Top 10  Highest Paying Countries for Data Analysts


We compiled the list of the highest-paying countries for data analysts because the demand for data analysts has outnumbered the supply globally. This indicates that companies are willing to pay high salaries to fill available positions. Here are some of your alternatives if you’re looking for the best country to work as a data analyst in the world.


1. Italy

Data analysts working in Italy earns a monthly compensation of EUR5,840 as salary, and up to US$60,000 every year. The salary range is from EUR3,840 to EUR8,930.

2. Australia 

Australia pays one of the highest salaries to data analysts in the world. The average salary of a data analyst in Australia amounts to AU$ 92450. The total yearly compensation salary of data professionals in the country rests at US$111,000.

3. Japan

A data analyst in Japan earns up to JPY825,000 every month and can earn as much as JPY1,270,000 a year. The total annual compensation salary for data scientists in Japan sits at US$70,000 for entry-level positions.

4. Israel

Tel Aviv is an emerging IT hub that creates job opportunities for entry-level data analysts and experienced ones. The total yearly compensation salary of data professionals operating in Israel is US$88,000, according to a survey by the Tel Aviv Chamber of Commerce (TCC).


4. Canada

The total yearly salary of data professionals in Canada is US$81,000, which is around US$43.70 per hour. The salary of a beginner starts from US$77,870, which amounts to US$117,750 per year.


6. Netherlands

The total annual compensation salary for Data Analysts in the Netherlands amounts to US$75,000, making it one of the highest-paying countries for data analysts in the world.

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7. Germany

Germany has some of the best automakers and manufacturers, including Volkswagen and BMW. The average salary is around €114,155 per annum.  A person working as a data scientist in Germany receives up to EUR5, 960 per month. The salaries of data scientists in Germany range from EUR2,740 to EUR9,470. This marks one of the highest numbers in salary for data scientists.


8. India

Bengaluru, India’s analytics capital, has the highest per capita wage in the country with an average salary of Rs. 12 lahks per annum. State government, startups, and tech giants are contributing significantly to the total growth of the sector. The average Salary is Rs. 10,000 per year, according to the state government.

9. United States of America

The US is one of the highest-paid countries for data scientists with the Silicon Valley becoming a hotspot for Data analysts all across the world. The average salary for data analysts in the US is $132,355 per annum, making it one of the highest compared to other countries in the world. San Jose is the international headquarters and primary office of the bulk of American tech businesses and offers a plethora of high-paying career prospects.

10. Switzerland

Geneva is one of the top-paying cities for data analysts in the world. The average salary is around 200,000 per annum. If you happen to secure a job as a Data Analyst, consider yourself lucky.

11. London, United Kingdom

London is one of Europe’s top destinations for high-paying data analysts. The average salary of a data analyst is around £62,771 per annum. The salary amount for junior data scientists starts from £25,000 to £30,000 whereas the amount rises to £62,771 based on the years of experience of an individual data scientist.


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How To Land The Best Data Analyst Salary

With more people recognizing the lucrative and exciting industry of data analysis, roles are becoming more competitive. Receiving adequate training is essential for ensuring your success as a data analyst. Getting certified in this field can be a great way to learn the skills you need, while also adding an impressive credential to your resume.

Learn all the skills needed to master data analysis, but be fully prepared to accelerate your career as a data analyst, and not to forget land the best data analyst salaries out there!

Key Tips To Land The Best Paying Data Analyst Salary

  • Get Certified
  • Pick the right location
  • know your worth
  • consider specializing


It’s important to consider that while this list is based on averages for various countries as a whole, they will also vary considerably based on the cities.

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