Highest Paying Jobs in Germany

Germany is famous for its robust economy and rightly so because it has the largest economy in Europe and one of the largest economies in the world. If you are looking for an oversea country to relocate and work in, Germany is here to call you. In this post, we will tell you the highest-paying jobs in Germany. What more? We will also tell you about the highest-paying industries in Germany.


It is already projected that Germany will be in dire need of skills to meet up the growing and emerging sectors of the economy and to replace the aging population. By 2030, Germany is expected to have a skills shortage of at least 3 million workers. Thus, there are ample opportunities for you and your skill sets in Germany.


Like in most of the other countries of the world, the highest paying sectors in Germany include the medical, finance, and engineering sectors. Skilled professionals in these sectors are in high demand in Germany. Owing to the increase in the aging population, there will continue to be increased demand for nurses and caregivers in the healthcare sector.

Top-paying Jobs in Germany Without a Degree

Highest Paying Jobs In Germany

The top-paying jobs in Germany require professional training. Thus, these jobs are degree-related. Jobs that do not require degrees usually do not pay well in Germany.

What sectors in Germany need International Workers?

There are a number of already established and emerging sectors that require foreign professionals. The main industries in Germany looking for international workers include fields like Engineering, Food and beverages, and textiles.


How to Get a Good-Paying Job in Germany

To get a decent-paying job in Germany, you need to get professional training from a university or college. With your degree, you are guaranteed of getting jobs that pay handsomely.


 What are there in Germany for Foreigners?

There are a number of reasons why working in Germany can be a dream come true. Germany has various cities with stable economies and with assured safety. It also has a reputation for providing one of the best education systems and massive employment opportunities. In fact, recent studies have proven that one of the best countries that offer the best in education, life, cost, and career is Germany.

The Most In-demand Industries in Germany

When it comes to the most in-demand jobs in Germany, certain industries top the chart. The biotechnology industry emerges the most sort-after professionals for a number of reasons, but most notably for guiding the country’s pandemic response and research development.

The most in-demand industries in Germany include:

  1. Biotechnology
  2. Capital goods
  3. Semiconductor
  4. Banking
  5. Pharmaceutical
  6. Automobile

Lowest Paying Industries in Germany

Research reveals the coronavirus outbreak in Germany and the various restrictions implemented to curb the outbreak negatively impacted various industries.

The five lowest-paid industries in Germany reported include:

  1. Hotels and restaurants
  2. Tourism and leisure
  3. Clothing and textile retailers
  4. Retail sale of groceries
  5.   Call centers

Do You Need a Visa to Work in Germany

Not everybody needs a visa to work in Germany. EU citizens and citizens of the United States of America, Australia, Canada, Israel, Japan, New Zealand, Switzerland, and the Republic of Korea, do not need to apply for a work visa in Germany.

Citizens from these countries will only need to obtain a residence permit for work purposes after entering Germany.


Citizens of other countries are required to apply and obtain a visa for work purposes before they come to Germany.


Top Paying Jobs in Germany

We have compiled the list of the highest-paying jobs in Germany

If we have to present the list in any particular order, the list would be rather too long. To shorten the list and still be comprehensive enough, we have grouped similar jobs together. These are the highest-paying jobs in Germany:

  1. Consultant physicians/ Dentists
  2.  Lawyers
  3. Biotechnology/Neuroscience Researchers
  4.  Engineers
  5.  Finance Experts
  6. IT experts
  7.  Cyber Security Experts
  8.  Management Consultants

1. Consultant Physicians/Dentists

Medical Doctors earn the highest salary in Germany

Medical and healthcare professionals are the highest salary earners in Germany. The salary depends on the number of years of experience. Physicians earn more than any other degree course in Germany at the start of their careers.

All over the world, these professionals continue to top the chart as the highest-paid professionals. The demand for their skills will continue to be on the increase to tackle the emerging health challenges.

Although these healthcare workers usually get stressed while discharging their duties, the paycheck they get at the end of the week can suffice for the stress, and for the long period of training too.

Doctors or dentists in Germany can work in more than one health facility and earn a yearly salary of  €107,520. At the beginning of their career, physicians earn around €72, 036- more than any other degree course in Germany. However, The net income for some specialists can be as high as €300, 000.

2. Lawyers

Like medical professionals, lawyers are one of the best-paid professionals in Germany.

Lawyers provide legal advice to individuals, corporations, and the government. Also, they present evidence and make legal cases in court on behalf of their clients. Also, they assist their clients in the writing of their wills. Because deciding people’s fate is no mean task, being a lawyer is a tough profession. The high wage they earn is thus perfectly justified.

Lawyers in Germany earn an average salary of €7,270 per month and €87, 240 per annum. this amount varies with the number of years of experience and the law firm you are working in. A more experienced lawyer earns more.


3. Biotechnology & Neuroscience Researchers

These professionals carry out much precautionary research. To qualify for this profession in Germany, you need a master’s in Biotechnology/Neuroscience. Professionals with skills in biotechnology and neuroscience are among the most sought-after professionals in Germany.

The Average Annual Salary for Biotechnology Researchers in Germany is €58, 300.

4. Engineers

Germany is the leading country when it comes to engineering, especially mechanical engineering. There are plenty of job opportunities for graduates with engineering degrees. These jobs pay well too.

Engineers in Germany earn around €72,000 per year. Starting salary for engineers is €42, 600 per year.

Another top job in this sector is an insurance engineer who can earn about 71,000 Euros per year. They are usually in demand by insurance companies to help make assessments for clients.

A university degree in any of these engineering fields will have good career prospects:

  • Structural engineering
  • Computer science engineering
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Electrical engineering
  • Automotive engineering
  • Telecommunications

5. Finance

The finance sector is one of the largest sectors in the world with numerous job opportunities for qualifies professionals. This sector encompasses accountants, insurance, banking, and financial managers.

These professionals earn around 75,800 euros per year. Their earnings depend on the number of years of experience in the profession.

6. IT Professionals 

As the world continues to evolve, the need for tech professionals will continue to be on the increase. These experts provide support and management to small businesses.

Information Technology experts in Germany earn about 67, 457 euros per year.

7. Cyber Security Engineer

Cyber Security is one of the most lucrative jobs in Germany. There are schools in Europe where you can get postgraduate training in cyber security. Due to the growing number of cybercrime, cyber security experts are among the most sort after professionals in South Africa.

Companies are willing to spend large sums of money to ensure the security of their technology, so, cyber security professionals cash out big time. The Average pay for a cyber-security specialist in  Germany is 60, 771 euros.

8. Management Consultants

Management consultants help companies and organizations to solve issues, create value, maximize growth and improve business performance. To achieve this, management consultants bring innovative ways to tackle problems to ensure the growth of the company.

These professionals are one of the highest salary earners in Germany.  According to Glassdoor.com, the average annual salary for management consultants in Germany is 70, 217 euros per annum. However, this pay differs depending on the city and the number of years of experience.


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