Top 10 best-paying jobs in the legal profession

There are many types of jobs available for people with a law degree. But do you know that you don’t have to work directly in the courtroom or even the legal system? Really, law careers come in many forms. Yes, there are the “typical” careers, including work as a paralegal, lawyer, or judge. But there are also alternative careers with or without a law degree. These jobs bring a new level of engagement to your career, and they could be the right choice for your future. This post is aimed at opening your eyes to the many career opportunities that abound for law degree holders. We will tell you the best-paying jobs in the legal profession.


There are many high-paying jobs available for people in the legal profession both for people with law degrees and for those without law degrees. Someone without a degree in law can also excel outside the courtroom. There are also many non-legal jobs available with a law degree. For instance, someone with a law degree can excel as a real estate agent, human resources manager, or community planner. All these are excellent alternative jobs for lawyers.  We have put up this post so you know the different areas you can excel in the legal profession.


Top 10 Best-Paying Jobs in the Legal Profession

  1. Attorney
  2.  Judge
  3. Legal Consultant
  4.  Legal Professor
  5.  Real Estate Lawyer
  6.  Patent Lawyer
  7. Cooperate Lawyer
  8.  Criminal Lawyer
  9. Tax Lawyer
  10.  Family Lawyer

1. Attorney

Becoming an attorney is one of the top choices after law school. You do need certification and licensing through the appropriate Bar Association of your country. Licensing is completed with the bar exam, a lengthy and difficult test.

Attorneys often enjoy some of the highest salaries possible in the legal profession. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the top 10% of all attorneys earn over $208,000.

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2. A Judge

Being a judge is typically seen as the ultimate achievement in the practice of law. Judges are in charge of presiding over court proceedings and the legal system. They can have a significant impact on how cases turn out. Thus, to become a judge, you must possess hard work and integrity under your belt.


However, these positions are difficult to get, and many hopeful judges are unlikely to be selected. Although many judges have decades of experience before taking the gavel, you must first work as a practicing lawyer for at least five years in order to become a judge.
The salary for these careers can be tremendous, as the top 10% earn more than $180,000 annually.


3. Legal Consultant

Legal consultants are one of the top legal jobs out there. These professionals provide advice and guidance to a group, company, individual, or organization. This can be a strong career field for anyone who has completed a law career. Legal consultants earn an average annual income of $137,000, making them one of the top earners in the legal field.

4. Legal Professor

Law professors are also some of the best-paid professionals in the legal field. These people shape the minds and skills of future attorneys. On average, they earn around $80,560 according to our source.

5. Corporate Lawyer

A corporate lawyer is to ensure the legality of company transactions, such as gathering and analyzing evidence for legal proceedings. They advise companies on their legal rights and obligations in business transactions. Major specialties that relate to corporate law include tax law, contract law, accounting, and securities law.


6. Real Estate Lawyer

Real estate lawyers help their clients with both residential and commercial real estate in a number of ways. They cover concerns with renters, neighbors, zoning, and property development. Much intricate legal paperwork is necessary for real estate transactions. Real estate attorneys absolutely require great analytical abilities and attention to detail.

Real estate law, commonly referred to as real property law, is a very lucrative field of law. The area involves issues resulting from real estate contract disputes and even environmental law. For their clients, real estate lawyers prepare deeds of sale, mortgage leases, transfers, assignments, and other legal documents. They can also work as agents for their customers and get a commission in that capacity.

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7. Patent Law

Patent lawyers are tasked with assessing and analyzing whether an invention is eligible for a patent or not. They guide and advise individual private inventors as well as corporations in the process of securing a patent. Some of a patent attorney’s tasks include describing inventions in clear and Indisputable legal terms, researching and assessing existing patents, and litigating in court in infringement cases.


According to, patent lawyers earn around $143, 500, making them one of the best-paying areas in the legal profession.


8. Criminal Law

A criminal lawyer’s duties include defending people, groups, and businesses against criminal accusations in state, federal, or appellate court. A criminal lawyer’s key duties include looking into the matter at hand, speaking with witnesses, building a case, and strategizing. Additionally, the area of competence includes negotiating plea agreements in less serious situations. Even though they make substantially lower pay than their counterparts in the private sector, criminal lawyers in the public sector nonetheless earn more money overall.

9. Tax Lawyer

A tax lawyer represents a company, an organization, or an individual in dealing with tax agencies. Most tax lawyers give advice to businesses and individuals with regard to all aspects of tax legislation and are handsomely rewarded for their services. They can help their clients settle their tax debts for less than they owe and work out a payment plan to pay the amount due. However, their paycheck depends on who they work with as well as where they work.

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 10. Family Lawyer

Completing our list of the 10 best-paying jobs in the legal profession are family lawyers. Family lawyers manage legal problems between members of the same family. They offer legal advice regarding matters including divorce, adoption, emancipation, and guardianship. Family lawyers also oversee family estates and monitor family mediation sessions.

In the US, family lawyers earn an average of $127,745 per year, making them one of the top-earning legal professionals.

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