You may have been pondering what the world’s most expensive toilets are and the materials they are made of.  Indeed, your search comes to the right place! A toilet is a contemporary convenience, yet even though many areas of the world still lack access to public restrooms, some people have still made significant financial investments in luxury toilets. Many of these toilets have functions you’ve never even anticipated, while others resemble little airplanes. In this post, you’ll learn about the top most expensive toilets in the world with real comforts; they can all perform functions you would never anticipate from a toilet.

While some of these toilets have cutting-edge technologies, others have luxurious designs. An unbelievable price tag, however, unites them all. Join us as we explore some of the most bizarre restrooms ever designed. Enjoy the read!

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You usually don’t give toilets much thought, but anyone who has built a restroom is conscious of how expensive they can be. There are many different toilet designs, but most of them resemble one another quite closely—the exception being expensive models. Some toilets appear expensive, with pinpoint accuracy edges, elaborate carvings, and even crystals.


Over time, toilets have received updated designs and additional functionality. While a majority of these alterations are functional, a few are more visually appealing with wild features and even crazier price tags.

Top 10 Most Expensive Toilets in the World (2024)

1. The Astronaut’s Toilet ($23 million)

 Astronauts toilet: The expensive toilet in the world

You will definitely agree with us that this toilet is completely out of this world. The absurdly extravagant device is made for the International Space Station, with NASA handling a large portion of the endeavor. So, the world’s most expensive toilet is not on earth, it was launched in space!

Astronauts need sophisticated instruments to sustain life in the alien space habitat. It is no secret that oxygen systems and space-ready restrooms are essential.


There are few details regarding the exact design of this toilet, however, claims from space authorities indicate that the system is valued at roughly $23 million.

One striking feature that justifies the opulent price of this toilet is its ability to recycle human waste for use on the Space Station. Similar technology might be used to recycle water for lengthy missions to Mars.

2. Hang Fung Gold Toilet ($5 Million)

Most expensive toilets in the world

The Hang Fung Gold Technology Group owns this restroom. The gold toilet is located in the “Hall of Gold,” a demonstration restroom. It is available for public viewing.


At a cost of $5 million, Hang Fung Gold Toilet is the 2nd most expensive toilet in the world.

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3. The Toilet Shrine to Lenin ($4.8 million)

gold toilet shrine to Lenin: top 10 most expensive toilets in the world

With the cost of $4.8 million, the Toilet Shrine to Lenin is one of the most expensive toilets in the world. The toilet was designed and is owned by Winger Lam and is particularly expensive because of its unique solid gold design. The ceiling of this gold-filled bathroom features 6,000 expensive gems.


Beyond the gold toilet, Lam’s bathroom features a gold trash can, gold details along almost every surface, and a gold sink.

4. Moon River Art Park Toilet ($750,000)

The 10 Most Expensive Toilets in the World The Moon River Art Park toilet in Shanghai is one of the most valuable toilets in the world with a cost of $750,000. This toilet offers a natural experience to users. It is safe to mention that you simply need to pay the park entrance charge in order to visit the restroom, which is also a popular tourist destination.


The restroom at Moon River Art Park is located inside a 10,000-foot man-made cave that is accessible to the public 365 days a year. If you enjoy stalactites, you’ll adore the appearance of this bat-friendly restroom that took a team of sculptors more than a year to create.

5. The Swarovski Crystal Toilet ($128,000)

10 most valuable toilets in the world


The Swarovski Crystal Toilet is the fifth most expensive toilet in the world with a cost of $128,000. This toilet is marked by expensive design and is owned by Lixil Corp., a Tokyo-based company. Do you want to know the reason behind the expensive design? According to its owner, the toilet aims to promote the Japanese capital’s high-end shopping district.

This luxurious toilet is absolutely covered in 72, 000 Swarovski crystals, making the toilet ideal for those who enjoy crystals.  This expensive design is enough reason to justify the expensive price tag!

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6. Swarovski-Studded Toilet  ($75,000)

 Swarovski Crystal ToiletCreated by Jemal Wright, the Swarovski-adorned toilet is one of the most expensive toilets in the world and provides real comfort to users. The entire toilet is covered in crystals. The toilet cover’s interior and its seat are the only items that are not studded.


The final product is very stunning; it belongs perhaps in an art gallery rather than in your bathroom. You’ll want to clean this type of toilet every day, if not immediately after each use. Although for $75,000 a unit, you’d think it should be able to clean itself. You probably wouldn’t mind, though.

7. Herbeau 5501 Dagobert Solid Ash Toilet ($14,309)

Herbeau Dagobert Wooden Toilet Throne

The $14, 309 toilets in King Dagobert is one of the most expensive toilets in the world. This toilet has a ton of interesting elements. Most impressively, once users open the seat, they get startled by a melodious chime.

The Royal utilizes a pull string to flush after they are finished, which for some reason prompts a ring. The ashtray and candle holder next to the toilet are ideal for those late-night trips to the restroom or smoke breaks in your Victorian castle. The setting is predominantly built of ash hardwood; however, it is lavishly adorned with hand-painted “Moustier Polychrome patterns.”


Spending such a huge sum for such comforts in a toilet is really worth it.

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8. The Toto Neorest NX1

Toto Neorest NX1 Dual Flush Luxury One-piece Toilet & Bidet Claiming the number 8 position on our list of the top 10 most expensive toilets in the world is the Toto Neorest NX1 toilet with a cost of $12,230.

It is designed to enhance automatic lid opening and closing and flushing making using it essentially effortless. It uses water with high efficiency while at the same time requiring less work to clean. Toilets are misted with electrolyzed water, which eliminates the need for conventional cleansers.


In addition, while the toilet lid is closed, a UV light cleaning system kills microorganisms in the toilet bowl. The end product is a gorgeous toilet that is far cleaner than a typical toilet in a house. Furthermore,  an air purifier that is part of the package makes the air around the toilet pleasant as well, offering a thorough clean.

With this level of toilet afforded by the toilet, it truly deserves the expensive price tag.

9. Kohler Numi Toilet ($9,750)

Smart Intelligent Toilets with BluetoothTaking the penultimate spot on our list of the top 10 most expensive toilets in the world is the Kohler Numi toilet built with high-tech features. One feature that sets this toilet apart is its Bluetooth compatibility.

The extravagant design offers Bluetooth compatibility too for when you need music in the bathroom, and ambient lighting is incorporated in to provide the right atmosphere. Lacking Bluetooth? Just use the aux input, don’t worry.


Thanks to motion activation, you may quickly open the seat while your hands are occupied selecting the music. Simply approach the toilet to activate it. With integrated automatic cleaning and deodorizing technologies, the hands-free design goes one step further.

In addition to its cutting-edge technology, the Numi toilet features a unique, spotless look. The high-tech appearance is truly highlighted by the sharp edges and ambient lighting.

At a cost of $9,750, this toilet is one of the most expensive toilets in the world.

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10. Ilbagnoalessi One Piece Toilet ($2,196)

Ilbagnoalessi One: Top 10 most expensive toilets in the worldIlbagnoalessi One Piece Toilet completes our list of the most comfortable toilets in the world.  The toilet is made with expensive materials and brand brand name largely determine the price of this toilet.

Although this one isn’t as extravagant as the millionaire’s toilet, it is nevertheless striking. The minimalist style adopts the traditional toilet appearance and adds sloping curves that go well with contemporary bathrooms. Like most toilets, the entire item is made of ceramic, and the flush is activated by a button on top. The bowl was designed to be elongated because, according to Stefan Giovannoni, it is more comfortable to sit on.

This toilet was created by Laufen, a manufacturer of upscale bathroom fixtures. The company is said to “represent a confluence of design, quality, and functionality.

To own this toilet, you may need to cough out $2,196 only.


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