Allstate Home Insurance Claims

Allstate is the second-largest home insurer in the U.S., and it offers variety of discounts and coverage alternatives for its homeowner plans. Allstate offers rates to potential customers online and through a network of regional insurance brokers. It has a stellar reputation for providing exceptional customer service and ranks as the nation’s most affordable, widely accessible insurer for homeowners insurance. It is also one of the leading suppliers of home insurance. Hence, in this post, you will be provided with all the necessary guidance on how to file Allstate home insurance claims.

Handy Information Before Filling  Allstate  Home Insurance Claims

  1. Information on how to reach the participating contractors
  2. Photos of damages
  3. Notes about the damage to your home or other personal items, as well as its possible cause(s)
  4. Date of occurrence
  5. Weather patterns that might have been factor

Allstate Home Insurance Coverage 

If you’re buying home insurance from a company such as Allstate, you may be getting it from the company itself, but underwriters may differ by state. What standard coverage should include is listed below and is subject to state-by-state variation.


1. Dwelling Coverage 

It protects homes and garages from damage caused by theft, vandalism, lightning, hail, and wind. The company will repair or replace the structure. Furthermore, the company may also cover additional living costs in case your building is deemed uninhabitable until the repairs are finished.

2. Personal Property Coverage

In this coverage, Allstate gives you the option of choosing between replacement cost and actual cash value for damaged items. Replacement cost is the price to buy new products of comparable quality at the time a claim is made. Actual cash value is the amount an item is valued at the time it is damaged. Also, you are protected from the expense of replacing valuable objects in your home, including electronics, furniture, and other items.

3. Personal Liability Protection

This comes in to assist cover expenses like settlement fees and legal defense costs if you or member of your family is sued for accidental property damage or injury.

4. Medical Payments 

Part of your home and garden insurance will cover the costs of injuries sustained by a visitor to your property or the area surrounding it. And, ambulance services, hospital stays, and surgical procedures are all covered medical costs for non-emergency injuries under this policy.


Allstate Home Insurance Discounts

Some insurance companies offer discounts for having multiple policies with the same company, installing security devices, or making home improvements. When you take certain steps to help protect your home against theft, accidents, or weather, you may reduce your risk of filing an insurance claim.

As a homeowner, you can save your premiums via the following means:

  • Discount for multiple policies: If you combine your house and vehicle insurance policies, you might save up to 25%.
    Discount for the Easy Pay Plan: Those who sign up for autopay will receive a 5% discount.
  • Claim-Free Discount: When switching to Allstate, policyholders may be eligible to earn up to 20% off their rate if there have been no recent home insurance claims.
  • Early Signing Discount: Get a 10% discount when you sign up for an Allstate policy at least seven days before your existing one expires.
  • Discount for Protective Devices: If a home has a fire alarm, backup generator, burglar alarm system, or other acceptable fire or theft protection equipment, the homeowner will be given a discount.
  • Discount for recent homebuyers and those getting insurance for a construction home.
  • Discounts are available for homes that are smoke-free, have storm shutters, or have a hail-resistant roof.

How Much Does Allstate Home Insurance Cost?

The average cost of homeowners insurance with Allstate is $1,979 a year. You can visit the insurer’s website to request a customized quote. To review the various coverage options, you may also speak with one of its agents.

What You Should Do First When Filing a Claim

When filing an Allstate home insurance claim, you must ensure to do the following:

  • Contact your insurance agent or company right away to get the claims process started.
  • Make a list of damaged property and talk to your agent or adjuster before discarding any damaged property.
  • Photograph or video the damage if possible; don’t throw anything away until an adjuster has looked at it.
  • Take steps to minimize further damage and protect your health.
  • Make repairs necessary to protect your home and property from further damage, such as covering broken windows and holes to keep the rain out and prevent theft.
  • Don’t make permanent repairs until instructed by your insurance company.
  • Save all repair receipts.
  • When the insurance company’s adjuster inspects the damage, walk around with them to make sure they don’t miss anything.
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How to File a Home Insurance Claim With Allstate

1. File as soon as it’s safe

The earlier you report a burglary or home damage, the sooner your insurer can designate an adjuster and begin processing your claim. Some insurers allow you to submit claims online or through their app, in other circumstances, you might need to contact your agent or insurance company.


2. Document the damage

Record every damage using photos or video to support your claim. Prior to contacting your insurance provider, report any theft to the police. Your insurer might request a copy of their analysis.

3. Prevent Further damage.

After documenting damage, you may want to take action to stop further harm, such as covering windows or roofs with tarpaulins. When purchasing supplies, keep your receipts in case of insurers decide to pay you later.

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Ways to File a Home Insurance Claim With Allstate

There are several ways to file a home insurance claim:

  1. You can contact a local agent who will guide you through the subsequent processes, including assessing your home and calculating any damages or repairs.
  2. You contact claims representatives 24/7 at 800-669-2214.
  3. Allstate has a mobile app that you can use to post claim images and also manage your policies.
  4. You can register for an online account.

Claim Phone Number

1-800-ALLSTATE (1-800-255-7828)

Filing Allstate Home Insurance Claims via Mobile App

Amid Crisis, Allstate Helping Customers with Extended Coverage, Payment Relief | Allstate Newsroom

Allstate mobile app helps you manage your insurance and banking accounts with ease, get roadside assistance, file claims, and more. With this app, you can manage your insurance policies in one place. You may download the Allstate app from the Google Play store or Apple Store.

Filing Allstate Home Insurance Claim via Website

To submit a claim, you can also use the contact form on the company’s website

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