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How to File a State Farm Life Insurance Claims

How to file state farm life insurance claims

State Farm is the biggest provider of property and casualty insurance in the United States. They offer a number of insurance products, including auto, property, and life insurance. State Farm is known for its compelling ad campaigns calling itself your “good neighbor”. State Farm is one of the largest life insurance providers in the U.S., with a powerhouse financial rating and a stellar record of pleasing customers—two of the most important factors to consider when choosing a life insurance provider. To help you learn more about how to file State Farm life insurance claims, here is our comprehensive review answering common consumer questions.

How State Farm Life Insurance Works

Knowing how life insurance works might help you secure your business or make plans for the future of your loved ones. The primary reason you might want to purchase life insurance is to safeguard your family. Purchasing life insurance entails that you select a beneficiary that will receive the death benefit. If the policy is still in effect when you die, your death benefit will go to your beneficiary.

Types of state Farm Life Insurance Claims

State Farm has different policies that are modest enough to choose from. You’ll find term life insurance, whole life, final expense or burial insurance, and universal life policies as well as a return-of-premium term policy, which is less common. Let’s briefly explain what each of these policies means.

1. Term Life insurance claims

Term Life Policy gives you coverage for a set period of time, most frequently 10, 20, or 30 years. It’s intended to provide funds for your loved ones to meet obligations if you die before the term is up. Your beneficiary will get the death benefit they selected when the policy was bought if it is still in effect at the time of your passing. Coverage expires if you are still alive at the end of the term, or it may renew annually at a significantly higher price.

2. Permanent Life insurance claims

This can offer lifelong protection and has variations like whole life and universal life. Permanent insurance provides extra riders to enable you to customize the policy to meet your needs and accrues cash value over time that grows tax-deferred.

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Term Life Insurance Coverage

Return of Premium: If there is no payout at the conclusion of the term, you will receive a full refund of your premium payments, which remain constant for the duration of the policy. The cost of coverage is $100,000.

Instant Answer: An agent’s office can provide same-day approval and purchase of a life insurance policy. A $50,000 policy can cover the insured up to age 50 or a maximum of 10 years, whichever comes first.

Select Term: This insurance offers flat rate for the chosen term. To be eligible, new candidates must be up to age 75 or younger. Renewals, however, are permitted up until age 95.
The cost of coverage is $100,000.

Whole Life Insurance Coverage

Whole Life: This is State Farm’s typical whole-life insurance coverage. For individuals who meet the requirements, it offers lifetime coverage, consistent rates, and cash value.

Limited Pay Whole Life: You can choose monthly, quarterly, semiannually, or annually the amount you pay for your health insurance. Coverage starts at $100,000 and goes up from there. Premiums can last 10, 15, or 20 years, but coverage is still for the insured’s lifetime.

Single Premium Whole Life: For lifelong coverage, this policy only requires one premium and a minimum policy value of $15,000. You can access it if you’re at least 80 years old.

Final Expense: The policy is meant to help pay for expenses like cremation, funeral costs, and medical bills. It is not available in California, Florida, New York, North Dakota, South Dakota, or Wisconsin. Coverages range from $10,000 to $15,000.

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Universal Life Insurance Coverage

Universal Life: You can also choose between two death benefit options, level or variable. Costs start at $25,000 or $50,000, depending on your age, and you can qualify as long as you’re 85 or younger.

Survivorship Universal Life: This insurance policy pays out only when the two insured
parties have passed away. The average candidate can be up to 90 years old to be eligible. It accumulates cash value and has adjustable premiums. 

Joint Universal Life: This covers two people and accrues financial value over time. Candidates for this insurance must be 85 years of age or younger, and coverage must be at least $100,000.

Information to have on hand

Before you begin to file life insurance claims with State Farm, you must have certain information handy because they will be required to begin the process:

  • Insured person’s full name and nickname (if any)
  • Date of birth
  • State of residence
  • Life insurance policy number (if known)
  • Date and cause of death
  • Name of person reporting the claim, and his/her relationship to the deceased
  • Daytime and evening phone numbers

How to File a State Farm Life Insurance Claim

An insurance company may have up to 30 days to review a claim and decide whether to accept or reject it. The majority of the time, businesses will settle a life insurance claim within a week or two of obtaining the required papers. An insurance firm doesn’t want to take too long to pay out a claim because doing so may result in significant interest charges. The steps involved in filing a life insurance claim with State Farm are discussed below:

1. Contact the insurance company or agent

Ask for the agent you worked with if you can recall their name. They ought to be able to describe how they go about making a claim.

2. Get copies of the death certificate

Make sure the funeral director provides you with certified copies. Obtain at least 10 certified copies of the death certificate because you’ll need them to access financial accounts, cancel subscriptions, and contact utility companies to switch off services.

3. Fill out the paperwork and send it in

After the notification of death has been received, the agent of record will contact the beneficiary of the policy. Necessary forms (death certificate, W-9, etc.) will be filed, and the status of the claim will be provided.

4. Specify how you want to be paid

Some insurance companies will pay in a lump sum, but there may be other options. You’ll need to tell the company your preference. Keep reading to find out more about that process.

How to Buy Life Insurance from State Farm

if you’re looking for a permanent life insurance policy, you’ll need to speak with an agent. State Farm’s policies are available only through agents. You can look for a State Farm agent near you by using the company’s search form or viewing a list of agents by state.

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State Farm Life Insurance Claims Contacts

You can begin to file your life insurance claims with State Farm via various ways as its mobile app, mail, or website.

Filing State Farm Home Insurance Claims via Mobile App

Blackberry - State Farm Mobile App - Free Transparent PNG Download - PNGkey

State Farm mobile app helps you manage your insurance and banking accounts with ease, get roadside assistance, file claims, and more. With this app, you can manage your insurance policies in one place. You may download the State Farm app from the Google Play store or Apple Store.

Filing State Farm Life Insurance Claim via mailing

There are two addresses for mail contact with the State Farm Life Insurance division. Please visit the coverage map in the claim center to find out which address to use.

1. State Farm Life Insurance Company
Attn: Life Claims Operation
5400 New Albany Road East
New Albany, OH 43054-8861

2. State Farm Life Insurance Company
Attn: Life Claims Operation
2702 Ireland Grove Road
Bloomington, IL 61709-0001

Filing State Farm Life Insurance Claim via the Website

You can also file your life insurance claims on State Farm using the official website.

Call 1-800-782-8332 to inquire about a life insurance claim.


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