Highest paying industries in the UK

We use data from several online salaries databases such as Payscale, Staffology, and salary explorer to compile the list of the highest-paying industries in the UK.


If you are thinking of taking up a job in the UK, one of the goals should be to maximize your pay. Thus, you should carefully scrutinize and consider the industry you want to work in. The online salary platforms reveal that some industries pay C-suite members over twice as much as others. We advise that you think about this information when considering your next career move to the UK.


The information contained here includes the total package for workers- monthly salary, houses, profit sharing, and other cash earnings. This compensation package varies in the UK and certain industries boost the best paychecks to their employees. Some industries in the UK offer annual salary in six figures, while the majority offer tens of thousands.

Are you still eager to see the industry that pays the highest salary to its employees? Well, you shouldn’t be surprised that tech, oil and gas sector, mining, insurance, and finance top the list.

The reason these industries pay the best salaries in the UK is not far-fetched. For one reason, the businesses of oil are headquartered in the UK. Also, London is the financial capital of the world and the top financial players are in the UK.

Also worth mentioning is the fact that education services jobs in the UK are mostly in the public sector, especially compared to the U.S. In the States, the president of a top private university, like Harvard, earns over a half-million dollars per year in salary plus other benefits, while education leaders in the UK earn more modestly.


Let’s now consider the highest paying industries in the UK…..


 highest paying Industries in the UK

Best-Paying Industries in the UK

Here is the list of the highest-paying industries in the UK:

  1. Financial and Insurance – £5,852 p/month
  2. Mining and Quarrying – £4,844 p/month
  3. Tech – £6, 200/month
  4. Information and Communication – £3,904 p/month
  5. Manufacturing – Chemicals and Man-Made Fibres – £3,536 p/month
  6. Professional, Scientific & Technical Activities – £3,348 p/month

1. Financial Industry in the UK

The financial industry is one of the highest-paying industries in the UK. In 2020, this industry contributed £164.8 billion to the UK economy, 8.6% of total economic output, showing that it is one of the major contributors to the economy of the UK.


The Financial industry comprises about 300 related sectors including banking, investment houses, insurance companies, real estate brokers, mortgage lenders, etc.

This industry offers a monthly salary of £5,852 p/month, making it one of the best-paying industries in the UK.

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2. Mining and Quarrying in the UK

This sector is one of the largest employing industries in the UK, providing employment for over 80, 000 people in the UK. The UK has many natural mineral deposits ranging from fossils, metals, and industrial minerals.


Presently, there are over 2000 active mines and quarries in the UK producing a wide range of minerals including construction aggregates, building stones, coal, and industrial minerals. It is one of the best-paying sectors in the UK.


The mining and quarrying sector offers a monthly salary of £4,844 to its workers.

3. Tech Industry in the UK

The UK Tech industry is one of the highest-paying sectors in the country. The sector raised the third-highest amount of venture capital (VC) investment in the world (behind the US and China).

Emerging tech trends in the UK include blockchain, AI, editech, Creat Tech, health tech, climate and agriculture tech, etc.

not only in the UK, but the tech professionals are also of the highest earners in the world.

Businesses and society as a whole have become more intertwined with tech. This means that individuals with tech skills are instrumental to our everyday lives.  Thus, the demand for these professionals will continue to surge.

Tech professionals in the UK earn around £74,000 a year, according to the career marketplace. This is how well the tech industry pays its workers every month.

4. Information and Communication Industry in the UK

The UK has one of the largest markets for the ICT industry in the world. Only the US has a market larger than that of the UK for this sector. The ICT industry in the UK comprises over 100,000 software companies that operate in the UK.

When it comes to the salary paid to its workers, the ICT sector in the UK pays one of the highest.

Currently, ICT professionals in the UK pocket roughly £3,904 salary every month. Workers in the ICT are one of the highest earners in the UK.

5. Manufacturing Industry

There are a number of important manufacturing industries in the UK such as food, tobacco, paper, printing, and textiles, to mention but a few. Workers working in the manufacturing industry in the UK earn a monthly pay of £3,536. Factory earners are one of the highest earners in the UK.


6. Professional, Scientific & Technical Activities

The Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services sector in the UK comprises indsutries that specialize in performing professional, scientific, and technical activities for others. These activities require a high degree of expertise and training. Check out the highest paying degrees in the UK here

This industry includes workers that work in different sectors including legal and accounting activities, management consultancies, engineers and architects, data analysts, scientists and researchers, market researchers, etc. Workers in this sector earn well in the UK.

The professionals in the UK earn around £3,348 p/month.

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