How to Check AXA Insurance Claim status

Managing and tracking your claim could not be easier. AXA has made it simple to check your AXA insurance claims status online. Making an insurance claim can be stressful, especially when it’s during your time off or when you’re supposed to be relaxing. Whether you want to register claim online or check AXA claims status, you can get in touch with AXA online. This article has every detail you might need to know about how to make claim and as well check AXA insurance claims status.


AXA Insurance 

AXA is one of the world’s largest insurance companies providing general insurance services. The company provides services for business, health, home, car, and travel insurance. Additionally, AXA Insurance serves customers in the United States and the United Kingdom. It has over 50 subsidiaries spread across the globe, and Equitable Companies, based in the United States, account for more than half of its foreign revenue


AXA Insurance Policies

For insurance policy management, you are not required to get in touch with AXA. To make things as simple as possible, you can modify your policy online by changing your name or even your payment information. This enables you to manage your policy whenever it’s convenient for you, but keep in mind that it may take up to 48 hours for any changes to reflect on your account.

Additionally, you can renew and cancel your policy via your account, which only adds to the convenience. You don’t need to contact AXA unless you have any inquiries. Access your MyAXA account and manage all aspects of your policy by logging in.

Furthermore, you can contact AXA online using a form for the majority of policies. Hence, you can also communicate with an agent for some services via a live online chat, while Van insurance only allows email communication. AXA Insurance Policy email address 

AXA Insurance Products

This insurer has a variety of products for you to choose from. these include:

  • Car Insurance Customer Service
  • Home Insurance Customer Service
  • Business Insurance Customer Service
  • Landlord Insurance Customer Service
  • Van Insurance
  • Health Insurance

How to Log in to AXA Account

As a registered member, you can login via a three-stage login procedure: Firstly, enter an email address. Secondly, enter the password you selected when you registered. They will send a TAN to the telephone number you gave us when you registered. Lastly, enter the TAN.


To login to your AXA account, click here

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AXA Insurance Contact Address

Unit B3 Elmbridge Court, Cheltenham Road East, Gloucester, Gloucestershire, GL3 1JZ, in England. You can reach them through their Email or visit their Website to know more about their services or to check AXA Insurance Claims Status. 


AXA Insurance Phone Number

The company can be contacted for inquiries via this phone number: 08451420045. 

AXA Insurance Customer Service

AXA offers many different types of car insurance, and (unfortunately) the contact information for each one is different. If you need to make a claim or you simply have a question, contact the appropriate AXA office. However, for more inquiries, you can visit their contact website. 

AXA Car insurance 

If you are calling from the UK, you can ring this number 0300 024 1158,  while calling from Northern Ireland, it is suitable to ring this number 0289 002 0104. Their working hours varies from Monday to Friday (8 am-8 pm); Saturday (9 am-5 pm), and Sunday (10 am-4 pm). Likewise, for bank holidays, their working hours is from Monday to Friday (8 am-8pm); and Saturday (9 am-4 pm).

AXA Breakdown cover insurance 

If the breakdown cover is purchased as part of car insurance policy, then call this number 0330 024 1158. If the Breakdown cover is purchased on its own, this number should be called 0800 232 1588. Further, their working hours varies from Monday to Friday (8 am-8 pm); Saturday (9 am-5 pm), and Sunday (9 am-3 pm). Likewise, for bank holidays, their working hours is from Monday to Friday (8 am-8 pm); and Saturday (10 am-4 pm).


AXA Van insurance 

For Van insurance inquiries, call this phone number 0330 159 1509. Additionally, their working hours include from Monday to Friday (8 am-5 pm) and Saturday (9 am-2 pm).


AXA Home insurance 

AXA Home insurance customer service contact number, if you are calling from the UK: 0300 024 1235 or if calling from Northern Ireland: 0289 002 0104. Monday to Friday (8 am-8 pm); Saturday (9 am-5 pm); and Sunday (10 am-4 pm). For inquiries on bank holidays; Monday to Friday (8 am-8 pm); and Saturday (9 am-4 pm). 

AXA Landlord insurance 

AXA Landlord insurance customer service contact number: 0330 159 1512. Working hours; Monday to Friday (8 am-5 pm); Saturday (9 am-2 pm).

AXA Travel insurance 

AXA Travel insurance customer service contact number: 0330 024 1307. Working hours: Monday to Friday (8 am-8 pm); Saturday (9 am-5 pm); and Sunday 9 am-3 pm).

AXA Business insurance 

AXA Business insurance customer service contact number: 0330 159 1508. Their working hours include from Monday to Friday (8 am-5 pm); and Saturday (9 am-2 pm).

AXA Insurance Claim Number

Make a car insurance claim

To claim on your AXA car insurance (and for emergency assistance if you don’t have breakdown cover), call one of the following numbers: If you’re in the UK: 0330 024 1305 and/or, if you’re in the overseas: +44 01732 376 249.

The above numbers are applicable to all types of car insurance claims, not just those involving accidents (such as lost car keys or a vehicle that has been stolen), but they should not be used if your windshield has been chipped.

Breakdown assistance (a broken down car)

Here are the phone numbers to call if you need roadside assistance and have AXA breakdown cover: If you are in the UK: 0800 197 1121 and, If you are in the overseas: +44 1737 815 375.Due to the fact that breakdowns and accidents can occur at any time, both phone lines are available every day of the week, 24 hours a day. Give AXA as much information as you can when you call in order for them to help you as soon as possible.

Make a Van insurance claim

Van insurance is the only AXA car insurance policy that has its own phone number. To make a claim: 0345 366 5529 (Mon-Fri: 8am-6pm). For breakdown assistance: 0345 521 1425 (24/7). For Chipped windscreen repair/replace: 0800 269 661 (24/7).

Make a home Insurance claim

Your AXA online account enables you to submit a few claims for your home insurance coverage online. Hence, to make a claim, ring this number 0330 024 8086. Working hours include from Monday to Friday (8am to 8pm), Saturday (9am to 5pm), and Bank holidays (9am to 4pm), but you can still ring outside of these hours. 

Landlord insurance Claim

The phone numbers to use to file a claim on your policy if you have landlord insurance through AXA are different from those for all other types of home insurance. If you need to claim on your landlord insurance: Call: 0345 600 2715 (Mon-Fri: 8am-6pm) and Email: [email protected]

Make a travel insurance claim

You must contact AXA within 31 days of your vacation to file a claim under your travel insurance. If you don’t, it will affect your ability to make a strong claim. However, to make a claim, Call: 0330 024 1308. Opening hours: Monday to Friday (9am to 5pm). 

If you cannot find the time to contact AXA during these hours, you can submit your claim online via your AXA online account.

How to check AXA Insurance Claims Status

If you’ve filed a claim and are waiting for a response, rest assured that the claims teams are making every effort to move your claim along as quickly as possible.

AXA will notify you whenever the status of your claim changes, and you can as well check the status of your claim through the AXA claims portal. However, be aware that AXA Sales and Service team is unable to assist you with any information regarding an active claim because claims processing is handled by AXA and Davies Group.


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