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10 Best Insurance Companies in Egypt

Salam Alaykum!  Do you live in Egypt and you need a list of the best insurance companies you can trust? Or perhaps you’re a knowledge seeker and you’ve been wanting to add this to your knowledge base?  Stay with me! This post is for you! 
Basically, insurance companies are grouped into General and Medical /Health companies in Egypt. But also, another method of classification groups them into Traditional and Takaful. The difference is that the Takaful companies follow the laws of Sharia in all of their dealings.
Following are the best insurance companies in Egypt whether general, health, takaful, or traditional.

10.Libano Suisse Takaful

This is one of the best insurance companies in Egypt, it’s Lebanese and was founded in 1959. Currently, it has branches in Cario, Alexandria, and Tanta, with all being supervised by the Dar Al-Ifta Al Masriyah. Its major focus is health and life insurance. 

9. Arope

Arope is another of the best insurance companies in Egypt, having been in operation since 2008. It’s a major part of the Lebanese BLOM Group, one of the largest financial institutions in Lebanon. Also, the BLOM group is the owner of the BLOM Bank in Egypt and has branches in several Middle Eastern nations. 

8. BUPA (British United Provident Association Ltd)

BUPA deals with a wide range of insurance services but delves the most into corporate insurance. Now, this type of insurance is typically used by large businesses and organizations to safeguard their operations as well as the welfare of staff. Hence, corporate insurance offers largely employee health insurance and protection of companies from theft and financial loss.
Some specific enterprises served by BUPA include maritime firms, mining companies, foreign schools, and small businesses. Besides, BUPA offers travel and health insurance for employees of all types of businesses.

7. Chubb

Chubb is another of the best insurance companies in Egypt. Although it is American as regards its origin, it currently serves in more than 50 countries in the world. Also, it has defined its place as one of the largest American insurance companies and has been serving in Egypt precisely since 2003.
Chubb is the world’s largest publicly traded P&C (personal property and corporate) insurance company and the leading commercial lines insurer in the U.S.
It might interest you to know that its Medical Service Provider is Mednet.

6. Suez Canal Insurance

Suez Canal Insurance provides Auto insurance options that are really great. Hence, if you own a car, especially a costly one, you should consider getting auto insurance with Suez Canal. Furthermore, there are two categories of auto insurance provided by this company. One is the Compulsory Vehicle Insurance mandated by law. The other is Comprehensive Vehicle Insurance which covers your car against theft, collision, mechanical failure, fire, and third-party property damage amongst other risks.
So now you know the benefits of insuring your car with the Suez Canal, I suggest you get right on it! 

5. The Tokio Marine

One of Egypt’s best insurance companies, it is a global insurance holding firm with its main office in Tokyo, Japan. The Tokio Marine is Japan’s largest property /casualty insurance (which falls under general insurance) company in terms of its earnings. 

4. Egyptian Takaful Insurance

This Takaful company was rated one of the top 5 in Egypt’s general insurance market recently. This is a table showing this company’s turnover in 2021, its 2020 – 2021 evolution as well as its 2021 shares courtesy of  Atlas Magazine 

Egyptian Takaful Insurance EGP




2020-2021 evolution


2021 shares 4.15%

3. Arab Misr Insurance Group gig

Also one of the top 5 in Egypt’s general insurance market, this insurance company saw a 33.7% increase in premiums. This is in comparison with last year, according to our source. So, what does it offer?  talk about “high-end insurance products, such as medical insurance, general accident insurance, engineering insurance, and fire and burglary insurance.” 

2. AXA insurance company

AXA is not an acronym like you might be thinking, but a name that was carefully chosen because of the ease of pronunciation by any language speaker. One of the best health insurance companies in Egypt is AXA. They provide an insurance plan that covers being hospitalized, receiving medications, and all associated with seeing a doctor.
In addition to mobile apps and medical facilities, this organization has introduced digital healthcare systems. 

1. Allianz insurance company

 Here is another of the best insurance companies in Egypt, specializing in life insurance. Being a well-known Munich-based German corporation, it has operations in over 70 nations and was established in 1890.
Allianz’s life insurance policy offers strategies that guarantee financial security for you and your loved ones. You might also use an Allianz policy to pay for funeral costs, mortgage payments, and educational costs and replace lost income. 


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