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Top 20 Most Expensive Shoes in the World

Most expensive shoes in the world
Have you been searching for some very expensive fashion items to add to your bucket list or birthday wish list? One such item can be shoes. In this article, we’ll take you through the list of the 20 most expensive shoes in the world. Check them out!
Shoes are an important component of clothing and fashion at large. So, it’s not surprising that people would spend hefty monies on luxury shoes. Do not ask why because everyone loves to make an “expensive statement” if they can!
Here’s the intriguing fact: the more excellent a shoe design is, the more expensive and the higher the demand for the shoes.
Hence, top designers use very expensive materials to create their high-end shoes. These shoe pairs are pricey and typically cost thousands to millions of dollars. Check out the prices of the most expensive shoes ever sold in the world.
20. Aubercy Diamond Shoes – $4,510

Top 20 most expensive shoes in the world

Aubercy is well-known in the shoe market for making exquisite shoes of excellent caliber. Luxury launches describe them as shoes for any man to dazzle and shine. Aubercy shoes are elegant evening shoes, hand-stitched with diamonds which gives them a unique, pricey appearance. Furthermore, the brand claims to have sold only a limited number of pairs adding to their exclusivity.


Louis Vuitton: makers one some of the most expensive shoes in the world
Although some people consider these shoes to rank as the most expensive pair of men’s shoes, it still seems to be debatable. However, it truly deserves its place on the list of expensive shoes in the world because of the stock it is made of.
Premium alligator leather is used to design these shoes and construction involves hours of meticulous sewing.  According to luxury releases in the realm of fashion, Louis Vuitton represents luxury at its finest with its elaborate stitch designs, delicate perforation motif,  and waxed alligator leather. Additionally, the shoes are made specifically for men and women; so they can be worn comfortably by all. Louis Vuitton also boasts as one of the most expensive clothing brands in the world.

18. Nike Air Mag 2016 ($26,000)

Top 20 most expensive expensive shoes in the world

These shoes are battery – operated sneakers with glowing LED panels.
Back to the Future II provided the inspiration for their making and the shoes are currently available for  $26,000,  making them one of the most expensive shoes in the world.

17. Testoni Men’s Dress Shoes ($30,000)

Testoni Men’s Dress Shoes are some of the most expensive shoes in the world

Testoni ‘s shoes are Internationally renowned as the pinnacle of contemporary Italian style being weightless and water resistant. Gold and diamond buckles are used to adorn these goatskin dress shoes for men, adding to their exquisiteness. So it is not surprising that they earn a place on our list of the 20  most expensive shoes in the world at a cost of $30,000.

16. TESTONI SHOES – $38,000


The  most exquisite exotic alligator leather is used in the design of these Testoni shoes giving them a lovely appearance. The buckles of these shoes are made of gold and diamonds adding to their overall appearance. Furthermore, their design is so excellent that Lyst describes them as “flawlessly made.”  Another interesting attribute of these shoes is that they are incredibly lightweight. You’ll need to be ready to let go of $35, 000 to own a pair of these shoes.

15. Nike So Cal Air Force 1 Supreme Max ($50,000)

Nike So Cal Air Force 1 Supreme Max: 20 most expensive shoes in the world

“Nike, the wonderful shoe popular among inner-city youth, was first introduced in 1982″ The sneakers exude fun as they seamlessly blend fashion and utility. Also, the body of these sneakers has features of vibrant neon splashes that complement their sleek overall design. At a time, Big Boi, one-half of the  American hip-hop group OutKast wore a piece that was laced with  P&C Diamonds.  



The Air Jordan silver shoes are the most expensive basketball shoes ever made and Michael Jordan autographed them after getting them as a gift from his wife on his birthday. 

These Air Jordans are exquisite as the silver detailing is piece of beauty. 
However, they weigh 10 pounds and are made of sterling silver, so they are not particularly comfortable to wear. 
13. Nizam Sikandar Jah’s Shoes ($160,000)

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The Nizam of Hyderabad in the 18th century, Sikandar Jah, once owned this pair of shoes that cost $160,000.The shoes were made of several precious stones including rubies, emeralds, and diamonds. These rare pieces were sewn on them using a gold thread thereafter, a Toronto-based museum purchased them at this cost following his passing. 

12. Kathryn Wilson’s Pump ($400,000)

Diamond-encrusted heels: one of the most expensive shoes in the world

New Zealand-based designer Kathryn Wilson made this exquisite piece for charity auction. During the process of designing these shoes, encrusting of the white diamonds took about 50 hours to complete as the aim was to make a piece befitting for a princess, a replica of Cinderella’s shoes. Afterward, the item was sold off at a hefty price of $400,000, making it one of the most expensive shoes ever sold in the world.

11. Stuart Weitzman Diamond Dream Stilettos ($500,000)

Designed by Stuart Weitzman for Anika Noni, the star from Dreamgirls for the 2007 Academy Awards, the Diamond Dream Stilettos comprise single platinum bands that cross over the toes and a double band of rings embellished with 30 karats diamonds over the top of each foot. These shoes cost a whooping half a million US dollars.

10. Stuart Weitzman “Marilyn Monroe” Shoes ($1,000,000)


In 2005, Regina King wore Marilyn Monroe’s shoes after she was nominated for her role in the 2005 Oscars film, Ray. Afterward, Weitzman put this item up for auction at a celebrity auction after it garnered a lot of publicity. Guess how much it sold for! It sold for $1 million.
Gleaming silk roses and sparkling Swarovski rhinestones accentuated the look of these shoes, with the rhinestones seated elegantly in the center of the roses. In addition, It is incredibly user-friendly and comfortable.
At a cost of $1 million, Marilyn Monroe’s shoes complete our list of the top 10 most expensive shoes in the world.


World's Top 20 Most Expensive Shoes
Laura Harring, a former Miss USA, and actress wore the stiletto to the 2002 Academy Awards. It was designed to stand out on the red carpet. These sneakers may not be as useless as you think, despite being valued at $1.09 million. The straps may be removed from the sandal and worn as a necklace. Really, you’ll agree that this is yet another masterclass sneaker.


Stuart Weitzman designs shoes that are” comfortable and that also make women feel beautiful “according to Farfetch. Inspired by the film “The Wizard of Oz,” these stilettos feature 642 Burmese rubies on the elegant red satin straps. They were displayed in Harrod’s London in 2003 and are currently valued at $1.6 million.


These stiletto heels were developed by Stuart Weitzman in partnership with Eddie Le Vian. A beautiful sight to behold, these heels are valued at $2 million. With the gorgeous gemstone tanzanite adorning them, the huge price is rightly justified! The straps are made of 28 karats of diamonds and 185 karats of tanzanite, giving the shoes a bright silvery aspect and a delicate, ethereal appearance.

6. Solid Gold OVO x Air Jordans – $2 Million

Solid Gold OVO x Air Jordan – $2,000,000

Nike and Drake collaborated to create the Solid Gold OVO x Air Jordans. Each shoe weighed 50 pounds and was created by American artist Matthew Senna. These Air Jordans are by far the most expensive and priciest Nike shoes.
Accordingly, if you want to make a major fashion statement and have $2 million to play around with, these are the shoes for you.


Ron Winston recreated the ruby slippers in 1989 that Dorothy wore in the Wizard of Oz with 50 carats of diamonds and 4600 rubies. These shoes are significantly superior to the original pair made of red sequins and are priced at $3 million. The original shoes cost only $660, 000.


Rita Hayworth’s shoes, which cost $3 million, are ranked fourth on our list of the top 20 most expensive shoes ever.

Stuart Weitzman transformed the earrings worn by the American actress and dancer, Rita Hayworth into a pair of shoes. Therefore, the earrings made of sapphires, rubies, and diamonds are prominently shown in the center of the shoes, enhancing the entire appearance. The shoes are mostly made of satin and have a rust hue. However, Princess Yasmin Aga Khan, Hayworth’s daughter, owns these open-toed shoes, thus they are not available for purchase.


Debbie Wingham: world's most expensive shoes

Debbie Wingham, British designer, charged $15.1 million for her shoes embellished with expensive gemstones including 1000 pointer diamonds and a 3-karat rare pink diamond at the heels. The leather was coated with a 24-karat gold paint and the shoes have gold soles and zippers. Given that gemstones are extremely rare, the exorbitant price of the shoes is not surprising. Rightly so, this masterpiece completes the top 3 spots on our list of the 20 most expensive shoes ever.


passion diamond shoes - Opera News Nigeria

Jada Dubai and Passion Jewellers Passion Diamond shoes are the most expensive shoes in the world, second only to Moon Star shoes, as of 2023.

The most expensive shoes in the world are made of diamonds. So, using only pure gold and diamonds, Jada Dubai and Passion Jewellers collaborated for months to produce these stiletto heel pumps at a cost of $17 million. The shoes feature two 15-carat D-grade diamonds and were unveiled at the Burj Al Arab hotel in Dubai. 


MOON STAR SHOES BY ANTONIO VIETRI: most expensive shoes in the world

Antonio Vietri’s Moon Star shoes are outrageously the most expensive shoes in the world at about $20 million. He designed the shoes from pure gold, 30 karats of diamond, and meteorite that was discovered in 1576—yes, you read that correctly! These shoes made their premiere during MIDE Fashion Week in Dubai. 

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