Best House Insurance Companies in the US 2023

It’s vital to pick the correct combination of coverage from a provider who can afford to pay your claim in the event of a catastrophe. A reputable homeowner’s insurance provider can turn a family catastrophe into a minor hiccup. Here you’ll find the best house insurance companies for 2023 to assist you in finding a homeowners insurance plan that suits your needs.


If your home is damaged by certain risks like fire, theft, or a weather-related incident like wind or lightning, homeowners insurance will pay to restore or rebuild your home. Strong homeowners insurance providers will rapidly evaluate the damage and settle your claim. Many of them send out agents to walk you through the process from beginning to end.


We’ve put together a list of the best homeowners insurance companies to help you find the company that works best for you. Using information from each company’s offerings, rates, reputable third-party reviews, and the results from The Zebra’s own Customer Satisfaction survey, we have provided an in-depth look at each of our top results for homeowners insurance.

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What is House Insurance?

Homeowners insurance pays to repair or replace personal belongings, after damage from a wide variety of “perils” which is insurance jargon for “problems”.

What Problems Does House Insurance Cover?

Home insurance covers your house, other structures on your property like barns and fences, and your belongings. It also provides liability protection and coverage for additional living expenses if you’re forced out of your home due to damage. Problems covered by home insurance include fire, tornadoes, falling objects (like a tree), lightning, windstorm and hail, vandalism, and theft.


How to find the Best Homeowners Insurance Company

The ideal home insurance provider for you will rely on the particular coverage requirements you have. Having said that, there are certain general variables to take into account while comparing various insurance firms.


however, there are general criteria you should consider while contrasting various insurers. These include:

  • Financial security of the business: is the insurer financially secured?
  • Reliability, with good marks for claim satisfaction: are they reliable? What’s their track record?
  • choices for robust, complete coverage: do they have coverage that suits you?
  • reasonable prices: comparing prices from several organizations is the best strategy when looking for homeowners insurance.

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Best House Insurance Companies in the US

There are a number of house insurance companies in the US but we have only selected a few we think are best for you here:


State Farm

State Farm is one of the largest home insurance companies in the US and offers policies in all 50 states. It is reputed for having above the average customer satisfaction “better than most” when it comes to overall customer satisfaction. Policyholders with State Farm gain access to a variety of resources and digital tools, making it a solid choice for first-time homebuyers.

State Farm is one of the insurers that continue to offer its relatively affordable and highly rated home insurance. It has high financial strength. However, State Farm has limited discount options and also has some of the most expensive rates. It is the best for high-risk homes.


Chubb is one of the best house insurance companies in the US and is the best for high-value homes. It tailors much of its experience toward owners of expensive homes. Chubb has significantly fewer complaints to state regulators than expected for a company of its size.

Chubb is best for homes in high-risk areas such as those that experience frequent tornados or wildfires. It also offers extended replacement cost coverage, which means it will pay out more if your home costs are higher than expected to rebuild after a disaster.


Conversely, Chubb tends to be more expensive than other insurers and doesn’t offer online quotes for most consumers.



Erie home insurance policies are among the most robust of any company. The company will pay what it takes to rebuild your home after a covered claim. Gift cards and gift certificate coverage are included with home insurance. You can get reimbursement of up to $250 per gift card purchased at businesses within 100 miles of your house.

Additionally, Erie home insurance includes guaranteed replacement cost coverage for the structure of your home. This insurer also has highly competitive home insurance rates that are less than the national and some state’s rates, and low complaint levels.

The company is available in 12 states and in Washington, D.C.


Hippo is an American property insurance company based in Palo Alto, California. They use AI and big data to aggregate and analyze property information. Hippo’s standard policy includes up to $10,000 in coverage for computers and home office equipment. It also offers a HomeCare Expert program that provides professional service recommendations.

Hippo stands out above other insurers because of its very fast quotes, high-standard coverage, and a number of optional coverage types. By offering free smart-home technology, Hippo aims to prevent claims before they happen — an ideal outcome for both the homeowner and insurer. Hippo also provides a strong range of coverage in its standard policy, including water backup and extended replacement coverage.

However, it is not available in all states. Moreover, the company has fewer than the expected number of home insurance complaints to state regulators relative to its size.

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Lemonade is a home insurance company that lets you interact with a chatbot rather than an agent. It is ideal for homeowners who value efficient service and you’ll submit information and video through the company’s app to get a policy. Lemonade Insurance uses artificial intelligence to provide fast home insurance quotes and claim payments
The company takes a flat fee from each premium and uses the rest to pay claims and handle other expenses. Lemonade gives up to 40% of premiums that haven’t been used to pay out claims to a non-profit organization.

Lemonade isn’t right for everyone. Its policies aren’t available in all states, and it offers relatively few extra options to customize your coverage

What’s more? the company has highly competitive rates, extended replacement costs, and digital experience,  and the unique Lemonade Giveback program makes Lemonade worth a look.



Geico is one of the biggest insurers and functions as a broker and matches customers with third-party home insurers. Although Geico is best known for its auto insurance, it also provides the option for customers to purchase homeowners insurance through its website and agents and can match you with a homeowners insurance company in all 50 states.

Thus, customers won’t know which company the homeowners’ policy is from until they get a quote. and this can make for a complicated customer experience. GEICO offers cutthroat pricing, particularly for small homes and condo insurance.

 Amica Mutual

Amica Mutual has one of the best customer services among the different insurers with the average customer service experience.

Like many insurers, Amica also offers loyalty discounts, in its case to customers who have been with the company for at least two years. It also offers breaks to those who are claim-free for at least three years.

Unfortunately, Amica Mutual is not currently offering homeowners insurance in Alaska or Hawaii, but it is available in every other state.

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