The Diamond Wedding Dress – $12 Million

14 Most Expensive Wedding Gowns in 2022

The wedding gown worn by the Chinese diva is one of the most expensive gowns ever worn. There are more than 100 Chantilly lace flowers on it, seven petticoats, and a 10-foot train. This beautiful Diamond Wedding Gown is the pinnacle of the collaboration between jeweler Martin Katz and fashion designer Renee Strauss. This stunning gown, designed in 2006, is made of the finest silk and studded with 150 carats of diamonds. It appears that it took 5 months to create this masterpiece.

4. Yumi Katsura’s White Gold Dress – $8.5 Million

Yumi Katsura White Gold Dress: 14 most expensive wedding gowns in the world

One of the most costly wedding gowns ever made was produced by Japanese designer Yumi Katsura. This outrageously extravagant gown also has delicate hand-stitched zari embroidery and priceless diamonds. 1,000 pearls in total, a rare 5-carat white gold diamond embellishment, and an 8.8-carat green diamond emblem are all present. At $8.5 million, the White Gold Dress is one of the most expensive wedding gowns ever worn.

5. Amal Clooney’s Wedding Dress – $4.6 Million

top 14 most expensive wedding gowns in the world

The wedding of George and Amal Clooney was extravagant. Amal Clooney looked absolutely stunning in her wedding outfit. The final dress made by the renowned designer before his passing was the off-shoulder lace Oscar De La Renta creation. The dress was sophisticated and timeless, and it was gorgeous because of the intricate fabric details. At a cost of $4.6 million, it remains one of the most expensive wedding dresses of all time.

6. Serena Williams – $3.5 million

Serena Williams' Wedding Gown

Serena Williams and Alexis Ohanian tied the knot on November 16th. She wore a custom-designed wedding dress by Sarah Burton from Alexander McQueen. This dress almost took around 1500 hours of hard work. At a cost of $3.5 million, Serena Williams’ wedding dress is one of the most expensive wedding gowns in the world.

7. Priyanka Chopra’s Ralph Lauren – Estimated $2,000,000

Priyanka Chopra Ralph Lauren Gown

Priyanka chose to wear two dresses for her wedding which was spread over two days, a traditional lehenga gown and a white custom-made design more common in Western countries. The hand-beaded, hand-embroidered gown took 15 artisans some 1,826 hours to complete and included 11,000 Swarovski crystals and 2.4million high-luster sequins sewn into the bodice. Unique touches included phrases and names significant to the bride embroidered into the dress, including the names of her parents, her hubby, and their anniversary date.

8. Vera Wang Peacock Wedding Gown- $2 million

14 Most expensive wedding dresses

Designer Vera Wang created the Peacock Feather Wedding Dress in 2009. The bridal gown is made from 2,009 male peacock feathers so the dominant color is green. Eight artisans worked on the costume, which was created for a wedding expo in Nanjing, China. The dress reportedly took two months to finish, and the work was done by eight handicraft men.

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9. Danasha Luxury Gown – $1.5 Million


Most Expensive Wedding Dresses

Danasha luxury was unveiled at the Miami International Fashion Week in 2010. It is one of the most exclusive dresses on earth and is still in the news in 2022. It is adorned with 250 kilos of 18-karat gold and 75 carats of hand-selected Antwerp diamonds. The jewels are woven into the fabric rather than being put above it, which is what most distinguishes this garment from others.

A true piece of art, the Danasha luxury gown will be admired for many years to come. The Danasha bridal gown is a true one-of-a-kind design and with a cost of $1.5 million, it is one of the most expensive wedding gowns in the world.

10.  Victoria Swarovski’s Crystal Gown – $1.5 Million

Victoria Swarovski wedding gown was worth million dollars

Victoria Swarovski’s wedding dress was designed by Michael Cinco and is one of the most expensive wedding dresses ever. The ball gown is absolutely magnificent and has an eight-meter train. She designed her wedding dress herself and adorned it with over 500,000 crystals, making it breathtakingly beautiful and luxurious. She appeared to be a princess from a fairy tale because of the delicately crafted craftsmanship on the gown and its plunging neckline. This bride’s bridal gown is straight out of a fairy tale. It should not come as a shock that Victoria Swarovski’s wedding dress is on the ranking of the most extravagant bridal gowns in history given that she is the heiress to the multibillion-dollar Swarovski crystal dynasty.

11. Christina Mourad Wedding Dress – $1 Million

Christina Mourad's Glamorous Wedding

One of the most stunning weddings dresses ever produced was created by well-known gown and wedding dress designer Elle Saab for her daughter-in-law. The bridal gown worn by Christina Mourad is incredibly stunning. It features a 14-foot train, tulle, and half a million sequins. This is by far Elle Saab’s most stunning creation. This garment was specially created by none other than Elie Saab for Christina, his daughter-in-law.

12. Guo Pei’s Gold Chinese Traditional Wedding Dress –  $870,000

GUO PEI | GOLD CHINESE TRADITIONAL BRIDAL DRESS | GOLD: The Midas Touch | Sotheby's | Dresses, Guo pei, Gold dress

A wedding gown designer Guo Pei, with an estimated market valuation of $870,000 is being auctioned off by Sotheby’s. This customary wedding dress took more than five years to create and utilized 30 different types of stitching to give it a three-dimensional appearance. The wedding gown is adorned with intricate patterns and symbolism that are often used in Chinese wedding and marriage traditions.

13. Kim Kardashian’s Givenchy Wedding Gown – $500,000

Kim Kardashian's wedding dress was designed by Givenchy | Lifestyle News – India TVThis full-sleeved, floral-patterned lace dress stood out and seemed really charming and was designed by Ricardo Tisci. Kim looks absolutely stunning in her custom-made trumpet-shaped Givenchy gown. Kim also wore an Olivier Rousteing design as a second look for her wedding day, much like the other brides on this list. This full-sleeved lace gown, at a cost of $500, 000, is one of the most expensive wedding dresses ever worn by a bride.

14. Kate Middleton’s Wedding Dress – $388,088

Kate Middleton's Alexander McQueen Wedding Dress

Sarah Burton designed Kate Middleton’s white dress for Alexander McQueen. The long sleeves along and lace collar pay tribute to legendary bridal gown designs, such as Grace Kelly’s wedding dress. Her up-to nine-foot-long train was decorated with little flowers. Kate was given a beautiful tiara with 1000 diamonds by Queen Elizabeth II. But she decided on a wedding dress created by Alexander McQueen’s head designer, Sarah Burton. The bride’s parents, Carole and Michael Middleton are rumored to have paid the quarter-million-pound cost.

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