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Top 10 Highest Paying Countries For Biochemists

Best Egyptian Universities for Biochemistry

The need for scientists is increasing all over the world, if you have a degree in biology or engineering, you are going to be employed in no time. The struggle will be choosing where you would like to be employed in your hometown or if you wish to broaden your horizons. In this article, we have compiled a breakdown of the Highest Paying countries For biochemists to help you make a better choice.

Who Is A Biochemist?

A biochemist is a life scientist who studies chemical processes within and related to living organisms to understand the complexity of life. Biochemists observe the different processes in various subjects of chemical compounds and their changes after encountering stimuli. A biochemist can work either in health care, pharmaceuticals, engineering and academia.

How To Become A Biochemist?

Biochemists with a bachelor’s degree alongside a master’s degree are eligible for entry-level positions in the field of biochemistry. With a Ph.D. you can land a decent job in independent research and development, a postdoctoral research appointment is good way to gain experience and heighten your chances of landing a good permanent position in the field.

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Job Environment of a Biochemist

Biochemists typically work in laboratories and research institutes to conduct experiments and analyze the results. Most times, they work with dangerous organisms and toxic substances.

Those who work with dangerous organisms or toxic substances in the laboratory must follow safety procedures to avoid contamination. In most cases, biochemists and biophysicists work on teams.

Job Options for Biochemists

The following jobs are directly related to biochemistry and graduates of biochemistry can pitch their tents in any of the following fields:

Jobs directly related to your degree include:

  1. Academic researcher
  2. Analytical chemist
  3. Biomedical scientist
  4. Biotechnologist
  5. Clinical research associate
  6. Clinical scientist, biochemistry
  7. Forensic scientist
  8. Toxicologist
  9. Medicinal chemist
  10. Nanotechnologist
  11. Pharmacologist
  12. Physician associate
  13. Research scientist (life sciences)
  14. Scientific laboratory technician

Job Prospects for Biochemistry

Biochemistry is one of the few courses where you can be sure to get employment in many establishments after graduation. Graduates of biochemistry can work in any of the following fields:

  • government departments and executive agencies such as the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) and UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA)
  • National Health Service
  • research institutes
  • universities.
  • agricultural, food and water
  • biomedicine
  • biotechnology
  • environmental sustainability
  • pharmaceuticals.

Typical Skills You Need to Succeed in Your Career as a Biochemist

Biochemistry is a scientific discipline, thus, there a number of special skills you must master if you must succeed as a biochemist. Among others, some of the tops picks include:

  • in-depth knowledge of molecular biology techniques
  • practical laboratory skills
  • the ability to understand complex biological processes
  • the ability to assemble an argument and engage in debate
  • observation skills
  • research and data analysis
  • critical thinking and problem solving.
  • maths and information technology
  • communication and presentation
  • report writing
  • planning and time management
  • the ability to work to deadlines
  • teamworking
  • self-management and the ability to work independently.

Top 7 Best Countries To Study Biochemistry

1. Japan

Japan is a technologically advanced country with renowned universities, experimental focus with state-of-art laboratories. it’s said to be the perfect destination for students who want to major in Biochemistry.

It has a long list are very prominent universities which includes the University of Tokyo, Kyoto University, and Tohoku University. The University of Tokyo houses one of the oldest Biochemistry schools in Japan.

2. China

China has proven itself as a stalwart of education, Chinese institutions are recognized as one of the world’s best in the field of biochemistry. They have top-ranked biochemistry school, prominent faculty with affordable school fees.

3. Germany

Germany is famous for it’s educational system with affordable world-class institutions. Some of the World University Rankings include LMU Munich, the Technical University of Munich and Heidelberg University.

LMU offers biochemistry together with a Chemistry degree. Bachelor’s degree courses cost as low as $260, while a Master’s degree only costs about $1,000 annually.

4. Hong Kong

Hong Kong may not be large in size, but it’s big in education with prominent universities, research-heavy curriculum, international internships and scholarships to deserving students. Some of the world-class institutions include the University of Hong Kong (HKU), the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK), and the Hong Kong University of Science & Technology

5. Singapore

Singapore is a prominent Southeast Asian country with world-famous universities, research-centric curriculum, international-standard programs and advanced-level trainings.

Two of the most popular options for international students include the National University of Singapore (NUS) and Nanyang Technological University. At NUS Biochemistry is categorized under the School of Medicine. At NTU, Biochemistry is offered alongside a Chemistry major, it follows a curriculum accredited by the American Chemical Society.

6. United States

The US is known to have world-famous universities, joint programs, Nobel laureate professors and scholarships, its a best place to study Biochemistry. The world class universities to choose from Caltech, MIT and Harvard.

MIT offers  biochemistry as a joint Biology & Chemistry program while Caltech awards biochemistry in conjunction with a Molecular Biophysics degree. Studying in the US offers students an opportunity to learn from the best of the best.

7. United Kingdom

UK remains at the top of the list of the best countries to study biochemistry with top-ranked universities, Nobel laureate professors, numerous scholarship programs and various teaching methods.

Among the top-ranking universities in UK, Oxford is at the top of the list, It offers a four-year Biochemistry program that culminates with a Master’s degree.

3 Factors Affecting Salary For Biochemists

There are different factors that can affect the salary of a biochemist. These factors include the following:

1. Training

Training is one of the determinants of how much a biochemist can earn, a master’s or doctoral degree in biochemistry or a related subject can also increase the earnings of a biochemist.  A biochemist can easily find work regardless of their training or educational level, but their differing qualifications will reflect on their earnings.

2. Job Title

The job title of a biochemist can also affect their earnings, some jobs may be easier to attain than others. With a more competitive or technical job role a biochemist can stand a chance of higher earning.

3. Level Of Experience

The experience of a biochemist can affect their salary, with more professional development and experience a biochemist can qualify for positions that offer higher salaries.

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How Much Does A Biochemist Make?

The average annual salary of a biochemist is between $45,760 and $119,995 per year. These earnings are competitive in Canada and may vary based on a biochemist’s experience, level of education and specific location.

According to 2021 report a biochemist can earn a median salary of $102,270. The best-paid 25% made $132,390, while the lowest-paid 25% made $79,000.

10 Highest Paying Countries For Biochemists

1. Switzerland

Switzerland has one of the highest salaries for biochemists in the world. The average scientist in Switzerland is entitled to an annual salary of around $95,000, a scientists in the private sector can earn over $100,000 annually.

2. United States

A large amount of natural sciences research is done in the US every year, they have a benchmark for producing world’s top-notch scientific journals.

The average scientist receives a basic salary of around $75,000 annually, there is room for higher earning up to  $110,000 annually.

3. Japan

Japan is one of the highest paying countries for biochemists in the world. The country is described as the home to many scientists in all fields, and there are endless research opportunities available.

The average scientist earns as much as $67,000 annually, the highest-paid scientists can earn as much as $92,000 annually.

4. Australia

The average scientist in Australia can earn up to $59,000 annually, this earning varies according to the sector (medical, environmental, etc.).

5. Germany

Biochemists in Germany can earn from $67,000 to $78,000 annually. Scientist just starting out can earn $64,000 annually while a specialized chemical scientists can earn up to $83,000 annually.

6. China

China is the technological powerhouse of a nation is also on track to become a world leader in artificial intelligence. They have top-ranked biochemistry school, prominent faculty with affordable school fees. The average salary of a biochemist annually is around $42,015.

7. South Korea

South Korea has the title of world’s best science educated country with 32% of the degree awarded in STEM fields. They have the best scientists in the world with expertise in solving from climate change to food security.

The average salary of a biochemist is $41,427, making South Korea one of the highest paying countries for biochemists.

8. Hong Kong

Hong Kong has played an integral role in science, it has a science museum to highlight its many achievements. A scientist in Hong King can earn an annually salary of $47,983.

9. Israel

Israel is the bedrock for research and development, they have a reputation for spending on the basic and applied research, and experimental development. Today, Israel is one of the highest countries for biochemists.

The average biochemist salary in Israel is $67,466.68 with average bonus of $1,774.33. An entry level biochemist earns an average salary of $47,301.67 while a senior level biochemist earns an average salary of $83,762.41.

10. Singapore 

Singapore is said to be an hotspot for scientists to converge. They expressed their scientific perception by scientifically proving that young people were not reliable carriers of the coronavirus, and that it is more susceptible to adults.

In the end, the conclusion was that adults at home affect youth. A scientist in Singapore can earn an average salary of $46,602.

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