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Highest Oil-Producing States in the US

Top 10 highest oil-producing states in the US

The highest oil-producing states are predominantly located in the US, which is the single largest country. However, the amount of oil a given area can produce is limited by how much crude is underneath it. As a result, crude oil production varies from state to state, and companies operate only in the United States. The highest oil-producing states in the US are measured by barrels of crude oil produced. These range from Texas to California and Alaska and include New Mexico.

Currently, the United States produces roughly 12,108,000 barrels per day. Russia and Saudi Arabia produce 10,709,000 and 9,580,000 barrels of crude oil per day, respectively, trailing the United States.

In 2021, Texas generated over 1.7 billion barrels. New Mexico came in second with 459.8 million barrels produced in the same year. Virginia is the country’s smallest producer, with only three thousand barrels produced.

Products From Crude Oil

There are thousands of goods made from crude oil that are extremely helpful to people and have enhanced their quality of life all over the world. The majority of crude oil is utilized in the production of gasoline, diesel, jet fuel, and heating oil. Other products include heavier ones used in the production of asphalt, as well as lubricating oils for petroleum jelly and detergents.

Highest Oil-Producing States in the US

1. Texas (1.74 Billion Barrels)

Highest oil-producing states in the US

Texas is by far the most oil-producing state in the country.  In 2021, Texas generated over 1.7 billion barrels. Texas has 31 petroleum refineries, with over 6 million barrels produced daily. However, this region accounts for 43% of total domestic American crude oil production and has a particular oil industry culture that has molded much of its contemporary history.

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2. New Mexico (457.20 Million Barrels)

Highest oil-producing states in the US

New Mexico is the second greatest oil producer in the United States, with 457 million barrels produced. Nearly 38 million barrels were produced every month, amounting to somewhat less than 9% of total domestic output. However, the first well drilled in New Mexico for oil production was only in 1924. Since then, its drilling and refining have greatly contributed to the state’s economic growth and are the state’s major industry.

3. North Dakota (405.12 Million Barrels)

Highest oil-producing states in the US

North Dakota is the third-largest crude oil producer in the US. It produced 405 million barrels in 2021 or around 33 million barrels per month. However, this accounts for just under 11% of total US domestic oil output. Nonetheless, North Dakota is one of the fastest-growing oil-producing states, and drilling advancements have improved extraction efficiency. Hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling are among the technologies employed, with the state also acting as a significant entry point for numerous pipelines from Canada.

4. Alaska (159.62 Million Barrels)

Highest oil-producing states in the US

Alaska is the fourth largest oil producer in the US. It is known for its abundance of natural gas and oil supplies. However, this state has produced 159 million barrels per month or around 13.3 million barrels. Alaska’s oil output has progressively fallen since peaking at over 2 million barrels per day in the late 1980s. Nonetheless, the oil sector remains vital to the state’s economy, and Alaska is the only state without a personal income or state sales tax.

5. Colorado (153.42 Million Barrels)

Highest oil-producing states in the US

In 2021, Colorado produced around 153 million barrels of oil, or 12.75 million barrels per month. Surprisingly, Weld County produces 90% of all Colorado oil. Colorado’s crude oil output has steadily increased as oil drilling techniques have become more sophisticated (including horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing). The Niobrara Shale Formation in Colorado’s northeastern corner is the source of much of the state’s oil. However, in 2020, the state produced around four times as much crude oil as it did in 2010.

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6. Oklahoma (143.05 Million Barrels)

Top 10 Highest Oil-producing states in the US

This state is ranked as the sixth oil-producing state, accounting for around 4% of total US domestic production. However, it serves as a key hub for natural gas and oil production. Oklahoma’s oil business began even before the state’s official statehood in 1907, with an average of 11.9 million barrels per month and a projected 143 million barrels in 2021. Lastly, Oklahoma has a long history of oil refinement and is a significant supplier of petroleum to other American states as the home of the famed Getty Oil Company.

7. California (134.61 Million Barrels)

In 2021, the “Golden State” produced around 367,123 barrels of oil per day, or 134 million barrels, making it one of the most significant sectors in the local economy. Indeed, crude oil production and processing accounted for 8.3% of total US oil output in 2012.

8. Wyoming (85.42 Million Barrels)

Highest oil-producing states in the US

Wyoming produced 85 million barrels of oil, placing it ninth in national output. Wyoming’s economy has been heavily affected by crude oil production and processing since the discovery of oil in the 1880s. However, with advancements in drilling technology, horizontal wells now account for around 92% of all Wyoming oil.

9. Utah (35.48 Million Barrels)

Utah ranks ninth in crude oil production in the United States. The Uinta Basin in Uintah County, the Paradox Basin in San Juan County, and Duchesne County are the state’s largest oil producers. However, in 2021, Utah produced around 35 million barrels of oil.

10. Louisiana (34.71 Million Barrels)

Highest oil-producing states in the US

Recently, the southern state of Louisiana produced around 34.71 million barrels of oil, or 95,120 barrels per day. The “Pelican State,” which currently has 65 working rigs, has experienced a progressive growth in oil output over the previous few decades. However, with its present output, Louisiana has consistently ranked among the top 10 oil-producing states in the United States.


Since 2018, the United States has been the world’s largest crude oil producer, with each state producing its own brand of crude oil. While crude oil output in certain states remains historically high, it has slowly declined in others.

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