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10 Best Insurance Companies in South Africa

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Howzit! Do you live in South Africa and you desire the best insurance for your car, pet, or your life? Here is a list of the 10 best insurance companies you can find around. Stay tuned! 

1. Sanlam

Sanlam Insurance Company

Sanlam is one of the best insurance companies in South Africa and offers full coverage ranging from car to home to life, business, and health insurance. Their package covers for unexpected happenings ranging from sudden health issues to accidents with or without fatalities and theft. They sure are one of the finest you will find around. 

2. 1st for Women Insurance

The 1st for Women Insurance is another of the best insurance companies in South Africa. Primarily for women, as the name suggests, they make sure to prioritize women’s needs above anything else. Think about offering services like “Guardian Angel on call”, and “Handbag cover” with such catchy names!

All they care about is the protection and satisfaction of South African women. Little wonder, they were deemed the best and named winner of “Service Excellence” in the 2017 Ask Afrika Orange Index Awards. 

3. Discovery Life Insurance

When talking about life insurance in South Africa, Discovery Life Insurance is one name that pops up, being one of the best life insurance companies you find around. Here, you discover lots of insurance benefits, as there is a wide variety to choose from.
Also, you may combine life insurance with other packages. They typically offer insurance packages that include “critical illnesses, disability, and income protection coverage.” So other packages you may want to add include kid education, estate planning, and child protection, amongst others. Cool eh! 

4. Liberty Life insurance

Liberty Life insurance allows you the freedom to enroll in a life cover plan of your choice within the comfort of your mobile phone. That is, you may actually not need to do the boring paperwork or undergo any medical investigations. Additionally, Liberty Life Insurance is unique for a number of reasons.

First, it’s flexibility which enables you to adjust the insurance at any time. Second, the fact that it’s straightforward and easy to use. Third, you have the chance to add unlimited beneficiaries to your plan. So, you can be sure your dependents will get a reasonable sum when you are no longer with them. Also, you may decide to add a disability cover, income protection, or critical illness cover to your package.

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5. MiWay

MiWay deals with a range of business insurance packages and is ideally one of the best insurance companies you can trust for your business protection. They cover aspects of your business like plant/machinery, equipment, and even goods transit.
In addition, they offer a thorough cover for individual parts of your business. So you may choose to insure individual aspects of your business like separate entities or go for a bundled plan. Really, they give you whatever works best for you.

6. Affinity Health

Affinity Health insurance is another of the best insurance companies in South Africa. They’re popular, especially in the medical aspect, offering a package that is simple and effective. Furthermore, They provide cover for those who cannot afford some costly medical aid fees that they may be required to pay, especially in times of medical crisis.

Also, when the health of a loved one is in critical condition. They make certain to give their clients respite even in these periods.

7. Momentum Life Insurance

 This insurance company is best known for making “quick payouts on claims.” According to our source, during the 2019 financial year, this company paid out a whopping 545 billion on death claims alone.

8. Assupol Life Insurance

Assupol Life Insurance also like Momentum Insurance, has lenient underwriting requirements. In addition, their packages are priced at reasonable premiums to cater to those with poor incomes. They are well known for funeral covers.
Interestingly, with only a minimum of R90 monthly, one subscribe o their insurance plan.

9. King Price Insurance

This company is well known in South Africa as one of the best Insurance companies around. They cater to all forms of insurance ranging from car, home, favorite sporting or gaming items. However, their premiums are quite costly as they are oriented towards being the best in the insurance industry.

10. Metropolitan Life Insurance

The Metropolitan Insurance company offers life insurance coverage that is known for not being costly. Hence their insurance policy covers the underprivileged. This is not common as only a few life Insurance companies offer coverage for low-income earners. With Metropolitan, you can get a cover for as low a premium as R100, 000.
On the other hand, this company provides life insurance as well, for wealthy people that can afford to pay hefty sums. And alongside your life insurance package, you may add disability or critical illness covers. So, the Metropolitan plan is a balanced one. 

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