How to Become a Certified Data Analyst

Whether you’re just getting started or already established, obtaining a data analytics certification can help you reach your professional goals. This article has the data you need to make an informed decision on how to do it. Read on to learn how to become a certified data analyst.


Types of Data Analyst

There are different types of data analysts and so, provides a broader scope for a data analyst to create his niche. These include:

  1. Business analyst
  2. Intelligent Analyst
  3. Market research Analyst
  4. Operation Research Analyst
  5. Business Intelligence Analyst
  6. Medical & Healthcare Analyst

Roles Of A Data Analyst

The data analyst designation comes with a bunch of roles and responsibilities. Some of the common and expected responsibilities of a data analyst are:

  1. Communicating information to management and other stakeholders.
  2. Turning raw data into information and insight for the management to make decisions.
  3. Analyzing data sets to find ways to solve problems relating to a business’s customers.
  4. Developing and maintaining databases, and data systems, and performing analysis to assess the quality and meaning of data.

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How To Become A Data Analyst

If you’re looking for a career in data analytics, you’ll need either or all of the following listed below:

Degree / Knowledge Of Programming

You must hold a degree in any relevant field and must be able to speak fluent English with an advanced first-person understanding of computer programming languages such as Python and Microsoft Excel. You should have hands-on experience with programming languages such as Python, R, and JavaScript.


Knowledge Of Data Analysis Tools

You should be proficient in writing SQL queries and procedures, and know Microsoft Excel, Matlab, and IBM SPSS to analyze trends, and plan to drive accurate insights. You should be experienced in working with databases and data analysis tools such as Microsoft Excel and SAP HANA.


Knowledge Of Statistics 

You must know probability distributions, hypothesis testing, regression analysis, and various classification and clustering techniques.

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Knowledge Of Data Visualization Tools

A data analyst should be able to create business reports using data visualization tools. You should know how to use Tableau, QlikView, and Power BI. In addition to that, you must have good communication and presentation skills too.


Best Data Analyst Certification Programs

  • AWS-certified data analyst
  • Udemy Data Analysis Course
  • Cloudera data analyst training
  • Harvard business school online
  • Azubi Africa data analyst Program
  • BrainStation data analytics certificate
  • Microsoft Power Bi data analyst associate
  • SAS statistical business analyst certificate
  • MIT IDSS data science & machine learning program
  • Wharton business analyst online certificate program

Job Prospects For A Data Analyst

There is no shortage of jobs for data analysts in whichever location you are in. A data analyst career is a rewarding journey to embark on, irrespective of the industry you choose to work in.


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