Highest Paying Football Clubs

Top 10 Highest Paying Football Clubs (2024): Over the past decades, football has developed into a sport that is heavily influenced by money. The spending power of most football clubs, especially the European clubs is no longer a secret. You’ll find out the highest-paying football clubs in this post.


The spending power of most of the big football clubs is occasioned by the involvement of big businessmen and capitalists in sports. We’ve witnessed how these opulent capitalists have taken over football clubs and spend significantly in order to bring in the best players in the world to their clubs. The transfer of these world-class stars as well as emerging stars is followed by expensive contracts and huge wage bills in salaries and bonuses.


Football clubs like PSG, Barca, Man Utd, Man City, and Chelsea are owned by opulent and profuse people. These owners are always ready splash out their cash in order to bring the best players into their book.

Let’s take a look at the 10 football clubs with the highest wage bills in (2024).

Top 10 Highest Paying Football Clubs (2024)

  1. 10. Atletico Madrid – €265 million
  2. 9. Bayern Munich – €324 million
  3. 8. Juventus – €336 million
  4. 7. Chelsea – €403 million
  5. 6. Manchester City – €418 million
  6. 5. Liverpool – €434 million
  7. 4. Manchester United – €454 million
  8. 3. FC Barcelona – €466 million
  9. 2. Real Madrid FC – €519 million
  10. 1. Paris Saint-Germain – €728 million

10. Atletico Madrid – €265 million

Atlético Madrid

Atletico Madrid is one among the clubs with the highest wage bills in 2024. They have made a giant steps in European football, reached the Champions League twice, and three Europa League titles in the last decade.


Currently, the top earners at the club are Antoine Griezmann, Rodrigo De Paul, Jan Oblak and Alvaro Morata. With a wage bill of €265 million, Atletico Madrid are among the highest paying football clubs in 2024.


9. Bayern Munich – €324 million

FC Bayern Munich

Bayern Munich is one of the biggest clubs in Europe, and the biggest in Germany. With a wage bill of €324 million, they are one of the highest-paying football clubs in 2024. They boast a number of world class players and have been particularly dominant in Germany and Europe over the past decade.

Sadio Mane, Kingsley Coman, Joshua Kimmich, Thomas Mueller and Manuel Neuer are the highest-paid players at Bayern Munich as of 2021-2022 season.


8. Juventus – €336 million

Top 10 Football Clubs with the Highest Wage Bills

Juventus is the only representative of Italian teams on the top 10 list. However, as far the 2021-2022 season is concerned, Juventus’s high wage bill does not justify their on-field performance. It turns out to be the season to forget for Juventus, with Napoli riding all the way to the title.

Juventus have been deducted 15 points in Serie A due to “financial irregularities” and “false accounting”. They are also out of European football for the season.

Among the club’s top earners, come Vlahovic, Bonucci, Angel di Maria, and Szczesny.


7. Chelsea – €403 million

Top 10 Football Clubs with the Highest Wage Bills


Chelsea are one of the biggest spenders in Europe, spends lavishly on bringing in top talents from around the globe. They have spent over half a billion dollars this season on transfers alone.

Chelsea, have spent over half a billion dollars this season on transfers alone. In the 2023 January transfer window, Chelsea alone spent about £323m — more than the combined outlay by clubs in Serie A, LaLiga, Bundesliga and Ligue 1 during the winter transfer window.

With a wage bill of € 403 million, Chelsea is one of the highest paying football clubs in the world. Their top three highest-earning players, constitute Sterling, Koulibaly and Kante.

6. Manchester City – €418 million

Manchester City

Spending money is pretty normal for Manchester City and their position on the list may be surprising to you. You probably expected to see them on the top 3 given their reputation as big spenders. However, despite a significant outlay on transfer fees, they’re only the third biggest spenders on wages among Premier League clubs, behind Man Utd and Liverpool.

Highest earners at Man City are Kevin De Bruyne, Erling Haaland, Jack Grealish, and Rodri Notably, De Bruyne is one of the best-paid in players in Premier League with a reported £400,000 per week.

The Citizens have spent a total of € 418 million in their wages this season and this earns them the sixth spot on our list of the highest spending football clubs in 2024.

5. Liverpool – €434 million

Liverpool FC

Liverpool has some of the World’s finest players like Salah and Van Djik, each earning €350,000 and €220,000 wage per week, respectively. Other top earners at Liverpool are Firmino, Trent, Darwin and Allison.

They are currently pushing for a top four this season, having had to endure a difficult start to the 2021-2022 campaign despite their margue signings.


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4. Manchester United – €454 million

Manchester United FC: Top 10 Highest Paying Football Clubs

Manchester United are a notoriously high-spending club. It has spent the highest amount on player transfers over the last decade, since the retirement of Sir Alex Ferguson. United currently have a Champions League wage bill for a Europa League squad.

As of the 2021-22, Manchester has a wage bill of €454 million and this makes them the fourth highest-spending football club in the Europe, and the highest in England. Among the highest-earning players are De Gea, Sancho, Varane and Casemiro.

3. FC Barcelona – €466 million

Barca Blaugranes

Over the last few years following the departure of Messi and Luiz Suarez from their books, The Blaugrana have brought in a number of players and have also offered them big deals and it’s no surprise that they are among the top three clubs in this list.

De Jong and Busquets, both earning around €300,000, every week, are the club’s top earners. Other highest earners at the club are Lewandowski, Kounde and Rapinha.

2. Real Madrid FC – €519 million

Highest Paying Football Clubs

Whereas PSG are spending so much to win the Champions League, Real Madrid have already won the trophy for a record 14 times. The Spanish giants have never been shy away from spending big. They pay eye-catching salaries to their Galacticos and would spend as much as they want to get the top stars they want.

As of the 2021-22 campaign, a former Chelsea superstar turned flop at Madrid, Eden Hazard is the highest earner at Madrid, pocketing £416, 000 every week (€23 million per season). Undoubted, Hazard deserves a place in Real Madrid’s worst transfers of the century.

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Other top earning players at Madrid include include Toni Kroos, Karim Benzema, David Alaba and Luka Modric, all of whom earn more than €400,000 per week. They currently rank second on the list of the highest paying football clubs in  2024, with a wage bill of €519 million

1. Paris Saint-Germain – €728 million

Top 10 Highest Paying Football Clubs

At €728 million, PSG’s current wage bill is the highest in the history of football, making them the highest paying football clubs in (2024). After acquiring the services of Neymar in the summer of 2017, the French side further added Lionel Messi to their books in 2021 in the quest to win the Champions League.

PSG has three of the most expensive and most famous players in world football: Neymar, Mbappe, and Messi. Also included in the star studded team is Sergio Ramos, a former Real Madrid captain who joined them on a free transfer. PSG doses out 3.5 million euros in wages every week for Neymar, Mbappe, and Messi. Other high earners at the club include Ramos, Verrati, Kimpembe and Donnaruma.

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