Cheapest car insurance quotes in the US

A car insurance quote is an estimate of what you can expect to pay for insurance coverage from a specific company. Hence, insurance quote is a document that shows how much you’ll pay for your car insurance. It can be a page in a website or a PDF sent via email. The cost of premiums isn’t something that comes out of nowhere; it’s estimated by taking the following factors into account including age, driving history, background, credit score, gender, location, the vehicle you drive, vehicle usage, coverage type and amount, and marital status. This guide will take you through the nooks and crannies of the cheapest car insurance quotes in the US.


In addition, we’ll provide figures, review the best companies, and provide insightful tips so you can make the best choice that suits you.



If you’re looking for affordable car insurance, the best place to start is online. Your best bet is to gather quotes from multiple companies to see which offers the best coverage. Look into discount opportunities, as most insurers may apply discounts for qualifying drivers. Read on for tips and advice on how to get cheap car insurance.

How to Find the Cheapest Car Insurance Quotes

There are several ways you can get cheapest car insurance quotes. You can use comparison sites, contact a broker or agency, or simply go directly to the insurance agent. Each approach has its advantages and disadvantages, but it can be hard to work out which one works best for you.

Cheapest Car Insurance Quotes in the US


USAA insurance

USAA has one of the cheapest car insurance quotes in the US,  although USAA’s auto insurance is only offered to active military personnel, veterans, and their families. They are known for their excellent rates and reliability.  The average car insurance cost per month is $35.

USAA Phone Number

Main Phone Number

210-531-USAA (8722)


800-531-USAA (8722)


Shortcut Mobile Number

#USAA (8722)

USAA Bank Routing Number:


To apply for your USAA auto insurance quote, visit


2. Geico

Buying And Insuring Your First Car | GEICO LivingGEICO has one of the most cheapest car insurance quotes with 24/7 customer service and top-of-the-line insurance for your vehicle. Get a free car insurance quote to find out how much you could save on an auto insurance policy from GEICO. It is the 2nd largest provider of auto insurance in America. The average car insurance cost per month is $50.

Geico Phone Number

(800) 841-2964.

Please mail all payments to:
GEICO Remittance Center
One GEICO Plaza
Bethesda, MD 20810-0001

To apply for your GEICO auto insurance quote, visit


3. State Farm

State Farm auto insurance quotes


State Farm is the number one provider of car insurance in America. Average car insurance cost per month is $52. State Farm is best for drivers who want the peace of mind that they are well covered, get good service and have a top-notch brand. It is also good for high-risk drivers. However, State Farm does not have enough choice of coverages.

State Farm Car Insurance Payment Address:

PO Box 588002
North Metro GA 30029

State Farm Car Insurance Phone Number


State  Farm Car Insurance Checklist for a Quote

Some vehicle and personal information along with a brief driving history will help determine your coverage options, deductible and policy cost.

Vehicle information

  • Year, make, model, body style or VIN (Vehicle Information Number)
  • Mileage
  • Address where vehicle is garaged
  • Name of registered owner
  • Date of purchase
  • Prior insurance carrier and expiration date

Driver information

  • Driver’s License number(s) and state of issue

Driving history

  • Driver name(s) and date of birth
  • Ticket and accident history
  • License suspension information

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4. Nationwide

Nationwide is one of the top 10 car insurance companies in America offering insurance quote as low as $120 per month. The company also operates regional headquarters in Scottsdale, Arizona; Des Moines, Iowa and San Antonio, Texas.

Although it’s probably best known for car insurance, Nationwide offers many types of insurance and financial products. If you prefer to bundle insurance products with a financially strong company, Nationwide might be a good fit.

Average car insurance cost per month is $120, showing that they offer some of the cheapest quotes in the industry. Hence it has been listed among the cheapest car insurance quotes in the US.

Nationwide Phone Number:  (1-877-669-6877)

To apply for your Nationwide  auto insurance quote visit,


5. Travelers

Travelers Auto Insurance

Travelers is a long-established and one of the top ranked car insurance companies in the US. It is suitable for drivers who require an affordable car insurance policy and with as low as $100 per month, they can get this covered.

Traveler phone number :

1 (800) 842-5075

Technical support:

1 (877) 754-0481

Roadside assistance: 1 (800) 252-4633
Payment Information Phone: 800-842-8574

PO Box: 660307
Dallas, TX 75266-0307


6. American Family

American Family Car Insurance quotes

This provider has one of the cheapest car insurance quotes with average car insurance cost per month for a Cost member is $86, with the best rates available on the company’s website and app.

American Family Phone Number: (1-800-692-6326).

Apply for American Family auto insurance quote, visit

7. Progressive

Insurance Services

Progressive is the third-largest auto insurance company in the country. Visit Progressive to receive a quote on your personal car or get one delivered to your door for an easy, cost-effective way to protect your vehicle. Average car insurance cost per month is $63.

General Customers Service:  1-888-671-4405

Commercial Customers Services:  1-888-240-9839

8. Farmers 

Farmers Insurance: top 10 cheapest car insurance quotes in the USFarmers Insurance is one of the top 10 providers of car insurance in America with the average car insurance costing as low as per $125 per month. The quality of customer service can depend on how good your agent is.

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Farmers offer many discounts that you should take advantage of as a customer and these discounts can amount to as much as half off an initial quote, or even more if you’re eligible for multiple discounts. However, discounts are different for each state, so, always speak with your agent if you want to know more about your state’s specific policy.

Farmers car insurance phone number


Mailing addresses
Customer Service
6301 Owensmouth Avenue
Woodland Hills, CA 91367

Personal Bill Payments
PO Box 0991
Carol Stream, IL 60132-0991

Commercial Bill Payments
PO Box 4665
Carol Stream, IL 60197-4665

9. Allstate

Allstate Home Insurance: top 10 cheapest car insurance quotes

Allstate is one of the cheapest auto insurance companies in the US. The average car insurance cost per month is $110. The company has a great selection of coverage options and low complaints to state insurance departments.

It also has a track record for low auto insurance complaints, which helps offset its higher rates. Allstate’s average rate for car insurance is $2,047.



Allstate claims phone number


Allstate Mailing Address
PO Box 660636
Dallas, TX 75266

To apply for your Allstate auto insurance quote, visit

10. Liberty Mutual

cheapest car insurance quotes in the US

Liberty Mutual is one of the biggest and longest-established auto insurance companies. Average car insurance cost per month: $150.


1 (800) 290-8711

Customer Service


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