Sustain online brand presence: 10 tips
Have you ever felt like the hardest thing to do is to sustain an online presence for your brand? Perhaps it even compared to the complex math jargon you struggled to understand back in high school.. hmm. Whatever the case may be, your solutions are here!  Check out this post!
More than ever, sustaining an online presence is crucial for developing your brand. A strong online presence would improve your brand, make it easier to be found, and rake in more income for you. Adapting your marketing plan to include both online and offline components will help you take advantage of the opportunities offered by the always-evolving digital world, regardless of the industry you work in.
Here are ten carefully considered tips to help you sustain an online presence for your brand with ease. 
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An online presence is simply the total effect of every online location where your business is present. Your online presence is influenced by every online reference of your company. Hence, it is crucial for establishing your brand’s reputation, raising brand recognition, and making your goods and services more visible. You will be very visible on the internet and social media if you have a strong online presence, which will make you much more “discoverable” to prospective new customers.
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The Why

The next important question you’ll help answer in this post is the question of why you need to increase and sustain the online presence of your brand. This is because The more ways you can place your business in front of your target audience with a quality experience, the more opportunities you have to build brand awareness and improve your reputation, Here are the reasons:

  1. You get easily discovered even by potential customers who don’t know you yet.
  2. Your business would be seen as a legitimate business because the majority of buyers visit a store based on the information they found online.
  3. Save money
  4. Earn Google’s trust
  5. Market your business 24/7

The How?

to increase and sustain the online presence of your business, do the following:

1. Create Valuable Content

Generally, there are two kinds of content you can produce; one is educational content where you increase or impact afresh the knowledge of your audience as regards what you offer. The second is entertaining content which in itself is self-explanatory. But going further, there should be peculiar features to your content. It should be one that your audience can value and trust, timely, engaging, and at no cost as much as possible.
Besides, your content should be based on what you think is best for what you offer and what you think your audience will enjoy best. Hence, blogs, vlogs, podcasts, and e-books amongst others are some of the materials you can put to use. Lastly, always include a call-to-action (CTA), so your readers can be encouraged to subscribe or sign up for your services. This is one way to sustain your online presence.

2. Have a Great Website

A second way to sustain your online brand presence is to possess an ideal website. You need this to draw in new clients whether online or offline. Now, I know you might be thinking ” this is so much hard work”, but do not worry. Because nowadays, it is easy to design a professional website as there are well-known website builder tools you could use. Or, you could simply hire someone who knows how to.
In addition, by using SEO (Search engine optimization), you can improve your ranking on search engine results pages. It basically involves using keywords that are in your website content. But, if you’re in a competitive industry, you may want to use long keywords, so you come out easily on the result pages. SEO can be either on-site or off-site.

3. Be Active Online

 Everyone knows social media is a fantastic platform for building one’s brand and constantly engaging with customers. So, your objective should be to connect with customers by posting frequently. Now not too many posts at a time – that can be redundant, your posts should be timely. You can use  Hootsuite to help schedule your posting periods.
But, at least one post a day is advised on any platform of your choice; Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest are some popular ones. Lastly, you would have a higher chance of reaching a larger audience if you consistently provide updates about your services. And being online consistently, helps you uncover and access influencers in your field.

4. Collaborate with other brands

 Another way to sustain your online brand presence is to partner with another brand. This is one of the best methods for a small company owner to stand out online. Although, you must make sure that the other small business owner and you are on the same page as regards your target market. As it is important that you speak to your clients and readers with a  cohesive or at least comparable “brand voice”. Besides, you may partner instead with an influencer that suits your niche so you can be creative and let your ideas flow.

5. Advertise Online

Do you really want to sustain that online brand presence? you may have to make use of ads. This “Pay-per-click” marketing is a strategy used by online business owners to reach potential clients. And you know, by bringing more people to your site, your online visibility increases.
If you’re just starting out with this, it might look a bit hard but it’s excellent for contacting new customers. You may advertise your products, on search engines like Google, and Yahoo amongst others. You could also use social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Although it’s only logical, you may need to first examine a few platforms and see which ones are most effective for what you do. Consequently, review your ads and platforms frequently to ensure you’re getting the most out of your investment.

6. Create an Email list

You may choose to include a sign-up form on your website, and hold contests or sweepstakes to help create list of email addresses. You can also gather leads’ emails with a newsletter; this shows they’re interested in what you’re putting out. Furthermore, you can use an email list to deliver announcements and marketing messages to your clients. It enables you to have frequent communications with them, both present and future. Also, you may send announcements daily, weekly, or monthly with relative ease. This is one good way to sustain your online brand presence. 

7. Reviews are Important

Reviews, show your clients’ thoughts about what you’re offering and they could be a pointer to what you’re not doing right. Hence, they make up an important component of every brand’s internet presence. Always make sure to respond appropriately to negative comments immediately after you receive such.
And, appreciate those who leave positive comments. Nowadays, some companies have teams devoted to responding to clients all day on social media, just so you know how crucial this is to sustaining an online presence.

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8 . Maximize User Experience

I’m sure you know how annoying it can be when a website page takes forever to load and I bet you do not waste your time trying to be nice. You just move, unto the next. So, you should understand that your customer’s experience might suffer from even a brief page load delay. Hence, your website must be simple to use and understand. Make improvements where necessary by using heat map technology and data analysis. Do all you can to make buying from your brand, a pleasurable experience. This will go a long way in sustaining your online presence.

9. Automate Your Processes

Everyone likes a life of ease which includes stress-free transactions. So, you should make efforts to automate your marketing as much as possible. You can do this by employing drip campaigns or social media management software. By doing this, you also would be able to concentrate on other elements of your company. 

10. Analyze Your Results

 If anything will remain sustainable, there has to be tangible growth. So, you must always evaluate the results of the steps and processes you have employed in improving your business. Going further means analyzing your results and Google Analytics help with this. By employing this tool, you can track how many leads, or sales you generate each month.
Also, it can help you link these sales to their sources. Evaluating outcomes helps you see what works, and what didn’t work and think up what can be done. It can help fine-tune your marketing strategy and get the most out of your efforts. This is important, so you do not tire out mid-way into building that big brand.
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