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Most Expensive Neckties in the World

Most expensive neckties in the world

Neckties have a way of making a man feel perfect, men drool over neckties. It is a symbol of elegance and sophistication, a suit is incomplete without a perfectly knotted necktie. A necktie is an highly fashionable item and designers claim that a good tie can make an outfit, whereas a bad one can break it. As a luxury product neckties can reach immense prices. The high price of could be as a result of the extra efforts and the uniqueness of the designs that makes it exclusive. This article covers all about the world most expensive ties (neckties) in the world. To improve your suiting sense, a great necktie is a vehicle of expression

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Neckties are long pieces of cloth worn for decorative purposes. Types of neckties include bow tie, bolo tie, ascot tie, and clip-on tie.

Who Wears A Necktie?

Neckties are won among the male gender though some women wear neckties most especially in some jobs or profession where it is won as a uniform such as military, school, wait staff, etc.

Neckties for men are like a good topping to a plain cake, it will look expensive same as a necktie is a thing of suiting.  An expensive necktie is a statement of masculinity and a status symbol because it denotes authority and power.

How To Select A Tie?

  1. Avoid synthetics, only stick to your natural fibers
  2. Focus only on wools, linens, pieces of cotton, and silk material neckties
  3. Avoid polyesters material neckties
  4. Thick woolen intelligence necktie material suites only rich and thick knots

 Most Expensive Neckties Neckties in the World

Necktie is a professional wear that adds formality to your attire, it could be won for a wedding, awards ceremony, office, business meetings, etc. A perfectly noted necktie complements your outfit and gives you confidence

Let’s glance at the famous and the most expensive necktie brands in the world

  1. Suashish Necktie – $220,000
  2. Stefano Ricci’s Diamond Plated Necktie – $30,000
  3. EMPA Gold Necktie – $8500
  4. Stefano Ricci formal Crystal Necktie – $1775
  5. Christian Lacroix Fantasy Pattern Necktie – $1150
  6. Roberto Cavalli Necktie – $1050
  7. Tokyo Necktie – $260
  8. The Charvet Necktie- $250
  9. Turnbull & Asser Necktie – $195

1. Suashish Necktie 

Suashish Necktie tops the list of the most expensive, impressive and luxurious necktie ever made in the world. It cost 220,000 US dollars and is made of pure silk, 150 grams of gold, and 271 diamonds. Though the silk material itself is very expensive, it is worthy to note that without the gold and diamonds, this tie wouldn’t be as expensive as it is.

The Suashish Necktie was made by Satya Paul Design Studio alongside the Suashish Diamond Group. The classy go for luxury fashion that marks them out and the Suashish Necktie is class personified.

2. Stefano Ricci’s Diamond Plated Necktie

The Stefanco Ricci’s diamonde plated necktie is designed by Steffano Ricci and is one of the most expensive neckties in the world. This necktie is elegantly plated with diamond which makes it an item of jewelry and an item of snob.

It is sold for $30,000, only the super rich can really afford. It is a piece to show off ones wealth and worth, it is much more than just an accessory.

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3. EMPA Gold Necktie 

EMPA gold necktie was created by St. Gallen, it is made of silk and 24-karat gold. Its said to be a combination of state-of-the-art technology and a luxury fashion. Scientists from the Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology (EMPA) were able to create this necktie with thread that resulted from a mixture of silk and 24-carat gold.

This was the first time it was possible to keep the shiny stuff permanently bonded to a fabric. To celebrate this production, EMPA released a limited number of gold neckties, tailored in the Zürich tie manufactory Hofmann und Co AG.

To achieve the production of these neckties, a textile panel large enough to make three ties is coated with 25 grams of pure, 24 carat gold. Each tie glows with 8 grams of gold. It cost 850 US Dollar to own a piece.

4. Stefano Ricci formal Crystal Necktie

Top 9 most expensive ties in the world

The Precious Crystal Pleated tie is a unique accessory made of pure silk satin with exclusive crystal designs. It measures 76cm into 9cm. It cost 1,775 US Dollars to own one of this piece.

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5. Christian Lacroix Fantasy Pattern Necktie

World's most expensive ties

The Christian Lacroix fancy patthern necktie was designed by Christian Lacroix. It is made of 100% quality silk. It cost 1,150 US Dollars, the price of this 100% pure silk necktie is high due to the quality of the fabric and the patterns it is cut in.

6. Roberto Cavalli Necktie

most expensive ties in the world

The Robert Cavalli necktie is one of the most expensive neckties in the world. It is one of the  ties from the collection of the Italian fashion designer Roberto Cavalli who is known for his bold and exotic prints. It is made of 100% pure soft sill with a pattern right out of a fantasy world. To own a piece, you’ll need to pocket out  1,050 US Dollar.

7. Tokyo Necktie 

Top 9 most expensive neckties in the world

This exclusive Tokyo Necktie was deigned by Ermenegildo Zegna, it is a limited and special edition which costs a whopping 260 US Dollars. The tie is made out of pure silk and it has a beautiful print of the renowned Mount Fuji. This beautiful piece is limited and is not available for sale.

8. The Charvet Necktie

World's most expensive neckties

Completing our list of the most expensive neckties in the worold is the Charvet necktie. This tie has a soft and silky fabric quality which was sourced by the French company Charvet. To own one of this exclusive necktie one will need around 250 US Dollar.

9. Turnbull & Asser Necktie

Most Expensive neckties in the world

Turnbull & Asser necktie is a striped or spotted or sikud, patterned, slim neck piece, every of this Turnbull & Asser necktie made cost anywhere between 190 US Dollar and 195 US Dollar.

Why Do We Need To See The Quality of Ties?

Wearing a high-quality tie can seal a good impression and motivate you to show your boss skills. Ties are an easy way to smarten up an outfit. It is important to choose a necktie carefully to be able to leave an impression

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Who Makes The Most Expensive Ties In The World?

Title of Work a New York-based luxury fashion brand makes some of the most expensive neckties and bowties with prices ranging form 1,500 US Dollar, Hermes, Kiton and Ermenegildo Zegna and some other luxury brands also makes luxury neckties which can cost $300 or more.


The market for luxury fashion items is still booming, with people willing to pay large sums for fashionable items such as neckties. It is not necessarily the item but the the way people perceive you as a result of wearing it that drives the purchase.

Some of these neckties seems a little out of the reach for the lower class but the idea is that these neckties are elegant men’s accessories, and are the fantasy of every man.

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