Information breaches and cyberattacks are very common in our society. Digital business in any industry or location needs to keep up with cloud security, malware protection, BYOD security, remote workforce, and web security to maintain a strong security system. The right resources can help you stay informed on potential risks before they affect your company. This article covers a list of the Top 10 Best Cybersecurity Websites to help you stay informed with the latest trends and innovations in the network security arena.


Top 10 Cybersecurity Websites

1. Infosec


Infosec offers an advance and comprehensive education and training platform on cyber security. It is recognized for its security awareness and training.

2. SC Media

SC Media has been in the industry for over 30 years. It offers industry expert guidance, insight, and timely news on cyber security. Their magazine awards organizations that apply innovative solutions to security issues annually.

3. Dark Reading


Dark Reading is a respected online magazine that is popular among cybersecurity professionals. Its offers both news and in-depth opinions on the latest developments within the cyber industry with articles on the most recent information in cybersecurity management, analytics, and application security to mobile and cloud security.


4. TechRepublic

TechRepublic provides articles by a global team of tech journalists, industry analysts, and real-world IT professionals on breaking IT news, best practices, advice, and how-tos.

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5. Sans Institute

Sans Institute’s specialty lies in information security, cybersecurity training, and certificate courses on intrusion detection . It was established in 1989, its website has resource materials on network security and they provide whitepapers on network security.

6. Security Magazine

Digital Security Magazine

Security Magazine looks at C-level management of network security, they offer insights into the recent issues C-level executives face. Their publications cover cybersecurity threats that require security leaders to ensure constant control enforcement across newly expanded footprints.


7. Data Breach Today


Data Breach Today offers valuable information on security training and compliance guides to industry events and recent news. There is a section solely dedicated to security issues on the network and perimeter, including webinars and whitepapers.

8. Infosecurity Magazine

Infosecurity Magazine has over ten years of experience. It has been delivering cutting-edge cybersecurity content and the latest news on all subjects related to information security as well as in-depth news analysis, and opinions from industry experts. It has won multiple awards for its editorial content.

Infosecurity Magazine also offers regular (free) webinars, whitepapers, and virtual conferences. 

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9. International Data Group (IDG)

International Data Group has a community of the most influential technology and security executives. It is a worldwide leading tech media company, IDG has a long list of premium brands which include CIO®, Computerworld®, CSO®, and Network World®.

10. Center For Internet Security (CIS)

CIS aims to make the connected world a safer place and this they have achieved through developing, validating, and promoting timely best practice solutions that help protect people, businesses, and governments against pervasive cyber threats. It also offers a wide range of materials including whitepapers, blogs, and webinars.

11. Daniel Miessler

Best Cyber Security Websites in the WorldDaniel Miessler is an experienced cybersecurity expert, consultant, and writer that blogs and hosts a podcast about security and technology. His blog is updated several times a week, and begins his writings by greeting visitors with the words: “My name is Daniel Miessler… I explore the interesting and beautiful at the intersection of security, technology, and humans.”


He’s had over 20 years of experience in the field and has been featured in many articles around the world.




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